December 7, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Lunch Buffet
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831 E. Superior St.
Fellowship and Fun
Chair of The Day: President Gary Melander
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
President Gary Melander called meeting to order and led the Rotarians in singing “America the Beautiful” accompanied by Past President John Baumgartner on piano. Members recited the Rotary Four-Way Test of the things we say, do, and believe.
Jeff Wencl offered the day’s Reflection, sharing how there is a confluence between Rotary Club #25 and Chester Bowl. Both organizations are committed to the community and strive to ensure all people enjoy and flourish within the community.
Jeff Wencl
President Gary Melander introduced the day’s guests which included: Sara Lyons from Lake Superior College, and Jasmine Fuller and Linea Her both guests of Jerry Pelofske.
In recognition of the day’s program, Jeff Fifield self-reported that he and his wife were married at Chester Bowl 43 ½ year ago. Jerry Thoreson kicked the golden can and expressed his gratefulness for the gift of life, after spending the Thanksgiving holiday in the hospital.
Jeff Fifield celebrating 43 ½ year of being married at Chester!
President Gary Melander recognized Dan Dock’s hard work ensuring the youth at the Boys & Girls Club and Life House enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal and were able to participate in decorating a tree to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday.
Jerry Pelofske presented guests, Lake Superior College students Jasmine Fuller and Linea Her, with their Rotary Foundation scholarships. Both recipients expressed their sincere appreciation and shared how the scholarships will help them obtain their future goals.
Jerry Pelofske with Lake Superior College students Jasmine Fuller and Linea Her
Recognizing that this was the final meeting of November, the month’s Junior Rotarians were given a hearty round of applause for their involvement over the last several weeks.
Salvation Army Captain Anthony Nordan shared that the Super One and Salvation Army holiday food drive is underway and that Super One and their vendors will match gifts again this year. Forms will be available on the tables at the next noon meeting.
Salvation Army Captain Anthony Nordan
President Gary Melander introduced the day’s program speaker, Dave Schaeffer, Executive Director of Chester Bowl and the Chester Bowl Improvement Club. David began his role as Executive Director 10 years ago, after learning to ski, as an adult, at Chester Bowl.
After thanking the members of Club #25 for the recent grant of $1,500, as well as past Club support, Dave Schaeffer shared a story that truly reflects the impact Chester Bowl has on the community. By offering people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to participate and benefit from the services offered, Chester Bowl has created lifelong volunteers and supporters.
President Gary Melander presents a check for Chester Bowl to  Dave Schaeffer, Executive Director. 
The primary activities at Chester Bowl include Ski and Snowboard Programs, Summer Camps, Fall Fest, and the Chester Creek Concert Series.
The Chester Bowl Improvement Club (CBIC) has launched “Growing Up Chester” a capital campaign to help expand Chester Bowl to meet the growing community needs. Phase One of Growing Up Chester included the construction of a new, permanent bridge over Chester Creek, which was completed earlier in 2023.
Family Fun at Chester Bowl!
Dave Schaeffer, Executive Director of Chester Bowl welcomes your support
Phase Two consists of substantial improvements and expansion of the Thom Storm Chalet, including:
  • increased parking
  • accessibility, including the addition of an elevator
  • more and larger meeting space
  • energy efficiency updates
  • Maintaining the history and legacy of the Chalet and Chester Bowl as a whole
Artist rendering of the New Thom Storm Chalet
The Growing Up Chester campaign has a total goal of $2.7 million. Once half the amount is raised, the CBIC will apply to the state for the remaining amount. The goal is to start construction in the spring of 2026 or 2027.
President Gary Melander reminded Club members next week’s meeting will be held at the Kitchi Gammi Club.
Dave Schaeffer, the day’s speaker, pulled the winning 50/50 ticket belonging to Zack Walters. Enjoy that $40, Zack!
Miles of Smile with Dan Dock, Robin Pestalozzi, Jeff Fifield and our Denfeld Junior Rotarian
Rotarians Decorate Christmas Tree at Boys and Girls Club
By Dan Dock
Rotarian,s kids and staff from Boys and Girls Club having fun by the Christmas tree they decorated. 
Rotarians from Downtown Rotary Club #25 and Skyline Rotary DECORATED THE CHRISTMAS TREE at the Duluth Boys and Girls Club. The Rotarians had a great time. The children enjoyed COOKIES, provided by Rotarians, while sitting by the tree. Rotarians and Children from Duluth Boys and Girls Club made PAPER CHAINS FOR DECORATIONS.
As Dan Dock said: “These are Wonderful kids, and they have great pride in their club. It is a treat to serve these kids.”
Thank you to the Rotarians who made this happen, including Jerry Pelofske, Mark Leutgeb- Skyline Rotary, Tom Meyers-Skyline Rotary, Dan Dock,  Karen Dock, Patra Sevastiades, Darlene Anderson, President Gary Melander, Vinod Gupta,  Nancy Erickson
Club 25 President Gary Melander helps a child hang ornaments as Jerry Peloske supervises. 
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