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Volume 107 #37
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
March 17, 2022
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Holiday Inn Downtown
Tom Day
Ice at the North Pole
Ice at the North Pole describes the current situation there. The connection between melting northern ice and sea-level rise will be explained.  Illustrations will include satellite photos from the last 30 years, a time-lapse video, and an overview of Earth's other large bodies of ice: Greenland and Antarctica.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
With a gentle ring of the Rotary bell, President Chana Stocke brought Rotarians to attention. Together they sang My Country Tis of Thee followed by reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test. The Reflection by Dave Fulda introduced today's program of fellow Rotarians sharing about themselves and their businesses. All Rotarians, either those in mid-career or who no longer need to work, choose to make a lasting difference in our community through their service and financial support. Thank you to each Rotarian for your past and present involvement which makes Club 25 what it is today.
Rotarians rise as the Rotary Bell tolls
Taking the microphone for a second time this day, Dave Fulda introduced our new Junior Rotarian from Denfeld High School, Vullnet Ilazi who is an exchange student from Kosovo. He is enjoying his time here including participation in the fall play which provided his first time in this field. Vullnet's interest is International Politics. Welcome to Rotary and Duluth, Vullnet!
Dave Fulda setting the stage for the afternoon 
 Vullnet Ilazi introduced by Dave Fulda
Rather than one guest speaker today we were privileged to hear from several of our own Rotary Club #25 members. First up was Catherine Carter Huber, a 19-year member of Club 25, and the Executive Director and Chief Philanthropy Officer for St Luke's Foundation. She started with an update on the Covid-19 situation in the Duluth area. Catherine Carter Huber noted that as of this week the infection numbers and hospitalizations are declining. At the peak of the epidemic, the medical facilities were at capacity and it was difficult for outlying smaller medical facilities to transfer patents to St Luke's. She also noted that the past two years have been very stressful for the nurses and physicians as they are not accustomed to death at the levels seen - nor the regulation that no family members were allowed to be with a patient. A result of the high stress levels and long hours resulted in that 20% of the workforce has left St. Luke’s (the figure is 30% nationwide)! Today, the number of positive tests are declining and there are more open beds in the hospital and ICU. But the professionals are not yet ready to make any predictions for the future.
Catherine Carter Huber
Mary Niemeyer
Mary Niemeyer is a four-year member of Club 25 and serves as Chair of the Special Events Committee. She is the Market President of Town Square Media which operates several radio stations in our area including B105, Mix 108, Cool 101.7 and Sasquatch 92.1. 50% of their business is involved in digital marketing (so we can blame Mary Niemeyer for those ads that show up with a seemingly random reason on our digital devices).
One of our newest members of Club #25, Deb Ellingsen, is Executive Outreach Director for Women's Care Center located on the corner of First Street and First Avenue East. Women's Care Center provides free confidential counseling, support and education for pregnant women. Education is a key part of their program focusing on prenatal care, child care and nutrition. This summer they will be planting a garden behind the center to teach women how to grow healthy food and how to prepare nutritious meals. And, as she serves on the Membership Committee, she put in an unashamed plug for each Rotarian to remember why they joined Rotary - and who we can ask to join Club #25 in service to our community.
Deb Ellingsen 
Jena Evans
Then came “Joyful Jena” Jena Evans. She and her husband Mark are from Detroit Lakes and have two daughters, ages 7 and 5. For the past 8 years, she has been the Community Relations Director for Ecumen. However, she is stepping out of the health care field to join Giant Voices as Account Executive with the goal of helping businesses grow. Jena Evans joined Rotary 6 years ago as a way to meet Duluthians and to learn about her community. She currently serves on the Foundation and Junior Rotarian Committees. One of her concerns in changing employers was whether she would be able to continue her membership in Rotary Club 25. She has been assured that she can continue. Lucky for us we will continue to see Jena Evans’ welcoming smile.
Stepping to the mic for the third time, Dave Fulda with a quick history of Johnson Carpet One. In 1955, Dale Johnson began the company in a 20'x20' shop. He started working for the company in 1979 by emptying wastebaskets and sweeping floors. He married Dale's daughter Terry and worked his way up to become one of the owners. In 1990 they expanded to include commercial business. Today it has grown into the company we know with 35 people on payroll including his nephew Brian Fulda.
Working for more than 30 years in the mortgage loan business for North Shore Bank President Chana Stocke has seen many changes along with a variety of challenges. Today she finds the biggest challenge for first-time homebuyers is the low inventory of available properties. For instance, this week there were 23 offer letters for one home. Hopefully, the inventory will expand with spring weather and buyers can take advantage of the still low-interest rates.
And last but not least, Jim Schwartz shared that next Tuesday he will be back in the classroom after a two-year absence due to Covid. He will be enjoying time with 25 kindergarteners at Lester Park Elementary. He is looking forward to reading to them and helping as needed. “After all,” he said smiling, “they and I are on the same level.”
The meeting closed with the 50/50 drawing. Winning for the 17th time was Gary Melander. For those keeping score, he is now only three wins away from beating his father's record of 19 wins.
L to R Darlene Anderson with Vinod Gupta and Deb Ellingsen
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