The Gimlet
Volume 107 #19
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
November 11, 2021
(Also Via Zoom)
Plated Meal Served
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
Jozef Miketin Command Chief Master Sergeant
148th Fighter Wing - Minnesota National Guard
Master Sergeant Jozef Miketin will bring us up to date on the latest changes at the Fighter Wing including aircraft configurations, military personnel, and training exercises.  If you ever wondered about the destination and mission of those night sorties – this is your chance.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
President Chana Stocke called the meeting to order and Past President Branden Robinson offered an insightful reflection based on the American psychologist, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A person must first have their physical needs met by having food, water, and shelter. The next level is safety.
Past President Branden Robinson giving the Rotary Reflection
Jay Ott began the fellowship report by describing the Eastridge Church “trunk or treat” event on Halloween, at which more than 2,500 kids were present. Allen Anway paid a fine for himself and for Jerry Pelofske who rescued and returned Allen’s Star Wars-themed fountain pen that had been lost during the cleaning of the Superior Hiking Trail.  Just how did Jerry know that it was Allen’s pen?  
President Chana Stocke thanked all the Rotarians who volunteered for the Superior Hiking Trail community project by having them stand to be recognized.  Everyone agreed it was a beautiful day for a hike at the West Duluth Chamber's Grove Trail.  Participants included; Tom Young, Mary Young, Roxanna Jesguerra, Kai Jesguerra, Jenny Peterson, Greg Peterson, Jerry Pelofske, Chris Pelofske, Chana Stocke, Liza Stocke, Eric Dott, Dan Maki, and Larry Sampson the organizer from SHT
Fellowship while brushing the Superior Hiking Trail
Past President Dean Casperson introduced Vinad Gupta as our newest member and who is no stranger to Rotary as he has spoken to the club several times in the past. President-Elect Barb Perrella introduced Rose Misiewicz, a project manager from Jamar who is excited to be joining the club.
New Member Vinad Gupta
New Member Rose Misiewicz
Jena Evans and President-Elect Barb Perrella introduced this month’s Junior Rotarians, who were warmly welcomed. Rotarians were reminded to seek out the tables with the school signs to meet and chat with the Junior Rotarians during our meetings.
November Junior Rotarians with Jena Evans
Chair of the Day Tom Young introduced our speaker Lee Stuart. Lee is the former Executive Director of CHUM, a position she held from 2013 through June 2021. Lee is now the newly appointed Assistant Professor and Director of the Masters in Non-Profit Leadership Program at the College of St. Scholastica.
Tom Young, Speaker Lee Stuart, President Chana Stocke
Just as Lee was retiring from CHUM the COVID 19 pandemic struck and turned her plans upside-down. Lee found herself continuing in the role she loved, but facing something that she and the homeless population of Duluth had never faced before. In early March 2020, the first case of COVID was reported in Minnesota and the state shut down shortly thereafter. Recognizing the impact a pandemic could have on the homeless, individual donors and foundations rallied, generating a surge of donations to CHUM to prepare. 
The St. Louis County Public Health Department created a task force to help CHUM and other local non-profits develop a plan to help ensure the safety of the homeless.  With support from the State, County, and City CHUM was able to secure hotel rooms that could serve as quarantine spaces in the event of an outbreak. 
CHUM was able to acquire $1.6 million dollars in stimulus money to help keep their program functioning. Those dollars were used to help remodel spaces within CHUM to ensure cleanliness and privacy, adequate staffing, and testing. CHUM used stimulus dollars to contract with the Duluth Grill to provide three meals a day for clients—a win-win for both organizations. 
CHUM’s care and planning paid off. Of the 57 positive COVID cases that were reported in the homeless population, only 3 could be traced to CHUM.  While the impact of COVID has been severe and has generated unbelievable challenges and grief, Lee’s story is one of the powers of a community coming together to successfully care for the most vulnerable.
Lee Stuart describing the Community Support for CHUM
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
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Nov 11, 2021
148th Fighter Wing
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Dec 15, 2021
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