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Volume 107 #22
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon
December 2, 2021
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Rachael E. Martin
Retired Museum Director
Find out how Club 25 was involved in making Rotary an international organization, how the club participated in building the Outlaw Bridge, how the Gimlet newsletter got its name, and what contribution Club 25 made to the Rotary wheel.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
by Steve Yorde
Tradition being what it is, this “day before Thanksgiving” meeting of Kiwanians and Rotarians was called to order by Kiwanis president Josh Soderholm.  He noted that Rotarians and Kiwanians share a special bond: we are people of goodwill, positivity, humor, and commitment who serve our community.
Famed broadcast journalist and Kiwanian Dennis Anderson provided the invocation.  Denny’s voice filled the room with gratitude for Duluth’s police officers, firefighters and all essential workers who are on the frontlines of our society.  As President Josh reminded us, “for many in our community, Thanksgiving is just another day of suffering.”
Kiwanian Denny Anderson
Rotarians were also reminded that Kiwanians are enthusiastic singers!  We sang two verses of “America,” their Happy Birthday song and finally, a "Welcome Visitors" song which ended with a “tap-tap” of spoons on glassware at each table.
Long-time Food Drive co-chair and Past President John Baumgarten (with Kiwanian George Lah) provided an update on this year’s food drive benefitting the Salvation Army.  John Baumgarten acknowledged the Miner family and their Super One stores for their generosity.  Since 1993, the two clubs have provided over 1 million pounds of food and $35,000 in cash.  Rotarians will be invited to contribute financially at next week’s meeting.  Miner’s Super One stores will provide a triple match for all cash contributions. 
Past President John Baumgarten
In recent years, the Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth has presented awards for the Duluth Fire Department’s “Firefighter of the Year,” and the Duluth Police Department’s “Police Officer of the Year.”  Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj recognized Matthew Swanson and Police Chief Mike Tusken honored Todd Shermer. 
Club 25 Rotarians and Kiwanians honoring our Firefighters and Police
Firefighter Matt “Swany” Swanson.            
Chief Tusken and Police Officer (Ret) Todd Shermer
Chief Tusken was introduced as today’s speaker.  Born and raised in Morgan Park, the Chief is a graduate of Denfeld and Herzing University.  He started with the DPD in 1992 as a police officer and was named chief in 2016.  His primary interests have been reducing juvenile incarceration, particularly among communities of color, creating a department-wide performance management system and developing new approaches to community policing. 
Policing a city that’s 26 miles long, 7 miles wide with 90,000 people “is challenging.”  The chief reported there are now 148 sworn officers who respond to over 100,000 calls for service each year.  “We cannot do community policing without the help of each and every citizen.  If you see something that doesn’t seem right, call 9-1-1 and we’ll address the situation.”  He noted that the police department is experiencing a hiring crisis at this time.  “We want the best and the brightest, but it's difficult to be a cop these days.”  He noted that the “War on Drugs” began during the Nixon administration, and yet, 60% of all crimes today are related to drugs and mental health.  He encouraged us to reach out to a police officer or a firefighter to thank them for their efforts. 
President Chana Stocke was then introduced.  She acknowledged the Chief’s remarks and those recognized today, then led everyone in the Rotary 4-Way Test.  And finally, Sheryl Homan won the 50-50 drawing. 
(L to R) Past President Steve Yorde, Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom, Past President John Baumgarten, sharing fellowship with Kiwanians.
A Full House beats a Straight
Thankfulness:  Rotary- Life House Thanksgiving Dinner
by Dan Dock
Rotarians from the Downtown Rotary and the Skyline Rotary Clubs put on a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless youths at Life House. The youths went through a buffet, served by the Rotarians, and took the food “TO GO”. Due to COVID pandemic protocols, they could not eat inside Life House. Many took an extra meal for Thanksgiving Day dinner.                                                    
Thank you, to all that helped with this great event:
Mary and Tom Young, Jim SchwartzJerry PelofskeDan Dock, Karen Dock, Mark Leutgeb- Skyline Rotary, Tom Meyer-Skyline Rotary, Bob Sherman-Skyline Rotary, Elizabeth SimonsonDave Fulda,  Past President Michelle Buria, Geiger YountJon Ohman, Paul Helstrom, Past District Governor Earl Rogers and Judy Rogers- Skyline Rotary, Renee Mattson  Assistant Governor Tricia Bunten,  Sheryl Homan and Tom Homan,  Judy Harrison-Skyline Rotary, and a special thanks to Gary Schneider and G.B. Schneider Restaurant and Super One.
(L to R) Elizabeth Simonson, Jon Ohman and Bob Sherman
Can you name that MASKED ROTARIAN?
(L to R) Gary Schneider, Tom Young, Mary Young and Jim Swartz
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Center Lyric Ballroom
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