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Volume 108 #43

This Week at Rotary
Thursday, April 27, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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Holiday Inn Downtown
Mike Mayou
Marketing Manager, Glensheen
“New Tours for Spring, Summer & Fall”
Glensheen, the storied mansion on the shores of Lake Superior built by Chester and Clara Congdon in 1908, is one of the must-see sites for tourists visiting Duluth and the North Shore. As winter recedes, Glensheen’s innovative staff has plans for new tours for the coming seasons. Come hear Mike Mayou give us a first look at the new tours designed to draw hundreds of thousands of families, children, and tour groups to discover the magic of Glensheen.
Chair of the day – Rob Hofmann
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Patra Sevastiades
“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference,” Aristotle observed, and what Rotarians observed this week was a group of Junior Rotarians with very good habits! Today was the annual meeting run by Junior Rotarians, and the ease and poise they brought to the task were worthy of admiration. (Let’s hear it for Tom Young, Jena Evans, Geiger Yount, Jeff Fifield, Holly Mirau and Rob Hofmann, their School Liaisons and mentors!)
The meeting was chaired by Zach, a student from Proctor High School who was notable for his quick wit, led the assembled group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test, then introduced Rocco, a Junior Rotarian from East High School, to give the Reflection.
Junior Rotarian Zach, from Proctor High School
Rocco noted that April 20 is the anniversary of the Apollo 16 moon landing; that Duluth has today surpassed its previous cumulative snowfall record of 135.4.1 inches; and that today is National High 5 Day. For that last reason, he asked everyone to turn to their tablemates and give a high five.
Zach welcomed the guests, highlighting Judy Rogers and Superior Rotary member Clark Gartwaite from the Boy Scouts.
Zach introduced all of the other Junior Rotarians: Dante, Skye and Vincent from Harbor City International School; Kendra and Rocco from East High School; Ava, Maddy, and Maxine and one other young lady from Denfeld High School.
Our Junior Rotarians
Ava, Maddy, Maxine and their classmate have all been awarded scholarships from the Denfeld Foundation. Rocco was named by the Minnesota Indian Education Association as one of the Minnesota Indian Education Association Male Athletes of the Year. Rocco will play basketball at UWS next year. Zach has been awarded a scholarship from the Marshall H. and Nellie Alworth Memorial Fund.
Rocco from East High School
Minnesota Indian Education Association Male Athletes of the Year
Rob Hofmann kicked the golden can, having recently flown into Minneapolis/St. Paul after a splendid trip to New Orleans. Luggage in tow, a song in his heart, he left the terminal and went to retrieve his car from the parking garage—but couldn’t remember where he had parked! After an hour of walking around, he used the “Help” phones in a parking ramp. Once he secured a connection (it took a few tries), he was asked what date he had originally parked and what his license plate was. After he answered, they told him in which lot, which level, and which row his car was parked!
Rob Hofmann. Thankful to have found his lost car
Zach, returning to the podium, noted that he understood: he had been the car locator for his mother from the time he was eight years old.
All were reminded to sign up for the upcoming Rotary Dinner and Auction, to be held on Thursday, May 4, from 5:30-8:00pm at Marshall School. The pre-sale of raffle tickets allows dinner attendees a great discount: for $100, Rotarians will receive 120 raffle tickets! (Assistant Governor Al Makynen later went from table to table to encourage Rotarians to sign up!) If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so RIGHT NOW at!
Jack Seiler, chair of the Grants Committee, presented Past President Bob Bennett with a check for $500 for the St. Louis River Experience (, which will allow the organization to purchase a much-needed marine radio for their pontoon boat, which for 28 years has carried as many as 720 people each year—from young children to senior citizens—along the magical waters of the St. Louis River.
Jack Seiler handing Past President Bob Bennett a grant for $500
Rotarians on board the St. Louis River Experience pontoon sometime in the past: President Elect Gary Melander, Rob Hofmann, Traci Marciniak, Elizabeth Simonson, Renee Burns, President Barb Perrella, Past President Chana Stocke, Past President Bob Bennett, and Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen.
ROTARY NIGHT at DSSO Thanks to the generosity of District Governor Kay Biga and the Pachel Foundation, 30 free tickets are available to area Rotarians for the May 6 Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO) performance of Copland and Beethoven ( This is a similar event to the Rotary Night at the Duluth Playhouse earlier this year. Duluth-Superior Eco-Rotary member Mark Niedermier is coordinating tickets, so if you are interested please contact him directly at: or 218-269-1532. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
It was announced with sadness that Past President Dick Olson (1990-1991 Presidency) died on April 17.
Finally, all are asked to sign a get well card for President Elect Gary Melander.
Next, Chair of the Day Junior Rotarian Kendra invited the Junior Rotarians at each table to ask questions of the Rotarians at their tables. A sheet of questions at each table prompted 10 minutes of lively conversations. In the end, the Junior Rotarians summarized what they had learned from the Rotarians at their table.
     Chair of the Day Junior Rotarian Kendra    
Junior Rotarian Dante reporting from his table
The 50/50 drawing was won by Jon Ohman
Overheard during the luncheon: Judy Rogers brought the homemade peanut butter and chocolate cookies, all of which vanished by the meeting’s end!
Seeking Rotarians or other Adults/Parents who can be Bus Chaperones to/from Camp RYLA.
As it is a day-long commitment beginning Sunday, July 9th at 5:30 AM for the trip to Crookston, MN and again on Saturday, July 15 returning to Duluth, we will provide a cash stipend plus lunch.  Please think of someone who may wish to serve in this capacity. Please contact RYLA Co-Chairs Tom Young or Rob Hofmann for more information
Wowed by The West Theater project? 
Owner/Developer Bob Boone has a volunteer opportunity for YOU!!
        Owner and Developer Bob Boone
The West Theater / The Alhambra volunteering - Bob Boone, Call or email for info: 218-940-6237,
Jim Schwartz watches over Junior Rotarians Rocco and Kendra as they welcome Rotarians
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Venue Map
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New Tours for Spring, Summer & Fall
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