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This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
March 11, 2021
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Janelle Long
The Beauty and Birds of Hawk Ridge
One of nature’s most remarkable spectacles can be witnessed each fall at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve in Duluth, MN. Join Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory Executive Director, Janelle Long, to learn about the history, bird conservation research, education programs, and inspiring stories of the beauty and birds of Hawk Ridge.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Steve Yorde
President Dean Casperson welcomed all to our in-person and Zoom meeting.  Past President Mike Orman’s Reflection described the 150-mile stretch of Minnesota’s North Shore to properly set the tone for today’s speaker.  He noted the famed Outlaw Bridge, originally constructed by Rotarians from Club 25 and Thunder Bay to connect the two countries. 
In 1917 Rotarians on both sides of the US/Canada border built it to “encourage commerce”
Good News: Bob Reichert’s daughter welcomed a new baby boy into the world.  Jerry Thoreson gave $63, a dollar for each million of the likes on Destination Duluth’s Facebook pageGary Melander employed his 16-foot ladder to measure for shades inside the Lighthouse.  Courage!  Zach Walters reported on the refurbished “Jungle Gym” on First Street’s “fitness district” downtown.  Jeff Fifield’s brother Doug and Geiger Yount’s daughter appeared in the Lighthouse’s promotional video.  
President Dean Casperson introduced Past Assistant District Governor Phil Strom to respond to those who may be unfamiliar with the Paul Harris Fellows program.  This program supports the work of Rotary’s international foundation.  Paul Harris Fellows commit to giving $1,000; Club 25 provides the first $100 and the last $100 to meet your initial pledge.  The Foundation committed to eradicating polio some 30-years ago.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recognized this “audacious goal” by providing a 2:1 match to support this effort.  As Phil notes, “we’re this close” to eradicating polio.  Contact Phil or President Dean or check out the website for more information.
Past Assistant District Governor Phil Strom talks about the Paul Harris Fellows program.
Today is Felicia Forest’s last day working in the Rotary office, as she and her husband have accepted new jobs out of state. President Dean thanked her for her 1.5 years of service.  Beginning next week, we will need at least two Rotarians to help set up the weekly meeting.  Dean promised a 3-minute training session!  He then saluted the ten committees and chairs for their efforts during this unusual year.
Today’s speaker Hayes Scrivner, director of Split Rock Lighthouse, via ZOOM
Jerry Thoreson introduced speaker Hayes Scrivner, director of Split Rock Lighthouse.  A UMD graduate, Hayes described himself as a history geek, video gamer, and outdoor enthusiast (hunting, fishing and photography)!  He and his spouse live at the Lighthouse with their two children.  The need for a Lighthouse became evident when the famous Mataafa Storm (1905) destroyed 29 ships and 215 lives were lost.  Wreckage from one of the lost ships, the Madeira, can still be viewed from a kayak off Gold Rock.  Today, the Lighthouse is part of the Minnesota Historical Society and is surrounded by a 2200-acre State Park.  Construction was started in 1909, and since Highway 61 was not in existence, a hoist and derrick system was used to move equipment and construction materials from the lake up the 100-foot cliff.  The Lighthouse, three houses for staff and families were built, along with numerous outbuildings.  A popular tourist destination (160,000 annually), attendance was down 48% last season.  Hayes said the numbers for 2021 are “looking up.”  His goal is to make Split Rock a community gathering place.  He said that history is in all of us.  “We intend to tell the personal stories of those families who lived and worked here.”  For additional information, contact him at or 218-220-6101.
Construction begins at Split Rock Lighthouse, 1909
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