Volume 106 #20
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon
Thursday, November 19, 2020
Tony Dierckins
Author – Zenith City Press
From a “Pile of Rocks to a City
Duluth: 1856 - 1871
Duluth was established in 1856.  By 1869 fewer than 200 people called it home. A year later it thrived as the “Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas” boasting over 3,000 residents. Discover how Duluth survived desolate days, the driving forces behind its recovery, and what our booming community looked like 150 years ago.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
Although forced by the surging COVID-19 global pandemic to return to a ZOOM ONLY meeting format, President Dean Casperson duplicated the ringing of the Rotary Bell and displayed the Star Spangled Banner for us to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Rotary Reflection by Jeff Iisakka grounded us in the events on this date in history.  Of particular importance to a Rotary meeting on Zoom was the launch in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee of a new concept he named the World Wide Web (www) along with three critical elements still in use today:  Hyper Text Mark-Up Language (html), Uniform Resource Link (url) and the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http).  Now we can all stay home, turn on our computers with confidence, and utilize a 30 year old technology to stay connected.
A portion of the 43 on Zoom for the Thursday Meeting.  All on “Candid Camera”.
In response to surging COVID-19 cases in St. Louis County, the Rotary Office is closed and our regular Thursday gatherings will be by Zoom.  Going forward Felecia Forrest, Administrative Assistant will be working remotely from home. For those who which to drop something off at the Rotary Office, mail it or just slide it under the door!
Jenny Peterson, chair of the Grants Committee presented an “electronic check” to Alisha Bliss of the Duluth Community School Collaborative.  The $3,000 grant from the Club will address health impacts in the schools which impacts attendance and ultimately graduation rates.  John Baumgarten continues to lead the effort to raise $7,000 to to purchase food for the Salvation Army Christmas Food Baskets.  Check your email for the specifics on how you can make a difference.  Jerry Pelofske announced that the Salvation Army Bell Ringing scheduled over the noon hour on Wednesday, December 9 and again on Wednesday, December 16 will be moved from the traditional Skywalk locations to inside locations at various Super-One Stores.  Look for an email to sign up for your location.  Paul Helstrom announced that due to COVID-19, club members will not be able to serve the meal at the Lifehouse.  The Club will continue to coordinate the preparation of food and its delivery.  Lifehouse staff will dispense the food. As part of this year’s effort, we will be providing pies.  Specific instructions on the delivery of baked or purchased pies will be sent out via email.  To get us into the holiday spirit, President Dean Casperson volunteered two pumpkin pies. 
Zach Walters as chair of the Membership Committee, introduced our newest member.  Dave Clark is the Marketing Director at the DTA.  He is looking forward to getting involved with the work of Rotary and getting to know club members.
New Member, Dave Clark
The Fellowship Report started with an advance notice that Rotary will be featured in the December issue of Business North.  Make sure to pick up a copy and read the interview with President Dean CaspersonRob Hofmann sent in a check for $37 to honor his 37th Wedding Anniversary.  Allen Anway was pictured in the Duluth News Tribune handing out a personal scholarship at the University of Wisconsin, Superior.  Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom encouraged all hunters with his successful hunt for mule deer and antelope.  Past President Tricia Bunten contributed (I think she said the “check is in the mail”) for her son, Brian who recently closed on the purchase of a home in Iowa.
President Elect, Chana Stocke led the Veterans Day ceremony by reading the names of all the members who have served in the armed forces.  Also, Jeff Bradt shared a prayer written during the battle for Italy.  Below are the names of our veterans.  Thank you for your service.
Air Force            
Abalan, Bill
Bennet, Bob
Chairs, Chuck
Erickson, Doug
Hadley, Steve
Monge, Jim
Ostroski, Jerry
Rogers, Earl
Smith, Harvey
Sozansky, Bill
Anderson, Bruce
Carlson, Dick
Fellman, Craig
Fischer, Dick
Forrest, Felicia
Gravelle, Bill
Ohman, Jon
Schoen, Ken
Strom, Phil
Frankovich, Scott
Helstrom, Jon
Homan, Tom
Swenson, Dick
Air National Guard
Jack Seiler
Chair of the Day, Tom Young introduced our very own Corey Collier a Security Specialist, with Superior Computer Products to tell us about cyber threats and how to protect your data.
The first hurdle was for individuals and in particular businesses to recognize the value of data and the cost to repair or recover stolen or corrupted information.  Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated in ways to attack your data, steal or sell your identity, or cripple your business with ransom ware.  No section of our society or economy is immune.  Individuals, small business, world-wide corporations to government agencies are under attack, often from overseas, with limited ability by USA law enforcement to stop or prosecute.  In 2018 the average ransom paid by businesses for the return of data was $13,000 with the largest payment (known) of $8.5 Million.  And this with NO GUARANTEE the data will be returned.  And, even when returned, it may be corrupted.
There are some things that every person and business can do.  Secure your physical assts.  Cellphones, computers, laptops should all be password protected in case of loss or theft.  All networks, both at home and in your business should be encrypted.  Purchase and maintain software protection and keep it up to date with the latest version.   Avoid using open (free) networks.  Be alert to the sites you visit.  Before you click, check the spelling of websites, emails to make sure they are correct and official.  If you get an email or a text from an unknown source, DO NOT click on any of the attachments.  Be careful when on Facebook and you are given an interesting link – beware!  Opening a link or a document is how cyber criminals gain access. 
If all of your precautions fail, and your computer slows to a crawl or otherwise fails to function properly, do not panic. Disconnect your computer from the network.  Call your IT Department or a trusted IT Professional to sort it out.
By Michelle Buria
The Nominating Committee of the Rotary Club of Duluth submits the following Slate of Candidates for Election at the Annual Meeting in December.
For Director (3) to Serve Two Year Terms (2021-23)
Gary Melander
Renee Mattson
Zach Walters
For Treasurer Elect (2021-2023) and then Treasurer (2023-25)
Dan Maki
For Secretary Elect (2021-22) and then Secretary (2022-23)
Geiger Yount
For President-Elect (2021-22) and then President (2022-23)
Barb Perrella
By John Baumgarten and Bruce Anderson (Co-Chairs)
Thanks to the many members who have already generously contributed we are close to raising the funds needed for the 1,000 Salvation Army Christmas Food Baskets.  For every dollar raised there is a two dollar match from Miner’s Super One Foods and from their vendors.  In addition we are getting the food items at wholesale with free delivery. Your $100 gift becomes $300+.  Talk about bang for your hard earned buck!
This Club has rallied before to meet the need and I’m counting on us doing it again this year!  Please don’t pass up this opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our community.  See the special email sent to you by President Dean Casperson.  Make your Food Drive contribution to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation today.  Get it in the mail, under the office door, or send in your instructions by email to and you will receive a reminder invoice from the Foundation. Get your contribution in soon as we want to announce our success during the Annual Joint Meeting with Kiwanis on Wednesday, November 25.
By Jerry Ostroski
Did you know that if you are 70 ½ years of age and have an Individual Retirement Account, you can make a direct donation from your IRA to your Club’s Foundation with the potential of avoiding State and Federal income taxes on the distribution?
The process is simple.  Contact your Financial Advisor and instruct them to make a donation directly from your IRA to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation.  Your financial advisor can provide additional information about your specific situation.  Generally it is best for the donation to be made payable and be sent directly to:
Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation
207 West Superior Street - Suite 201
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone 218-722-0451
You can make a difference in the future lives of youth in our community by supporting the Westmoreland Endowment Fund of your local foundation.
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