Volume 105 #18
This Week at Rotary
By Phil Strom – Chair of the Day
We will meet at noon
Thursday, November 14, 2019 in the
The Great Lakes Ballroom 
Gary and Cindy Nolte
Foundation 101
Gary and Cindy Nolte are members of the Moorhead Rotary Club. They will explore The Rotary Foundation from the perspective of a new member. They will also bring us an update on Rotary’s continuing polio eradication efforts. Bring your questions!
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Dick Carlson
Listening carefully, one could easily determine that Club 25 members are now able to enthusiastically recite The Four Way Test without prompts.  It was an enthusiastic beginning as President Michelle Buria reluctantly ended the table conversation by ringing the bell promptly at 12:15 p.m.
In his reflection, Past President Dan Bergeland asked members to ponder the importance of two civic events – Election Day and Veterans Day. “May our elected officials and our Veterans know that we are thankful for their service to our community and to our country.”  He then suggested we can show our gratitude by taking care of our city and our country in every way we can.
Fellowship reporter Jon Ohman began by making a contribution to the Golden Can in honor of his Alma Mater for the Minnesota Gophers football team in celebration of their unbeaten record.  He then introduced Mike Peterson of Wipfli Accounting, guest of Jenny Peterson.  Self-reporters came forward in bunches.  Past District Governor Earl Rogers recalled his unsuccessful attempt to become Mayor of Duluth many years ago. Dave Nolle was not far behind to express his appreciation to Club members for their interest in his mayoral campaign and for their support.  Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom came forth to express the joy he experienced in a recent elk hunt.  Barb Perrella made a contribution to celebrate Townsquare Media’s new radio studio in the Holiday Inn complex.  Mary Neimeyer from Townsquare Media stepped forward to acknowledge this decision and to announce she will be the new chair of the Minnesota Broadcaster’s Association.  Dick Fischer was next in line to celebrate his recent good luck with the 50/50 drawing.  He made a sizeable donation to the Golden Can to show his gratitude.  Rob Hofmann gifted the Golden Can in honor of his 36th wedding anniversary. 
Past President John Baumgarten reminded Rotarians that Thanksgiving Day will soon be upon us.  It’s our annual chance to join with the Kiwanis Club of Duluth and Minors, Inc (Super One) in helping the Salvation Army assist needy families on Thanksgiving Day.  The goal is to raise $5,000.
President Michelle Buria announced the slate of candidates for the Rotary year beginning July 1, 2020 put forward by the Nominating Committee.  For President Elect, Chana Stocke; for Secretary Elect, Tim Mowbray; for Directors to serve two year terms, Natalie Zeleznikar, Traci Marciniak and Elizabeth Simonson.  In addition on July 1, 2020 Dean Casperson will become President and Eric Dott will become Secretary.  President Michelle Buria also called for any nominations from the floor.  There were none.  The vote on the slate will be taken at the Club’s Annual Meeting on December 5th.
Eric Dott, Chair of the New Generations Committee, called forward the outgoing October Junior Rotarians to introduce the incoming November Junior Rotarians.  It was an amazing crowd of talented young people.
[Insert photo of Junior Rotarians with caption]
Grants Chair Jenny Peterson announced that Club 25 has awarded $18,000 in grants so far this year.  Awards at today’s meeting were $3,500 to the Denfeld High School Robotics team with Caleb Wedein and Madeline Bjonskaas accepting. 
In addition, $5,000 went to the Damiano Center’s Kid’s Kitchen with Alyssa Grimm and Kyra Gustafson accepting.
Chair of the Day, Rob Hofmann introduced Professor Denny Falk.  Denny has a long term connection to the Club.  He was a Peewee Rotarian, a Junior Rotarian, and a past member.  The focus of his presentation was on Climate Change.  Professor Denny began by asking Rotarians to visualize the youngest person in their family.  Chances are keen that the visualized individual will still be alive in the year 2100.  Denny asked, “What kind of a world will they experience?”  He cited many of the studies on Global Warming.  The unmistaken conclusion of these studies: Our earth is gradually warming at an alarming rate.  Denny referred to Mother Nature’s displeasure: fierce recent storms on Lake Superior; ocean levels rising as polar ice is melting; unusual weather patterns off the coast of Florida. What can be done to stem the tide?  One hundred and ninety-five nations of the world gathered in Paris a while back to consider what nations can do. Their conclusion:  reduce CO2 levels world-wide.  Pledges were made.  Denny expressed his dismay that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Accords and he touched briefly on the political differences of opinion that prompted this withdrawal.  And what can the individual person do with regard to global warming?  Address the refrigeration process that generates unwanted gases. Reduce food waste. Refuse to buy gas-guzzling automobiles.  Look for carbon substitutes.  Restore the gas tax (or increase it).  Vote for political candidates that support actions to address climate change.
It was clear Professor Falk feels deeply about the need to address climate change.  At the end of his presentation, Denny answered questions about the use of nuclear power and the distribution of water to locations where there is a shortage.  He received an appreciative round of applause as he ended his presentation.
The meeting ended with President Michelle Buria awarding the 50/50 winnings to Junior Rotarian Angelique Davis of East High School who happens to be Past President Bill Gravelle’s granddaughter.
Junior Rotarians from October and for November 
2019 Paul Harris Dinner
Paul Harris Dinner Celebration
By:  McKenzie MacFarlane
Rotarians from all the Clubs in the Duluth Superior area gathered last Thursday to celebrate the work of Rotary and of The Rotary Foundation.  The event was at the Aad Shrine Center hosted by Skyline Rotary.  In addition to many Paul Harris Fellows, including Jim Landwehr and Phil Strom who were recognized as major donors, there were a number of young people from the Duluth Rotaract Club present to hear the keynote speaker Monica Kinyua, a Rotary Global Scholar, who spoke on “Working with Children to Build Pace in Northern Kenya”.
Jim Landwehr and Phil Strom who were recognized as major donors
Keynote Speaker Monica Kinyua with Rotaract Club Members
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Nov 14, 2019
Rotary Foundation Month
Nov 21, 2019
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