Volume 105 #19
This Week at Rotary
By Jenny Peterson – Chair of the Day
We will meet at noon
Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 
The Great Lakes Ballroom 
Jessica Peterson
Duluth Parks and Recreation Manager
Parks and Recreation: Plans, Programs, and Projects
Duluth parks and trails offer world-class recreational experiences for residents and destination tourists. Enjoy learning about the history, organizational structure, and current efforts to enhance and revitalize our local parks and trails.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
You could sense increased energy in the room as President Michelle Buria convened the meeting with Past President John Baumgarten at the piano ready to play the Star Spangled Banner in honor of our veterans.  The Rotary Reflection by Greg Hansen also focused on veterans when he began by quoting a Lt. John Banks of Wisconsin killed in Vietnam who stated: “The service I render to my country is not only duty, but an honor and a privilege.” 
Fellowship Reporter Past President Mike Orman made special note of the numerous guests and and Junior Rotarians.  Then he was on to the membership to find out who was ready to confess and pay for a personal milestone, community service item, or business event.  Dan Maki announced that ski trails at Spirit Mountain had just opened earlier in the day, one of the earliest openings on record.  Michelle Buria found a Duluth newspaper from 1953 while doing some demolition in preparation of a remodeling project. One of the stories was about an AAUW (American Association of University Women) event.  Geiger Yount proudly confessed that she was a member of the organization which works to foster equity and improve the quality of education for girls and women.  
A tradition of the Caring Committee during the Annual Rose Sale is to deliver roses to the widows of past members.  President Michelle Buria read two of the recent thank you notes.  One was from Phyllis James who thanked Past President Bob Bennett for making the trip to deliver the roses.  And another was from Helen Yetter who thanked President Elect Dean Casperson for bringing roses from Rotary which she fondly remembers as a great service and social group.
The Thanksgiving Food Drive is in full swing with John Baumgarten making his second, and perhaps final appearance to seek the donations necessary to fill 1,000 Christmas Food Baskets for the Salvation Army.  With the assistance of fellow member Bruce Anderson, we have in place matching grants from Miners Inc., and their Vendors.  With the matching funds and the ability to obtain food at wholesale cost, by raising $5,000 we are able to provide the Salvation Army with over $22,000 worth of food.  Sending a check to the Rotary Office or contacting the Office to authorize a charge to your account will make the campaign a success.
As has long been our tradition, during the week of Veteran’s Day, the Club thanks all those who have served in the armed forces.  This year there were 33 (32 Club Members and our Speaker Gary Nolte, Navy) recognized from 5 different service branches.  The ceremony included the announcement of the Service, the playing of their song and calling the names of the members who served.  With the assistance of Dean Casperson, each were asked to come forward to receive a commemorative plaque in recognition of their service.  The 7” x 12’ white wooden plaques were personally hand crafted by President Michelle Buria and inscribed with the phrases:  “Home of the Free” “Because of the Brave”.  This reporter was not talented enough to get clear photos of all who received their token of appreciation from a grateful club but did happen to catch Tim Mowbray, the sole representative of the Coast Guard, as he accepted his plaque.
Home of the Free - Because of the Brave
Caption:  Dean Casperson, Michelle Buria
with Coast Guard veteran Tim Mowbray
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen and current President of the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation called up Barbara Ostroski.  Barb is the daughter of Past President Jerry Ostroski and Mary Ann.  Barb was presented a Westmoreland Crest with two rubies in recognition of her continuing contributions to the Club’s Foundation and being a Major Donor with gifts in excess of $10,000.
Caption:  Mary Ann Ostroski and Jerry Ostroski with Barbara Ostroski
Clearly this was Foundation Day both on a local and international level for immediately following the recognition of a major donor to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation, Past District Governor, Debra Warner presented a major donor diamond pin to Liz and Al Makynen in recognition of their cumulative gift of $10,000 to the Rotary International Foundation.
Caption:  Al Makynen with
Past District Governor Debra Warner
Continuing with the foundation theme, Past Assistant Governor, Phil Strom, Chair of the Day introduced our two speakers, Past District Governor (1998-99) Gary Nolte and Cindy Nolte of the Moorhead Rotary Club.  Both have both dedicated themselves to Rotary International and the work to eradicate polio. Gary is the Zone 28 Polio Coordinator and Cindy is the District Chair of End Polio.  They began their program by describing how the Rotary Foundation has the highest possible rating as an effective charity.  In addition to the Annual Fund donations, which after three years are totally dispersed as grants, the Endowment Fund, with an original goal of $1 Billion has grown to over $1.5 Billion.  Cash, appreciated stock, and life insurance policies are gratefully accepted.  Not so much the antique auto in your garage. 
The remaining portion of their talk was a visual journey of the work done around the world to eradicate polio.  Both Gary and Cindy have traveled to remote villages in Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, and India to administer vaccine to thousands of children.  In addition to polio, they often vaccinate against measles.  There are now only two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan with polio.  The number of cases so far in 2019 is 100 which is a disappointing uptick from the number of cases in 2018 due to a three month suspension of vaccinations after security concerns following the death of some workers. Millions of children require vaccinations each year to control and eradicate polio.  The work of Rotary continues.
Past District Governor Gary Nolte,
Cindy Nolte, and President Michelle Buria
What is the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation?
What is the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation?
By:  Bill Zimbinski
The mission of our Club’s Foundation is to raise a permanent endowment to support special local projects as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors based upon input from the members of the Duluth Rotary Club.  The entire Foundation Board is comprised of current members of the Club.
YOUR DULUTH FOUNDATION IS SEPARATE FROM THE ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION!  Our focus is on our community.  The Rotary International Foundation is focused on the world.  Both are important.  Both need your support.
Recently your Duluth Foundation contributed to the Habitat for Humanity project, the Restoration and Relocation of the Peace Bell Cart, and the construction of the Rotary Peace Plaza at Enger Park.  Annually the Club Foundation provides the scholarships to send local high school students to RYLA.        
Many of our members donate to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation through regular quarterly contributions, memorials, or special family events.    Our goal is to reach a permanent endowment of $1,000,000.  Currently we are at just under $300,000.  If you are interested in assisting your Club and your Club’s Foundation to make a difference in the Duluth Community please consider becoming a sustaining donor. 
If you want to have a conversation about how you can make a difference seek out Al Makynen, Foundation President, or John Moir, Vice President for Donor Relations.
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn: Great Lakes Ballroom
200 W 1st st
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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