Volume 105 #15
We will meet at noon
Thursday, October 24, 2019 at
The Lyric Conference Room 
Jeff Iisakka
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Katherine LaFleur
Last Thursday’s meeting began as usual, with President Michelle Buria welcoming the club, and Gimlet editor Al Makynen giving us all something to consider as he asked us to reflect on reflection. “What is a reflection?” he asked, “A time to ponder. What is a Rotary Reflection? A time to ponder how to make a difference in the world”. What a way to think about the weight of what we do each week just by showing up and sharing this fellowship! Speaking of, guests of last week’s meeting included Erick Homan, guest of Sheryl Homan; Mike Keller with the Ordean East Devildogs Robotics team; and Brian Fulda, guest of Dave Fulda. The Fellowship report was a bit low this week, but we jumped right into a debriefing on the Rose Sale which, as always, was a smashing success. John Foucault, Chair of the committee, reported $93,600 in sales this year - $3,600 more than last! He also took the time to thank the club and all of the members of the rose sale committee who went above and beyond; including, but not limited to, Dave McLean, Chuck Chairs, and Gary Melander.
With a proper transition, Jenny Peterson introduced Mike Keller to the club. Mr. Keller was visiting on behalf of the Ordean East Devildogs Robotics to accept one of the $2,000 grants that are awarded each year thanks to the money raised by the rose sale. His summary of the list of roles and responsibilities that students take on as they participate in the robotics program was impressive, giving insight to the efficacy of the program in providing STEM activities that students can continue to utilize to build all kinds of skills that they will carry on with them.
Guest Mike Keller with the Ordean East Devildogs
Robotics team addresses the club.
Guest Mike Keller with the Ordean East Devildogs
Robotics team accepting grant check
President Michelle took a minute to thank both Dave Nolle and Elaine Hansen for their work updating the accounts for all members and preparing invoices to get us back on track (here’s your Monday reminder to pay that due invoice!) and then shared fantastic news with the club: Robin and her husband Stephen welcomed baby Lev Dean Pestalozzi to the world early last Sunday, the 13th. Additionally, President Michelle reminded us about World Polio Day on October 24th and our club’s commitment to raise funds that will be matched not only by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, but also by the district, and shared news that the Superior Rotary Club and Rotaract are hosting a Pints for Polio event at the Keyport where all Surly pints sold will donate $1/beer.
Past-president Dick Carlson was chair of the day, and introduced our guest and speaker Dr. James L. Bailey who presented the Palestinian story of life under Israeli occupation. “Listening compassionately to the narrative of others begins a journey towards understanding and justice.” Dr. Bailey began with this quote, and then launched into a shortened history of the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, showing how it has evolved and worsened to the place we now know. Of note is that after the 4th Geneva Convention, it has been recognized that the Israeli occupation of Palestine goes against international law, but Dr. Bailey noted that perhaps the largest challenge to a two-state solution or perhaps any peace between the two sides is in fact the Israeli settlements that continue to spread across the West Bank and other hotly contested areas. He also highlighted that while everyone is subject to living within the reality of navigating military checkpoints and blockades, it is really the religious extremists on both sides who are furthering the conflict and jeopardizing peace. Disputes over land, the imbalance of power, the biased involvement of the U.S. and its aid money, and the clashes between the religious zealots from both sides, he said, all continue the status quo of war. To have the opportunity for peace, he shared that it will require external pressure and the realization that occupying Palestine has become too costly, which he noted it very may be already without the military aid money that comes from the U.S. Dr. Bailey then answered questions from our members, and suggested “The Occupation of the American Mind” (2016) for further reading, which I suspect some of us may in fact seek out after being given such a fantastic sliver of the story from the other side.
Speaker Dr. James L. Bailey with
Past President Dick Carlson, chair of the day.
100th Anniversary Virginia, MN Rotary Club
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