Volume 105 #45
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon
Thursday, June 18, 2020
Jeff Bradt
An Audacious Vision
In 2016 the Hills’ board of directors asked staff to begin an ambitious and audacious effort to design, build and operate a psychiatric residential treatment facility for children that would raise the standard of care for children’s mental health treatment facilites everywhere. On March 30, 2020, four years and $30 million later, the Hills opened Cambia Hills of East Bethel.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
While Rotarians were signing on to our regular weekly zoom gathering, President Elect Dean Casperson asked what activities folks have enjoyed with businesses allowed to reopen.  The top vote was for dining out.  Dan Maki began our event with his Rotary Reflection on the good work healthcare workers do for society and ended his remarks with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded.”
The Fellowship Report began with Stacy Oltmanns stating she was recently furloughed from Essentia Health.  Jeff Bradt announced his wife Valarie has completed her time of self-isolation due to COVID with the result he is no longer living in the RV parked next to the house.  Dan Bergelund and Marjorie celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. Jerry Thoreson announced he made his goal of raising $600 for the CHILD Campaign in honor of his 60th birthday.
Dean Casperson requested folks to submit their speaker suggestions for July, August, and September.  The best program suggestions come from members.  You need not be the Chair of the Day – unless you want to be!  Email your suggestions to the office now with speaker, title, and organization. 
The fundraising effort for the CHILD campaign in support of youth mental health services raised $38,166, which exceeded the goal of $25,000.  A big thank you to everyone who participated!  And a shout out to David Nolle, Treasurer, who set up the on-line account and to Jerry Thoreson, Social Media Coordinator, who spread the word.
A proud father was on display as Dean Casperson, Chair of the Day, introduced his daughter, urologist, Dr. Kelly Casperson to educate us on passion and intimacy.  Dr. Casperson was raised in Duluth including being a Junior Rotarian, and educated at the University of Minnesota and Penn State Medical School.  She operates a urology clinical practice in Washington State.   Dr. Casperson is on a mission to educate us on sexual health which she did not learn from her parents, movies, society, nor taught in sex education class, college or even in medical school.  Her message was deliberate and frank, designed to overcome the pre-conceived ideas and ideals that shroud the topic of intimacy.  This was a serious intense conversation about adult material.  To effectively learn and understand you needed to leave social taboos at the door.  The information was interwoven with understanding beyond what many of us would receive or expect from a private conversation with our own physician.  Her comments were far ranging.  She covered five topics everyone should know more about. 
1. Desire Types.  There are two types:  Responsive and Spontaneous.  Both are perfectly normal. 
2. Desire Mismatch.  You are not broken because you have a different level of desire.    
3. Orgasmic Inequality. Society has placed a higher value on the male response.
4. Erectile Dysfunction. There is help.  Talk to your medical doctor.
5. Menopause.  Estrogen therapy is worth exploring.  It has been demonized by the media.  
For those of us in the conversation it was a challenge to absorb all the new and compelling information.  For those in the conversation who want to learn more and for those not part of the conversation there is a great resource.  Dr. Casperson produces a podcast with over 20 episodes called:  “You are Not Broken”.  Google it and listen.
                You are not broken
         Dr. Casperson and Family
                                                                                                                                                      Rotarians gather for Zoom
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