The Gimlet
Volume 108 #49

This Week at Rotary
Thursday June 8, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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Holiday Inn Downtown
Marty Sozansky
C.H.U.M. Board Member
Some Good News from C.H.U.M.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
The glittering stars were out in full force.  Being at Rotary on Thursday at noon was again the place to be.  President Barb Perrella was he first of many to appear.
The first star in the line-up: President Barb Perrella
Next up was Past President Branden Robinson who reflected upon our place in the universe.  We have been searching the skies for 3,000 years seeking meaning and purpose from the heavens. With everything that exists made of the same stardust, we are connected to everything in the universe.  As Rotarians we are connected to everyone in the world.
Past President Branden Robinson reflecting upon the stars in the heavens.
The Golden Can had several champions.  Stacy Oltmanns announced two milestones.  She is moving to Gilbert, Minnesota (we will miss her fine work arranging our speakers) and her daughter just turned 18.  Branden Robinson celebrated the tenth anniversary of Destination Duluth along with Jerry ThoresonJeff Fifield celebrated his 43 wedding anniversary.  President Barb Perrella acknowledged the work of Jeff Fifield and Jerry Thoreson to get new pictures of every member for the Club Directory. If you did not get your photo done this week the next setting is before and after the June 15th Noon Meeting.  You are encouraged to bring your significant other for a second photo for your personal use.
Barb Schwartz and Jim Schwartz having their photo taken at Rotary by Jeff Fifield
Dan Maki encouraged as many as could, to join him and his team for Old Highway 61 Spring Clean Up. Everyone is to meet at the Clearwater Grill parking lot on Tuesday, June 6 at 2:30.  After clean up, Past President Michelle Buria has a new deck and invites all those who participate to a party at her home starting at 4:00 p.m.  This is a great way to make a difference through a hands on, boots on the ground (literally) project!
Dan Maki making sure we hit the road hard and fast for Highway Clean-Up
President Barb Perrella announced our next Rotary Fellowship Breakfast.  It is at the Kitchi Gammi Club at 7:30pm. A separate email will be sent to all members for a response to get an idea of the number attending.  She also announced that Past President Bonita Nelson is back from Abbot Northwestern Hospital and is recuperating at Ecumen. 
Mr. Lucky himself, President-Elect Gary Melander, announced the upcoming Casino Night at the Moorish Room at the Greysolon Plaza Thursday, June 22 @ 5:30 for President’s Night.  Can you believe that?  He has so many 50-50 wins it is time for him to try his luck at the tables!  The theme for the evening is “The Great Gatsby”.  Costumes are optional.  Come as you are or wish to be seen and have fantastic Rotarian fellowship and thank President Barb Perrella for a great year.
Mr. Lucky (a.k.a President-Elect. Gary Melander) announcing the Casino Night Games at President’s Night
Not to be out-shown by anyone, our own Sheryl Homan, as Chair of the Day introduced amateur astronomer, writer, and photographer Bob King, known to many local readers as “Astro Bob”.  Astro Bob recently returned from a 2021 cruise to Antarctica (furthest south at 64 degrees latitude) and the Falkland Islands during which he gave a number of lectures on the Southern and Northern night skies.  In crossing from Chile to Antarctica they took three days to cross the 600-mile-wide Drake Passage.  The Cruise also included traveling into the Atlantic to catch the total eclipse of the sun.  (Spoiler Alert:  a cloud bank rolled in just at the wrong time.)  Being in Antarctica felt like being on another planet.  The expanse of the open ocean was followed by endless vistas of glaciers and mountains.  The southern night sky was vastly different than the one back home.  Different constellations and the moon rising in reverse.   While “winter camping” there was the constant sound of thunder but it was not thunder, rather the sound of icebergs calving from the glaciers.  Astro Bob shared how travel broadens your horizons and expands your perspective.
Sheryl Homan introducing the star of our show, Astro Bob
Our speaker Astro Bob describing the stars of the Southern Cross
Join fellow Rotarians for a “Night at the Opera”!
Cavalleria Rusticana
Present by Lyric Opera Of the North (LOON)
Friday, June 9th at 7:00 PM
Marshall Performing Arts Center
Email for phone President Barb Perrella to RSVP so we may secure tickets
The Port Arthur Rotary “BE THE BRIDGE”:
Outlaw Bridge Commemorative Gathering
Where: Grand Portage Casino, MN
When: July 1, 2023
Time: 12 noon to 2 o’clock
Come celebrate Rotary’s greatest contribution to the history of the land of our birth: the building of the Rotary Outlaw Bridge over the Pigeon River connecting Canada and the United States.  The legacy of the Outlaw Bridge lives on today with the growing friendship between the Lakehead and Duluth through the Sister Cities relationship.  Come to the Grand Portage Casino, MN on July 1 at noon and commemorate the history of the Outlaw Bridge with food, friendship, and entertainment.  All are welcome. 
Admission is free but Pre-registration is required.
Register on Eventbrite:
Donations are welcomed on the Outlaw Bridge Eventbrite page
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