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Thursday, October 15, 2020
Holiday Inn and Suites - Downtown Duluth
Sarah Adams
Founder of Espanolx
How a Plane Ticket to Mexico Shaped a Life
At fifteen I was selected to participate in the Rotary Foreign Exchange program.  When I arrived in Merída, México I knew three words in Spanish. My host family only spoke Spanish, so we communicated with pictures and gestures. By the end of the year, México was my home away from home. My love for México and the Spanish language impacts my every choice. Including the founding of Españolx.  Come and hear the rest of her story!
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Steve Yorde
The energy and anticipation at Rotary were at high levels given the presentation by one of our own, Dr. Bill Himango, speaking about his novel, Provenance. Our speaker did not disappoint. 
To begin the meeting, President Dean Casperson rang the bell and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test.  In his reflection Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom recalled a group of Rotarians from three Duluth Clubs, plus Thunder Bay, who built a medical clinic in the Amazon jungle near Iquitos, Peru in 1990.  Led by Jon Helstrom, these committed humanitarians also responded in 2009 to clinic director Dr. Linnea Smith’s request to build a larger, updated clinic.  Phils’s reading of Dr. Himango’s novel and his own experiences in the Amazon harkened back his own “personal provenance of this uniquely awesome and beautiful part of God’s creation.”
President Dean Casperson introduced Bernard McCarthy, guest of Zach Walters; David Clark, guest of Barb Perrella, and John Musick, guest of Past President Dan Bergeland.  Zach also introduced our newest member, Noah Holland, who was a missionary pilot in Alaska for several years.  Today he serves as youth activities director at Eastridge Community Church.
Membership Chair Zack Walters and New Member Noah Holland
President Dean Casperson noted that if you have a prospective member in mind, please give the name to either Zack Walters, Membership Chair, or to President Dean Casperson who will assist in the membership process.  There was one item in the Fellowship Report: Bob Reichert emailed that his daughter was married recently, but instead of the traditional “walking her down the aisle”, the proud father paddled her down the Brule River for the ceremony.  Creativity in the face of COVID!
Rose Sale Chair Barb Perrella thanked Rotarians here and in Two Harbors, and acknowledged Jen Smith for her assistance in counting money and tickets and Gary Melander for placing the order and coordinating delivery.  For members who wish to donate in lieu of selling roses, the amount is $10 per dozen. Checks are best made payable to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation.
Rose Chair Barb Perrella in Action
Chair of the Day Jeff Bradt introduced fellow Rotarian, neurosurgeon and now author Dr. William Himango. Bill graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, earned a Mayo Clinic fellowship in neurosurgery, then practiced in Boston and Duluth.  Bill’s inspiration for the book was his wife Diane, son Shannon and daughter Stephanie, who spoke to our club several years ago. Provenance is defined as “the place of origin or the beginning of something’s existence.”  Bill’s fascination with origins and beginnings relates to the people, places and experiences which shaped his own life, including small-town racism, the music and story of Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s South Pacific and the Club’s construction of two medical clinics in the Amazon.  He profiled the lead characters in his novel, a story of intrigue, mystery, vengeance, manipulation and tragedy.  But writing a novel is part of a larger process.  Finding a publisher, working with an editor, marketing the novel and determining a publicist were also key elements to the successful publication of this book  The Amazon is the world’s longest river.  It begins near Iquitos, Peru and travels through Manaus, Brazil where two very different rivers, the Rio Negro and the Solimoes, meet before emptying into the Atlantic.  He referred us to two books, The River God Forgot by Richard Collier and Teddy Roosevelt’s River of Doubt.   And yes, he’s already started his second book.
President Dean Casperson informed us the novel is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and at
President Dean Casperson and Author Dr. William Himango
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