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This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
May 6, 2021
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Kathryn Tiede & Christine Empanger
The Bethany Crisis Shelter
The Second Chapter
In 2017 the Center for Changing Lives was opened with the bold goal to end youth homelessness in Northeast Minnesota.  Since then, thousands of young people have turned to Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.  We have made great strides in the past three years.  "What if we could reach our goal more effectively by expanding services to families and younger children?"  Come and learn more from our two speakers including our very own Christine Empanger about the Second Chapter of the Bethany Crisis Shelter.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By:  Al Makynen
There was more fellowship.  The crowd was large.  There were more people at each table with more tables than ever.  When President Dean Casperson rang the Rotary bell it was to start the next phase of the Rotary experience with the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the “Rotary Four-Way Test”.
Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom provided the Rotary Reflection about the promise of spring.  And to many, it was - just a promise.  The bitter wind chills of late, along with the not too distant polar vortex are more the reality.  But the soft rains and blooming flowers give us the promise of new beginnings.
Phil Strom giving the Rotary Reflection
The Fellowship Report was lively.  From whatever form of stimulus, people during self-reports were more than generous. Self-reports have become the new tradition of how members communicate important personal and professional milestones.   Jeff Iisakka put $20 in the Golden Can in celebration of his return from Scottsdale, Arizona and his ability to attend in person.  Jay Ott announced the upcoming marriage of his son Daniel.  Zach Walters was pleased that boxing in Duluth is back.  Past President Bill Gravelle has returned from Naples, Florida and he too is now able to attend in person.   With his wife Patra joining him in retirement, President Dean Casperson contributed $500 to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation to announce he was “Getting out of Dodge!  Both President-Elect Chana Stocke and President-Elect Nominee Barb Perrella immediately had questions on when!  The answer, sometime after June 30th!
Dean Casperson taking questions about his travel plans
If you did not know who he was before, you must now all know Jim Schwartz as he once again marched to the front of the room holding his favorite visual aid, a giant check.  He says he gets to do the fun stuff for Grants Committee Chair Jenny Peterson who he tells us does the hard work!  This week a grant in the amount of $3,000 was awarded to a brand new still being formed non-profit called “Beautiful Strength Project”.  The Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors Jessica Karpinski and Kelly Kellar were on hand to describe how their organization is designed to serve women who have experienced violence or trauma.  They provide holistic, non-medical services through a peer support model to build confidence and a sense of self-worth.
Jim Schwartz with Jessica Karpinski and Kelly Kellar
Jeff Iisakka, as part of his duties as the Chair of the Day, described his personal journey with rail travel.  As a young boy, he described how you took your life into your hands when you moved from car to car.  Later in life, he experienced the modern efficient rail system of Finland.  All that to set up our speaker for the day, Rick Harnish, Executive Director of the High-Speed Rail Alliance. Since 1993 the Alliance has had three main goals.  To advocate, educate, and research the benefits of high-speed rail.  We have the technology and the financial resources to build an integrated system of rail to rival anything in the world.  The limitation is the political will of our elected leaders to embrace the benefits of rail which include 1) building stronger communities, 2) lowering carbon emissions, and 3) reducing government spending on transportation.  An integrated system of high-speed rail, regional lines, and commuter lines does more than just connect big cities. It promotes pedestrian-scale communities and provides for a civilized way to travel.  California has made the commitment to rail because one train line can equal ten (10) lanes of the highway.  Imagine the construction and maintenance cost savings.  The key is to make the system attractive to everyone - not just to business or high-end travelers. Large trains (up to 1,000 seats) with multiple trips per day integrated with a comprehensive system of destinations provide a critical mass.  Imagine a 2+hour ride to Target Field where you are able to get out of your seat (no seat belts required) move about the train, speak face to face with others, or if you prefer stay connected with your computer and work the entire trip!  This could be a reality for those living in Duluth.  To make it happen contact your elected representatives in Washington D.C. and St. Paul.
Rick Harnish sharing his excitement of travel by rail
An example of what riding the rails could look like in America
Imagine a day when we travel 200 mph by rail.
Did You Miss a Rotary Program?
By:  Jerry Pelofske
Have you ever wanted to catch a missed program?  Well, you can!  Our programs are posted onto the secure member area of our Club Website.  The process is easy, with just a few clicks!   
1.) Log into:
2.) Click on:  “Member Login” (Located on the upper right-hand side of your screen)
NOTE:  Your “Login Name” is the email address you have on file with the Club.  Your password should then populate. (If you have not yet logged into Clubrunner and set up your member account and Password please follow the instructions in your NEW MEMBER Folder or call President Dean Casperson at 218-428-0085.)  Yes, call him!
3.) Click on “Login”
4.) Now that you are in the secure member area of the Club Website look below the heading “Speakers” to see the words “Video Library”.
5.) Click on “Video Library”.  A list of Past Speakers and Program Titles will appear.
6.) Click on the “Program Title” you want.  Then click on the arrow to start the video.  
Happy watching!
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