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Volume 108 #9
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
September 1, 2022
For Those Attending in Person
Plated Meal
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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Holiday Inn Downtown
You Did It! Update on Club 25
Come hear the behind-the-scenes stories and an update about what your fellow members and committees are achieving on behalf of Club 25. Be inspired by our work to benefit the youth of the Twin Ports, connect with local and international Rotary clubs, and build up a Club 25 worthy of the name Rotary. Learn the difference that YOUR CLUB is making with your help!
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Patra Sevastiades
“Play is the work of childhood,” Fred Rogers famously said. Today, Club 25 celebrated play and its powerful ability to shape the brains of children—especially when adults get involved.
President Barb Perrella welcomed us all with a smile and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Roxanna Esguerra
Roxanna Esguerra gave the Reflection. She explored the idea of parenting as the purest form of love: wanting the best for your child, giving endlessly and expecting nothing in return, all in the hope that your child will be prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Promoting literacy is important. Roxanna noted that each of us has a boundless capacity to learn. “Stay curious!” she encouraged us, “Give endlessly to your children and grandchildren; they are our future!”
President Barb Perrella introduced visiting Rotarian Past District Governor Earl Rogers and guests Judy Rogers, Catherine McSharry, and Holger Glatzel. Fun facts: Catherine (Patra Sevastiades’s sister) has written musicals; Catherine’s husband Holger helped build the mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope.
Catherine McSharry and Holger Glatzel
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen self-reported that he managed to survive the day that was both his 33rd wedding anniversary and his 50th high school reunion.
The Rose Sale is coming! Rob Hofmann invited everyone to help. How? 1. Sell roses this Friday/Saturday at Sam’s Club (we are partnering with Skyline Rotary as they sell lugs of peaches). 2. Offer to reach out to a potential Rose Sale Coupon Book sponsor. 3. Have your company become a sponsor. Speak with Vinod Gupta, Rob Hofmann, or Jon Ohman.
Past District Governor Earl Rogers presented opportunities to support Skyline Rotary: Purchase a lug of peaches for $40, or purchase a $25 ticket that allows you 14 weekly chances to win a $100.
Geiger Yount
Geiger Yount invited members to be greeters at the Fall Harvest Festival on September 10, continuing an annual tradition by Club 25 in support of local farmers and vendors.
President Barb Perrella mentioned upcoming events. On August 27, the Dragon Boat Races in Superior. In December, our annual Holiday Party. In February, our annual Fireside Chat at the Kitchi Gammi Club. Starting on September 9 at 8:00am, monthly Fellowship Breakfasts will resume at the Kitchi Gammi Club one Friday each month, $9/person. Please plan to attend all!
(Note: We will not have a train ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad this year.)
Jim Schwartz introduced speaker Kelly Krieg-Sigman. A member of the Downtown Rotary Club of Lacrosse, Wisconsin, Kelly is also the administrator of that club’s signature early learning initiative, the Brain Game project.
Kelly Krieg-Sigman with Jim Schwartz
Kelly’s club learned that children’s brains are significantly shaped during the first three years of their lives: Children can learn a great deal in that crucial period if parents know how to promote a child’s brain development. But many parents do not.
A 50-year study showed that children who received early learning from ages birth through three had improved health outcomes and were more financially successful.
The importance of early learning prompted the Lacrosse Downtown Rotary to develop the Brain Game, a brief, easy-to-use guide designed to help parents stimulate brain development by responding when a child initiates action, such cooing. The guide has easy-to-use sections.
Simply providing a book to a parent is not enough: follow-up is needed.
The Lacrosse Downtown Rotary provides the Brain Game to the parents of each child born in the two Lacrosse hospitals. They urge pediatricians to talk with parents about the Brain Game.
In Florida, the guide is used by social workers who make regular home visits to at-risk families of babies.
Kelly added, “There is an opportunity for your local clubs jointly to adopt the Brain Game and collaborate with the Duluth Public Library in its Every Child Ready Duluth initiative.” She has already spoken at Superior Rotary, Skyline Rotary, and Harbortown Rotary. All are interested in adopting the Brain Game for the Twin Ports and working with the library. Bob McLean of Harbortown is interested in leading the local initiative.
The Brain Game costs $10 per copy. The Lacrosse Downtown Rotary has developed a Spanish-language edition, a digital version, and a Brain Game app.
Note: Our Club has helped support the Every Child Ready Duluth initiative with a grant.
President Barb Perrella adjourned the meeting.
Heard before the meeting: Brian Fulda, referring to his new mustache and haircut, said happily, “I was inspired by the movie The Gray Man.”
Rotarians working side-by-side
(L to R) Past District Governor Earl Rogers and Jon Ohman
Suzanne Anderson and Rob Hofmann
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