Jun 27, 2019
President's Night
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This Week's Meeting
President's Night
Thursday, June 27, 2019
We are meeting at 5:30 p.m.
1400 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55805 at

By Al Makynen
Who knew a Rotary Club founded in 1911 could be so much fun.  How can you not enjoy the fellowship, activity, and the general commotion of Thursday noon at the Holiday Center, especially when you are welcomed by daffy folks who appear to be the reincarnation of the Blues Brothers, selling hats and glasses!  Best of all the $12 for the merchandise can be charged to your club account!  And every time the word “duck” was uttered you heard quacking.  It would seem this has become our version of the glass clinking at the end of
the Kiwanis happy song.
The day was devoted to change beginning with remarks from Past District Governor, Earl Rogers as an invocation for us to retire the old and welcome the new.  Self-reporting of significant events has become the new normal.  President Steve Yorde led off by paying a fine for his son Blake Yorde for his addition of two ducks (quacks) and four chickens to his farm.  I am not kidding.  You cannot make this stuff up!  Both Dan Markham and Jeff Iisakka paid for the 20th anniversary of Kraus Anderson opening a Duluth Office.  The office was opened by Jeff and now run by Dan.  Jon Ohman placed a fifty dollar bill in the Golden Can in recognition of 50 years of marriage to Gail and for 50 years as an engineer.  Bob Kase donated $20 in recognition of 45 years of marriage to Joyce and for his daughter landing the role of Sandy in the upcoming Duluth Playhouse production of Grease.
And then the changes started.  The first order of business was to recognize those who have completed their service on the Board.  Past President Tricia Bunten has completed her multi-year commitment.  Outgoing directors Betty George, Sheryl Homan and Ryan Johnson have completed their two years of service.  Darlene Anderson as Secretary and Greg Hanson as Treasurer have completed their terms of office.
 And then a changing of the guard with the new directors of Paul Helstrom – Club Service, Catherine Carter Huber – Fundraising, and Karol Sowers – Communications, along with the a new Secretary Jeff Bradt and a new Treasurer, David Nolle along with incoming President-Elect Dean Casperson.  With all the oaths of office, and time at the microphone, none of the outgoing or incoming directors or officers took the opportunity to describe exactly what they were guarding.
The transition from Steve Yorde to Michelle Buria continued seamlessly demonstrating the working relationship between the soon to be Past President and the soon to be President.  Before relinquishing the podium, Steve shared the highlights of his year.  Clearly this past year has been one of change.  His was the first year without full time office staff.  This reality required members to step forward and become involved in projects and club activity at an unprecedented level. Members rose to meet the challenge.  In collaboration with other Duluth clubs, we completed a Habitat for Humanity project.  Our last Habitat project was over 20 years ago.   And we have not forgotten why we are called Rotary International.  We have worked to purify water in Cameroon and we have contributed to a school project in Guatemala. Our active Grants Committee, Twin Ports Rotaract, with this year’s Co-President McKenzie MacFarlane, and the Duck Pluck fundraiser to support mental health programming at the Boys and Girls Clubs, all demonstrate the vibrant health of Rotary in Duluth.  Our Rotary Club has been an inspiration to Steve.  In recognition of his service, the members rose in a standing ovation.
As with any transition, next is the new.  To get us started in the right direction, our new President Michelle Buria retired the old Rotary theme and unveiled the 2019-20 theme of “Rotary Connects the World”.  She continued by sharing with us her experiences at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany.  Clearly she intends to pick up the pace as she described driving at 110 mph+ on the autobahn having once aspired to be a race car driver.   With 25,000 Rotarians from around the world in attendance at the convention there were many new ideas. 
Michelle shared with us a few highlights from the breakout sessions including the need to communicate the Rotary brand and to implement a strategic plan that includes increased emphasis on (1) having an impact, (2) expanded reach, (3) enhanced engagement, and (4) adapting.  The specific goal for our club is to become irresistible.  Our purpose is to serve.  We should be proud and loud about our service.  We need to invite others to join us.  Show our members that we care about them.  To accomplish all this and more we need to try new things.  And a particular challenge was made to all the club elders to become active mentors.  And we need to bring back some cool things. One in particular is to always wear your Rotary pin – not just at Rotary meetings.  It connects us with over a million people around the world and can be the start of many conversations.  And a new concept was introduced:  the Presidential Idea Emporium.  The emporium is a place for you to deposit your ideas, comments, and suggestions – just remember two simple rules (1) apply the Four-Way-Test, and (2) include your name so there can be a specific follow-up.  Both exciting and terrifying is how Michelle described her first day. 
Renee Mattson and Chana Stocke for the Duck Pluck

President Michelle Buria handing Steve Yorde his Presidential Plaque
Michelle Buria with the District 5580 Delegation at the Rotary International Convention
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn
207 W. Superior St.
Suite 201
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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