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November 10, 2022
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Holiday Inn Downtown
Duluth’s HRA: From Owned Housing to Development, and Everything in Between
Jill Keppers
Executive Director, Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Did you know that the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) of Duluth does more than Public Housing and Section 8? This presentation will introduce you to the variety of rent subsidy programs, single-family rehabilitation programs, development initiatives, and more that the HRA provides to the City of Duluth. You will learn about the HRA’s role in creating and preserving housing, supporting local developers, and creating training programs—as well as discovering the economic boost the HRA provides to our local economy.
Chair of the Day: Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Patra Sevastiades
Today, Rotarians heard from someone whose passion for educating students pulled him out of retirement to reimagine and re-energize a Duluth institution that has educated students since 1895. That institution is the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). As Aristotle sagely observed, “The best provision for the journey of life is education.”
President Barb Perrella welcomed all. She led us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Past Assistant District Governor Phil Strom offered the Reflection. He celebrated the powerful synergy between UMD and Rotary Club 25 over the past half-century: Past President Ray Darland was a Chancellor of UMD; Past President Dave Vose was Dean of the UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics; Past President Elaine Hansen was director of UMD’s Center for Economic Development; Past President Ken Schoen helped establish and then directed the Institute of Criminal Justice at the University of Minnesota Law School; District Assistant Governor and Past President Tricia Bunten is Chief Development Officer at UMD.
Other notable past connections between the two important community organizations include some current and past Club #25 members Denny Falk, Greg Fox, Jim Grant, Kjell Knudsen, Mike Lalich, Matt Rosendahl, Neale Roth, and Marc Seigar—and this is by no means an exhaustive list.
Currently, UMD is also ably represented in Club 25 by Jena Evans, Rob Hofmann, and Ruth Westra. Elizabeth Simonson is Senior Development Officer for UM Medical School, Duluth Campus.
President Barb Perrella introduced our guests from UMD,  Sue Bosell, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations; Lynne Williams, Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer; Forrest Karr, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics; and Peter Nalin, M.D., MBA, FAAFP, Department Head at the UM Medical School, Duluth Campus; and Past District Governor Deb Warner from the Iron Range Rotary Club.
This was the week for self-reporting!
Witnessing greatness. Allen Anway brought 2023 calendars featuring a photo he took at Jay Cooke State Park of a stunning—and almost unknown—44-foot waterfall. This treasure is hidden only 2 miles from Interstate 35, and even if you try, you won’t find it! Allen invited all Rotarians to take a calendar. Michael Orman had attended the Chamber of Commerce dinner the night before and had witnessed Jena Evans honored as Chamber Ambassador of the Year.
Past President Michelle Buria, guest of The Lift
Jeff Fifield, $500.00 richer!
Money matters. Jeff Fifield recently received a $500 check from the Superior Rotary calendar raffle and encouraged all to participate in Rotary raffles offered by our fellow clubs. Past President Michelle Buria has a weekly financial segment called “The Lift” on WDIO-TV. Last week, she shared financial tips provided by Derrick Kinney from The Rotarian magazine.
Paul Helstrom
On the big screen. At a recent church dinner, Paul Helstrom suddenly saw himself on the screen in a video about a solar energy project Minnesota Power is undertaking with the White Earth band of Ojibwe. He also congratulated Jena Evans. Rob Hofmann revealed his true ambitions:  the Duluth News Tribune just published a story about Christmas “Rom-Com” in which Rob has one scene as the maître d’ – don’t blink! The film was shot in Duluth, and Rob makes his cinematic debut in the Apostle Supper Club at the top of the Radisson Hotel. The film, “Merry Kiss Cam,” will begin streaming on HULU on Thanksgiving Day! (Popcorn, anyone?)
Jay Ott
Honorable unmentioned?? Jay Ott, who was also at the Chamber dinner, was glad that he and his company, Admax, which has partnered with the Chamber to publish The Duluthian magazine for more than 25 years, were not mentioned, meaning: No typos!
President Barb Perrella welcomed the Jr. Rotarians for November and invited them to the stage: Denfeld High School: Maddy, a senior; East High School: Kendra, senior; Harbor City International School: Paige, junior; Lakeview Christian AcademyMarshall School: Daria from Ukraine, junior; and Proctor High School: Hannah, senior.
The October Junior Rotarians introduced the November Junior Rotarians
President Barb Perrella then quoted John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” She then recognized many of the past and present Rotarians of Club 25 who have served as Rotary District leaders: Past Assistant District Governor Phil Strom; Assistant Governor Tricia Bunten; District Treasurer Elaine Hansen; Past District Governor Earl Rogers; Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen, Past District Treasurer Bill Gravelle, Past District Membership Chair and Past President Branden Robinson, and our guest today, Past District Governor Deb Warner from the Iron Range Rotary.
Newly elected District Governor (2024-2025) Elaine Hansen receives a hug from President Barb Perrella
Then President Barb Perrella invited Past President Elaine Hansen to join her at the podium and announced, “Our own Elaine Hansen is the newly elected District Governor for 2024-2025!” All applauded as President Barb Perrella gave a bouquet of flowers to a thankful Past President Elaine Hansen. They were joined by Past District Governor Deb Warner, who offered congratulations on behalf of the District 5580 leadership.
Assistant District Governor Tricia Bunten
Chair of the Day Assistant District Governor Tricia Bunten introduced speaker David J. McMillan, a former member of Club 25 who, like Tricia, was recruited by Jerry Ostroski. From 2011 until 2022, our speaker was on the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. In 1989 he joined the legal team at Minnesota Power. In 1998, he began his career as an executive at Minnesota Power and its parent company, ALLETE, Inc.
UMD Interim Chancellor David J. McMillan
Dave described his background as an economist and attorney and later a regent. When the national search for a replacement for former Chancellor Lendley Black failed, he was approached about taking the helm. He agreed to do so in order to give back to the institution that made a difference in his life – and where he met his wife.
He noted that the declining number of students attending college creates a challenge because an oversupply of four-year institutions exists in our region. Compared to other schools, UMD is at the high end of the price scale. UMD donors are generous, but scholarship funds are less available at UMD than at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC) campus.
The challenge is to define the value proposition of attending UMD. At a time in which the value of a college education is generally being questioned, this is especially difficult.
He and his team are working on recruiting new students and retaining existing ones; aiming to increase student success by supporting students who are struggling; working to continue fostering a climate where students feel welcome; and leveraging the University of Minnesota system by showing the connection between UMD and UMTC, the eighth largest research institution in North America. They are also attempting to demonstrate to UMTC why it is worthwhile to invest in UMD.
Part of their strategy is “rebranding” UMD. It is the second-largest campus in the University of Minnesota system. It features a student-teacher ratio of 16:1, versus the 32:1 ratio of UMTC. They aim to identify what UMD excels at and to enhance that.
It is a challenge, he said, but he is inspired by the students. He is happy to be solving an important problem with a good leadership team at UMD.
The 50/50 drawing was won by Dr. Peter Nalin of UMD.
President Barb Perrella adjourned the meeting.
Overheard before the meeting: When Dave McMillian shook hands with Past President Dean Casperson, he recalled that 10 years ago, he had been a member of Club 25. Dean responded: “Come be a member again!” Several other people did, too. Fingers crossed!
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