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Thursday, August 20, 2020
Holiday Inn and Suites - Downtown Duluth
Dan Hartman, Director
Glensheen - Our Unique Story
Dan Hartman will explore the unique story of the mansion built by Chester A. Congdon.  He will explore for us the 12 acres and the 39 rooms and describe how he and his staff work to preserve the Glensheen legacy and its future!
The Main Staircase at Glensheen
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
The program was not as expected.  As with the title of a book, or the name of a college course, the substance can be entirely different.  Who knew a presentation about a Worldwide Dance Challenge would embody the means to the ultimate business plan?  Chair of the Day Zach Walters brought to us a surprise in Jesse Paul Smith of Superior, Wisconsin.   Jesse Smith is a person with passion, talent, and the ability to execute his plans if not always his dreams.  He made multiple attempts to develop a career in the performing arts.  A record contract won and lost.  A dance studio opened and closed.  A successful career in developing corporate talent ended on March 16 with the cancellation of all his scheduled speaking engagements and related corporate contracts due to COVID-19.  From riches to rags in a heartbeat.  After reflection, turmoil, concern on how to support six children, the question:  What now?
Jesse Paul Smith
What to do to make a living?  What now?  Jesse Smith found the answer.  Each person is created for a specific purpose.  We are not all things to all people although we often have sufficient talent to be good at something that may not be our passion.  We succeed but at what cost. Then a crisis strikes as it did on March 16 to Jesse.  What now?  Jesse Smith reflected and asked two questions.  Who am I here to serve?  How best can I serve them?  Answering these questions provided the anchor for a successful business plan.  As an artist, with a passion, the question of who was answered. As a professional developer of corporate talent with a business background, the question of how was answered.  COVID-19 had closed the venues for dancers to demonstrate their talent and earn a living. The Worldwide Dance Competition, created and operated by Jesse for the benefit of talented dancers around the world, provided the business model for his new career and livelihood in service to those artists!
President Dean Casperson was recently challenged by District Governor Bob McLean to make Rotary meaningful.  Our Club’s weekly programs provide unique insights about a local business, our community, world challenges, you name it.  You have the opportunity to ask the speaker that follow-up question – meaningful to you.  Thursday Noon is for Rotary.  If you reflected and decided not to partake, in person or on Zoom, you missed out.
Chair of the Day Zach Walters, Speaker Jesse Smith. President Dean Casperson
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