Volume 106 #52
This Week at Rotary
July 1, 2021
Bag Lunch with Beverage Provided
Annual Club Picnic
Please join our new President, Chana Stocke as she makes good on her commitment to having fun in Rotary.  A premium bag lunch with a beverage from G.B Schneider’s Restaurant will be provided.  Bring a lawn chair!  No program, just fellowship.  RSVP no later than Tuesday at 5 pm to Renee Mattson at
In 2014 the Rotary Club of Duluth funded the construction of the Rotary International Peace Plaza.  In 2011 the Club funded the lighting of Enger Tower in celebration of our Club’s 100th Anniversary.  Both projects were significant investments as part of our continued service to the citizens of Duluth.  
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
President Dean Casperson called to order his final meeting as president, with Rotarians reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary Four-Way Test.
Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom gave a fitting reflection for this “Changing of the Guard” meeting. He compared the Club’s successful operations over the past year to a three-legged stool. The first leg was Past President Elaine Hansen logistically helping the club through a very challenging time. The second leg were the club members who demonstrated great resilience and tenacity to stay the course through Zoom meetings, box lunches and more. The third leg represented President Dean Casperson and his ability during an unprecedented time to lead a physically separated group courageously and with grace.
To a standing ovation, Phil Strom presented outgoing President Dean Casperson a Paul Harris Fellowship pin with three sapphires to acknowledge and thank him for his work on behalf of the Club. During his thank-you remarks, outgoing President Dean Casperson cleared up a rumor about his “getting out of Dodge” immediately after completing his term!  He and his wife, and new Club member, Patra Sevastiades are not leaving town nor taking an extended world tour!
Jerry Ostroski, President of the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation, presented a $15,000 grant to the Bethany Crisis Center for the building of their new facility.
Jerry Ostroski, Pastor Kathryn Tiede, President Dean Casperson
Past President Bill Gravelle kicked the golden can with $62 in recognition of the 62 years that he and his wife, Barbara, have been married. Skeeter Moore reported that he finished the Grandma’s Half Marathon with a respectable time, though not his personal best. He also shared that his son has signed to play professional hockey in Sweden.  A proud father will most certainly visit him. Allen Anway shared that he volunteered with the amateur radio operations at Grandma’s Marathon and kicked the golden can on behalf of waitress Diane, whom he saw during the marathon.
Past President Michelle Buria presented the Club’s “Service Above Self” award to Jerry Pelofske for his tireless commitment to all things Rotary. Jerry Pelofsky didn’t mince words when responding to being selected for the award stating “It’s a pleasure and honor to serve the club.” No need to say more. That pretty much covers it!
Michelle Buria presenting the Service Above Self” award to Jerry Pelofsky
Past President Michelle Buria was finally able to receive her past president pin now that in-person meetings are becoming common. President Dean Casperson thanked all of the club members, committee chairs, and board of directors for their effort and support over the past year. In addition to the past president pin, he also was presented with the Club’s past president ring that was created by Past President Larry Fortner—a touching moment when he shared that Larry Fortner was his Rotary sponsor.
Dean Casperson and Chana Stocke are all smiles at the transition
President-Elect Chana Stocke was called to the podium to take her oath of office as Club President. After being sworn in, the following club members took the oaths for their respective positions:
Barb Perrella – President-Elect
Steven Hadley – Secretary
Gary Melander – Fundraising Director
President Chana Stocke shared that she is a 17-year Rotarian who has hosted exchange students and participated in an international service trip to Guatemala. She encouraged all club members to consider participating in those experiences as they are truly life-changing. She shared that her fellow Rotarians are all her friends and she is excited for the club to get back to being together and active. Her two main goals for her term as president are: Have fun and to do local community projects. She introduced the board members that will be supporting her in her efforts throughout the year.
President Chana Stocke was interrupted by Babwa Wawa (played by the illustrious Sheryl Homan) and her sidekick Steve/Sean, something (Skeeter Moore) for an interview. It did not go well. Babwa and Steve/Sean should have done more homework on the depth and breadth of Club 25 activities before approaching “Chain-a” for an interview! 
Sidekick Skeeter Moore with Baba Wawa (a.k.a. Sheryl Homan)
President Chana Stocke let club members know that a form to sign up for committees will be emailed this upcoming week.  The form will also be on the tables the following week. Please sign up for at least one committee.  Much of the work of the Club is done by committee.  It is time to reactive our Rotary Club’s service to the community.
The “Three Musketeers (Past, Present, and Future) ready for action
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