Volume 105 #16
We will meet at noon
Thursday, October 31, 2019 at
The Great Lakes Ballroom 
Cory Salmela
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Marc Seigar
On an overcast day in October, Rotarians gathered in the Lyric Conference Room in the Holiday Center.  President Michelle Buria called the meeting to order, and we started with a Rotary Reflection given by Chana Stocke.  Chana recalled her childhood fascination with globes and how she could look at the whole world with just a spin of the hand.  She informed us that Google Earth was created in 2001, and she remembered using Google Earth to zoom in on a Rotary Exchange student’s house in France in 2009, and how it felt like magic.  The reflection was a great introduction to our program.
Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom gave the Fellowship Report.  He started by informing the Club that October 24 is World Polio Day and that District 5580 is matching all contributions to Polio Plus during the month of October.  He also mentioned that Dave Rutford is currently at home ill.  Geiger Yount from the Caring Committee announced she had recently visited and he was doing well.  North Shore Bank commercials still feature Chana Stocke and Karol Sowers who were both asked to kick the Golden Can.  Self reports included, Barb Perella who celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary, Past President Steve Yorde who celebrated 37 years of marriage, Rob Hofmann for his article in the paper about the Depot Foundation, and Dave Nolle for all the press coverage as he runs for mayor of Duluth.  Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen announced he would be attending Virginia Rotary Club’s 100th Anniversary Dinner to represent Club #25 which sponsored the Virginia Club in 1919.  It also happens that nearly 50 years ago he was a Junior Rotarian at the Virginia Club.  Finally, Past President Branden Robinson reported that Destination Duluth had just reached the milestone of 150,000 followers on Facebook.
President Elect Dean Casperson & new 
member Jeramy Mercil
President Elect Dean Casperson introduced Jeramy Mercil as our newest member who is a senior network engineer, has two children, and generally likes being outdoors.  Welcome to the Club!  Marc Seigar introduced the October Junior Rotarian from Denfeld, Elizabeth Emmel, who had been unable to make several meetings, but will be making up by attending a few meetings in November.  She plans on going to College to study for Pharmacy or Business.  Finally, President Michelle Buria noted that veterans will be honored at our meeting on November 14, and that the Duck Pluck presentation to the Boys and Girls Club will take place on Wednesday, October 30 at 3:00pm at the Heritage Center. 
October Junior Rotarian from Denfeld,            
Elizabeth Emmel
Chair of the Day, Dan Maki, a Finn, then introduced our speaker of the day, Jeff Iisakka, another Finn.  His presentation was about Google Earth and how to use it to travel the globe.  He first asked how many people in the room had little to no knowledge of Google Earth and very few people raised their hands.  Google Earth Pro can be downloaded onto any computer and it is fun to play with.  You can get a 2-D or 3-D view of any spot on Earth.  The presentation was a 30-minute video he had put together as he navigated the world in Google Earth Pro, with songs by Enya in the background, the only exception being “Happy Trails” as we returned to Duluth at the end of the video.  We were taken across the United States, from farmlands in Texas to the Rocky Mountains near Parachute, CO, from Meteor Crater near Winslow, AZ, to El Capitan in Yosemite. (If you have not seen the free solo climb by Alex Honnold in 2017 captured in the documentary movie Free Solo, it is a fascinating watch). We were then taken around the world, visiting the depths of the oceans, which consist of volcanic ridges, plains, mountain ranges and deep valleys.  Some mountains on the ocean floor have peaks that can reach 11,000 feet.  One ridge of mountains stretches all the way from Alaska, through Russia and Japan to the Mariana Islands, stretching more than 6,000 miles along the Pacific Ocean.  We saw Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, and Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We visited Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, Mount Vesuvius overlooking the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, Lake Baikal in Russia that contains 27% of the Earth’s freshwater.  One thing is for sure; my words cannot do justice to the amazing visuals we saw.  All I can say is, try playing with Google Earth.  You can invest countless hours doing so.
Chair of the Day Dan Maki with Speaker Jeff Iisakka    
Paul Harris Dinner   
By:  Phil Strom – Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation Chair
Please join me the evening of Thursday, November 7th to celebrate, with fellow Rotarians from all the Clubs in the Duluth Superior area, the work of The Rotary Foundation.  This event is not just for those who are Paul Harris Fellows.  It is not an event just for those who donate to the Rotary Foundation.  It is a celebration for any Rotarian and their guests who celebrate the work of Rotary. 
This year we have two guests.  Dr. Phil Silvers, a former Rotary International Director who will discuss Rotary’s Programs to Create World Peace, and Monica Kinyua, a Rotary Grant Scholar, who has worked with warring tribes in Kenya.
The dinner is hosted by our friends at Skyline Rotary.  It will be at the Aad Shrine Event Center located at 5152 Miller Trunk Highway, Hermantown.  Entrees include choice of: - Sirloin Steak, - Salmon, - Ratatouille with Polenta.  The social will start at 5:30, dinner at 6:30 with program starting at 7:00.  The cost is $40 per person.
Please sign up soon by contacting the Rotary Office to register and attend this celebration of Rotary making a difference in the world.  Make sure to include your entrée selection for yourself and your guests.  As this is a Club event, you are able to simply charge your account.
Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of a Duluth Superior celebration of Rotary doing great things in the World.
Halloween at Rotary!
President Michelle will be attired in her finest Halloween costume this Thursday.  She has invited the rest of the membership to join in and prove to the rest of the world, especially friends and co-workers, that Rotarians know how to have fun!
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