The Gimlet
Volume 108 #33

This Week at Rotary
February 16, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Plated Meal
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Holiday Inn Downtown
President and CEO
“APEX Initiatives for 2023”
Rachel joined APEX in September 2022 and leads the organization as President and CEO. Throughout her career, she’s cultivated strong community relationships and advocated for industrial projects that support job growth, career development and economic investment throughout the region. At APEX, she works to drive investment in our region, bringing citizens and companies together to prosper. She will share the APEX initiatives for the New Year.
Chair of the Day Sandy Hoff
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Patra Sevastiades
It was early Thursday evening at the Kitchi Gammi Club. The light of the setting sun was still visible through the windows as Rotarians arrived, shed their coats in the coat rooms, and entered the warm comfortable room. They gathered for Club 25’s Fireside Chat. This annual opportunity to acquaint new members with our Club’s activities began with small plates filled with delicious appetizers and glasses brimming with a selection of beverages.
Rotarians are never shy to have a conversation
Stories were shared, smiles exchanged. Alas, there was no fire in a fireplace, but from the contented looks on people’s faces and the laughter in the room, it did not matter.
Stacy Oltmanns, happy to be among friends
All heads turned and people took their seats when Past President Elaine Hansen took the podium as emcee and began the formal part of the evening.
She welcomed everyone, particularly the two new members in attendance, Reid Scheldahl and Jeff Wencl. (New member Nancy Erickson, in far-off Idaho with husband Doug Erickson, was unable to join us, but she was remembered. Another Reid—Justin Reid!—was unable to join us, but he too, is a valuable new member of Club 25.)
Past President Elaine Hansen also reminded everyone of the deep roots of Rotary in Duluth. She noted that we are Club 25 because we were the 25th Rotary club established in the world. Another point of pride: the very first Women’s Rotary Club was established in Duluth in 1917. While it did not last, it was a trailblazing endeavor worthy of our city.
Next to the podium was Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen, who recalled some Rotary history highlights, including the remarkable fact that Rotary International earned a place as part of the United Nations decades ago, which it continues to hold!
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen speaks with Past President Dean Casperson
Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom spoke about two foundations in which Club 25 members can invest: the Rotary International Foundation, started in 1917 with a gift of $26.50, and the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation, which has assets of $330,000 and funds local causes, from children’s mental health to college scholarships, and much more.
Finally, Past President Dean Casperson shared the Club’s four annual fundraisers and the Club’s many committees (that do so much of the heavy lifting), and he encouraged all members to participate. He noted that it was on a trip to Mexico to build a girl’s school as part of the International Committee that he truly became a Rotarian.
Past President Elaine Hansen thanked everyone for attending, and a group photo of the attractive gathering was taken.
Rotarians of Club 25
Overheard before the Fireside Chat: President Barb Perrella and President-Elect Gary Melander were unable to attend for respective health reasons, but the group sent them good wishes.
Traci Marciniak sharing fellowship with Vinod Gupta
Gimlet reporter Patra Sevastiades with Past President John Baumgarten
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen breaking bread with Renee Mattson
Speaking of the impact of Rotary
Jerry Pelofske, secretary of the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation, presents a check to Lake Superior College student Vang P. Thao, the first recipient of the newly established Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation Scholarship, on February 2, 2023.
Jerry Pelofske with Vang P. Thao
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Center Great Lakes Ballroom
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Duluth, MN
United States of America
Come join us and bring a friend for a great soup and salad bar and program!
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Venue Map
Feb 16, 2023
APEX Initiatives for 2023
Feb 23, 2023
Regional Welcoming Community Programming in Northeast Minnesota
Mar 02, 2023
Chamber Foundation Initiatives for 2023
Mar 09, 2023
Newly elected and direction of the department
Mar 16, 2023
Off-Site Bethany Crisis Nursery
Mar 23, 2023
His Hike to Everest Base Camp
Mar 30, 2023
Climate Change and the Near Future for Duluth and Superior
Apr 06, 2023
Stress Reduction Through the Lens of Adversity/Resilience
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