The Gimlet
Volume 109 #01

This Week at Rotary
We Meet at 11:30 AM on Thursday
July 6, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Enger Park
1601 Enger Tower Road
The Annual Club #25 Enger Park Picnic
Join fellow Rotarians for our Annual club picnic at Enger Tower at the Rotary Peace Plaza. 
Enjoy Great Harvests Box lunches and fellowship in a beautiful setting.  Remember to bring bug spray and a chair!
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
The Rotary Club of Duluth held its 111th Annual “Changing of the Guard” as President Barb Perrella handed the Rotary Gavel to President-Elect Gary Melander. Following the singing of “American the Beautiful” accompanied by Past-President John Baumgarten and reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test, Rob Hofmann shared a moment of Reflection. He asked us to embrace the remarkable power of change. Change can spark innovation, transform ideas, foster personal development and pave the way for societal progress. Today we look forward to the next year and embrace change.
Past-President John Baumgarten leading us off with America the Beautiful
Rob Hofmann reflects upon Change as good
President Barb Perrella welcomed today's guests: the wonderful Judy Rogers, Barb Bennett, wife of Past President Bob Bennett, and the Melander family: Carla, wife of President-Elect Gary Melander, Marta, Allie, Bonnie and former Rotarian great Don Melander.
Stepping forward to drop $4 into the Golden Can was Allen Anway as he shared two adventures. First, his picture was in the Duluth News Tribune presenting the Dr. Dorothy Anway Scholarship. Secondly, he participated in Grandma's Marathon as one of the ham radio operators at the Knife River location.
Allen Anway - always in motion
Thanking the club for the privilege of serving as President Barb Perrella then thanked those who have served alongside her. It is the combined service of club members filling the many roles that allows the legacy of Club 25 to endure. We had an amazing year of fundraising with the Rose Sale netting $30,000. The Annual Dinner and Auction resulted in $14,700+ with $10,000 for Polio Plus and $13,800 for our mental health program at the Boys and Girls Club. President Barb Perrella thanked individually the many club members that work tirelessly to make our club successful. And we, as Club 25 members, thankful for her year as leader, offered up a standing ovation.
President Barb Perrella thanking all who helped make her year a success!
President Barb Perrella then administered the oath of office to incoming President Gary Melander. She also presented him with the ring Past President Larry Fortner had made from his president's pin. President Gary Melander’s first duty as Club President was to swear in our new President-Elect Elizabeth Simonson.
President Barb Perrella administering the oath of office to incoming President Gary Melander
President Gary Melander’s swearing in our new President-Elect Elizabeth Simonson
President Gary Melander's speech highlighted the rich history and core values of Club 25. Looking forward, we can continue to reach out into our community and make a huge difference for good. Rotary International's theme for this year is “Hope” and it is his desire that our club will embrace that theme this year—“HOPE”.
President Gary Melander's then administered the oath of office to the three new incoming Directors: Zach Walters, Dan Maki and Patra Sevastiades. Thank you for your willingness to serve.
New Board Members (L to R): Zach Walters, Dan Maki and Patra Sevastiades
Next week's meeting will be the Annual Picnic at Enger Park in the Rotary Plaza. Please RSVP Past-President Barb Perrella so she can order the correct number of lunches from Great Harvest. The program will be “Food and Fellowship”.
Brain Fulda with Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen seeking volunteers to serve each meeting as Greeters, 50–50 Proctors, and Reflection speakersHow about YOU!
The multi-generation Rotarian Melander Family
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn Great Lakes Ballroom
200 W. 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55802
United States of America
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