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This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
April 1, 2021
(Also Via Zoom)
For Those Attending in Person
Plated Meal Served - Count Needed
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
(Link Sent Thursday Morning)
Pete Smerud
Executive Director, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center
China and Minnesota
A Global Partnership for Environmental Education
Wolf Ridge was selected by education leaders in China as their model for environmental education. Sent by the US National Committee on China Relations, Peter traveled to China in 2020 where he consulted on the development of their programs and to construct partnerships between the two countries.  He will share examples of China’s current approaches to environmental education, the unique challenges they face, and the methods at Wolf Ridge seen as most valuable.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Rob Hofmann
Rotary ZOOMies held an old fashion neighborly chat discussing weather, vaccinations, grandkids, and more before the meeting began. A WORD OF CAUTION TO ZOOMIES: Please mute your microphone before having a private conversation with someone at your home, in your office, or on the phone! One Rotarian was discussing a private matter that all in the room and on Zoom could hear – YIKES!!  With the ringing of the Rotary bell, President Dean Casperson extended a warm welcome to all.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of the Rotary Four Way Test.  Jeff Iisakka seemingly descended from the heavens to give this week’s Rotary Reflection. The word of the day: WATER.  He reminded us that we are blessed to live so near to the world’s largest body of fresh water. Such volume that it would cover all of North and South America with a foot of water. Rotary takes a lead role in protecting water around the globe by partnering with USAID seeking long term sustainable solutions for the human population to have access to clean water. More than 1,000 Rotary projects in more than 100 countries provide access to clean water.
Jeff Iisakka – Descending from the clouds
The Golden Can received a few contributions from Rotarians present and on ZOOM:  Bob Reichert announced that he was appointed to his first term to the City of Duluth’s Energy Plan Commission.   Allen Anway proudly shared that on March 14th (pi Day), his grandchild, Brair Weston, was able to recite the value of pi to 6,000 digits - BY MEMORY!  This certified effort, which required three quarters of an hour to complete, is ranked 10th in the USA and 49th in the world!
Rotarians do LOVE their pi
President Dean Casperson reminded all Rotarians who were in attendance at the Holiday Inn to make sure to take and use the parking pass ticket supplied at the Rotary Meeting.  To exit the ramp just insert the ticket you get at the meeting.  (Do not use the machine dispensed ticket you received on your way in.)
Our speaker Dale Hoff was introduced by Chair of the Day Geiger Yount. Dale Hoff is a division director for Duluth’s EPA  Great Lakes Toxicology & Ecology Division (GLTED) facility. Celebrating 50 years as one of only a few of its kind, this facility was brought to Minnesota by work of Jim Oberstar and John Blatnik. Mr. Hoff said he leads a team of “science geeks” that do critical environmental work. Their website says it best:  GLTED focuses on developing new methods to predict the effect of chemicals on our nation’s freshwater ecosystems. The Division incorporates traditional and predictive toxicity using advanced tools to produce science to inform ecological risk assessments of chemicals by EPA’s Program Offices and Regions.
GLTED primarily focuses on freshwater coastal ecology, linking the ecological integrity of receiving waters to watershed effects, and developing indicators and sampling protocols for freshwater ecosystem assessments. GLTED uses an array of factors to assess and predict outcomes of clean up and revitalization efforts. Intrinsic to this division’s mission is building the functional resiliency of watersheds and coastal systems to human-driven flows of chemicals, sediment, and invasive species.
Rotarians were treated to an in depth overview of the expansive research that goes into the work of these fresh water scientists. In addition to complex chemistry, Mr. Hoff’s described how his team uses cutting edge technology in the form of two autonomous underwater drones, Nokomis and Gavia (Gavia means common loon), to capture an impressive array of data. With such data, backed by scientific lab experiments, and studies, the EPA works with community partners toward what is termed R2R2R = Remediation/Restoration/Revitalization. Results are found in better fish and bird habitats, improved boating environments, cleaner water, and stewardship of a precious resource.
    Chair of the Day Geiger Yount
Underwater drone “Gavia”
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Apr 01, 2021
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