Jun 13, 2019
Middle School Robotics with the Ordean East Middle School Devildogs
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This Week's Meeting
We meet at Noon on Thursday, June 13, 2019
Kitchi Gammi Club, Great Hall
831 East Superior Street
Middle School Robotics

Mike Keller and the Ordean East Middle School Devildogs
By Dick Carlson
Early arrivers at today’s meeting could easily ascertain that today’s program, Cirrus Aircraft, was going to be a super session. There they were on the big screen – the Cirrus models – floating effortlessly through the clouds as if they were saying “come fly with me!” What a gift the Cirrus organization is to our community.
President Steve Yorde acknowledged today, June 6, as D-Day, 75 years since Allied troops stormed ashore on Omaha Beach to begin the final push to Berlin and victory over the horrendous Nazi regime. Among Club 25 members, one could sense an element of pride and feelings of well-being as Rotarians, with hands over hearts, recited the Pledge of Allegiance. President Steve reminded us how blessed we are to be citizens of the United States with the freedom to live our lives as we choose.
Greg Hansen provided a fitting opening that captured the hearts of his listeners as he reflected on the events that happened on this date 75 years ago in 1944. The soldiers were just kids, not long out of high school. Four thousand of them gave their lives on the very first day with 57,000 others perishing before the war was over. He cited the dreadful concentration camps that signified the horrors the enemy foisted on its people and in the movies: remember “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindler’s List”? They help us remember that these were indeed difficult days. Greg concluded his remarks by asking us to remember the importance of teaching our children the history of D-Day.
Past President Phil Strom began his Fellowship report by sharing his remembrance of visiting Omaha Beach and the military cemetery that is nearby. “Looking over the site where 157,000 Allied service men came ashore was an awesome experience.”
Guests at today’s meeting included Past President Gordy Amundson who is in town for the summer; Michelle and Larry Tyson and Joe Curley, guests of today’s speaker Gary Black; Ben Thwaits, guest of Katherine LaFleur; and Jeff Wencl, guest of Past President Mike Orman. 
Past President Roni Salo was called to the podium in recognition of her upcoming retirement from Allete after 42 years of service. Roni was very generous with her contribution to the Golden Can.
Phil digressed slightly to remind 25ers that the eradication of polio throughout the world remains a major Rotary International program and called Doug Erickson to the podium to be recognized for his most recent contribution. Doug honored his daughter and son-in-law with another contribution to the Foundation bringing his total accumulation of Rotary Sapphires to four.
This being graduation time, Phil suggested that Rotarians having family members on any given graduation list might want to honor them with a contribution to the Golden Can. The parade to the front was significant.
As it was the first meeting of the month, Club 25 members with birthdays in June were recognized with an acapella rendition of the birthday song. So honored were Rich Roxbury, Robin Pestalozzi, Seth Oliver, Brett Kinney, John Moir, Mike Lalich, Phil Strom and Jeff Iisakka. It was then self-reporting time in the Fellowship arena and the list of contributors included Jerry Ostrosky, whose wife, Mary Ann, said “yes” to Jerry 55 years ago; Geiger Yount, who wanted to remind members of a significant documentary film that caught her attention; Sheryl Homan honored her Uncle Bud, a survivor of the Omaha Beach invasion; and Earl Rogers helped us remember Judge Gerald Heaney who led a platoon of soldiers as they stormed ashore on Omaha Beach. Ryan Johnson promised the Club that he will be reporting soon on the results of the recent Annual Dinner and Auction; Karol Sowers alerted members of the upcoming President’s night, June 27 at Valentini’s; and Barb Perrella completed the Fellowship Report by stating that the Duck Pluck sales campaign has officially begun. Members can “adopt” a Duck for $5, and the goal is to raise at least $25,000 in support of the Boys and Girls Club’s Mental Health program. Barb reported that 154 ducks were “adopted” today – a good start in a sales campaign that will continue at each meeting until the big day - August 15 - at the Pier B hotel and waterway.
Past President Sandy Hoff then introduced our presenter for today’s meeting. Gary Black is in Business Development for Cirrus Aircraft. His extensive experiences include that of being a test pilot for Cirrus. He is also Director of Flight Operations and their regional Sales Director. Gary completed a career in the US Navy, flying the F-14 Tomcat off the decks of aircraft carriers.
Gary titled his commentary “My 10-Day Journey to Being a Professional Pilot.” And with that, he took us on an imaginary trip through the rigors of the training program Cirrus has in place which introduces new aircraft owners on how to fly the Cirrus products. It was a fascinating ride that kept us glued to the screen as, one step at a time, we learned what it takes to fly a Cirrus aircraft. Classes are small and intense, usually lasting from 8am-6pm and beyond into weekends if necessary. A vigorous experience in an expensive flight simulator is part of the program. The simulator can replicate all types of weather situations. New owners also learn the ins and outs of flight planning and the use of other flight-training devices.
Gary provided us with information about Cirrus that proved to be most interesting – to wit: Cirrus currently has 1,200 employees in Duluth and an additional 120 persons in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cirrus is in Knoxville because of the clearer weather, and this is where their products are delivered to customers. Cirrus can produce about 90 aircraft per year and currently have 644 orders waiting to be filled. They have no more room at the Duluth Airport to expand and perhaps as many as 100 positions that could be filled if and when qualified persons became available. Cirrus’ goals for the future: there is a need to innovate; to produce products more rapidly; to go farther, faster, smarter; and together (more room on board). Rotarians were fascinated by this presentation and applause at its conclusion was the good indicator of sincere appreciation.
President Steve closed the meeting with a word of thanks and then reminded members that next week’s meeting features the Ordean Middle School Robotics Program and will be at the Kitchi Gammi Club. Greg Hansen’s name was drawn for the 50/50 raffle and the meeting was declared adjourned.
Speaker of the Day Gary Black with President Steve Yorde and Chair of the Day Sandy Hoff
Piedmont Elementary School's Annual End-of-Year Picnic
Volunteer Rotarians met during Thursday’s Club 25 meeting time at the Piedmont Elementary school for their annual “End of Year” picnic. Headed by a group led by Jim Schwartz, Rotarians roasted hot dogs and served a luncheon that also included chips and cookies. Super One Foods provided the provisions while Jim Schwartz provided the bottled water – and pleasant weather made the day special for students, parents, teachers and guests alike. Thanks, Rotarians!!
Rotary's Annual Fishing Outing with The Hills
Friday, June 7, Rotary hosted the annual fishing outing for clients and staff of The Hills Youth and Family Services. Our fishing guests hit the water at 8:30am and by 11:30am most boats had landed a variety of fish including coho salmon (Lake Superior), walleye (St. Louis River) and northern pike. GREAT memories were made for these youth!

This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Kitchi Gammi Club
831 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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