Jan 24, 2019
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This Week's Meeting
We Meet at noon on Thursday, January 24, 2019
Kitchi Gammi Club - Great Hall
Fire Chief Denny Edwards
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Notes from the Meeting January 17, 2019
by Dick Carlson
A sense of anticipation could be felt as Club 25 members gathered in the Holiday Inn’s Great Hall for today’s meeting. It was the return of Gabriella van Rij, today’s presenter, that triggered this reporter’s hunch that today’s Rotary meeting would be something special – and it was.
President Steve Yorde, at his usual smiley self, welcomed an abundant crowd to the Great Hall. Past President John Baumgarten, so adept at the piano, accompanied Rotarians as we opened the meeting with a hearty rendition of “America, the Beautiful,” one of our favorite opening songs. Then came Beth Storaasli as she reflected on how the theme of today’s program, Kindness, meshed well with Rotary’s Four-Way Test. It was one of those inspiring tidbits that will not soon be forgotten by those who heard it.
John Baumgarten at the piano in the Kitchii Gammi Club - site of the January 24 meeting.
Gary Bubalo provided this week’s Fellowship Report. Guests at today’s meeting included Bill Sozansky, guest of Geiger Yount; Carl Casperson, guest of his son, Dean Casperson; and Hugh Griffin, guest of Sheryl Homan. Gary began the flow of contributions to the
Golden Can as he acknowledged that he had received some publicity because of his service as a Board member of the Gary New Duluth Recreation Center. There was a moment of “silliness” as Gary reported that UMD has been selected by a little-known poll as being nationally ranked among The Top 25 Colleges in the U.S. when it comes to a place for skiing and snowboarding. How About That! New member Katherine LaFleur contributed to the Golden Can because a local television station interviewed her last week about the new Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Pub in Lincoln Park owned by her parents. Rotarian Brett Kinney contributed a sum to acknowledge the firm where he works, Frandsen Financial, had purchased Alerus Financial.
President Steve augmented Gary’s Fellowship Report by noting that Jena Evans had given ten bucks in absentia for being profiled (along with Club 25) in Business North’s  annual Directory of Business and Industry magazine. Jena was acknowledged as being among the exemplary young professionals in our community.
Phil Strom was next to be called to the podium. Phil is Chair of Club 25’s Paul Harris program. Phil called John Foucault and Tim Mowbray forward to thank them for their continued support of Rotary International’s Foundation. Tom Wheeler and Doug Erickson were also slated to receive similar indications of Club 25’s appreciation, but were unable to attend this meeting.
As we gathered at our tables today, Club 25 members discovered the new Membership Application form at each place, outlining the Club’s current and new membership categories. These categories were the result of planning that has taken place by four dedicated Club 25 members: Michelle Buria, Barbara Perrella, Sandy Hoff and President Steve. This quartet believes this will enliven each Rotarian’s responsibility to enlist new members in the coming year. The Membership Application form was approved by the Board of Directors at Tuesday’s meeting.
President Steve then reminded us of three events coming up in the near future:
Saturday, February 9, at the Holiday Inn from 10am-3pm, One Rotary Summit.
Open to all members, this summit is
designed for new and experienced
Rotarians who will learn the latest on
Rotary’s public image, membership and Foundation opportunities.
April 25-27, this year’s District Conference scheduled in Minot, North Dakota. This is a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians across the District and learn about Rotary activities through inspirational speakers and small group discussion.
February 15: the deadline for nominations for our Club’s Service Above Self Award. Consider nominating a fellow Rotarian or non-Rotarian (individual or company) who you feel is making a significant contribution to our community. Decisions will be made by the Past Presidents’ Advisory Committee and awards will be presented at the Changing of the Guard in the spring.
Chair of the Day Earl Rogers introduced our presenter, Gabriella van Rij, by reminding members that Gabriella was with us just last December when she gave us a short introductory snippet of her presentation on “Kindness.” Gabriella has been touring widely in the United States, meeting with Rotary Clubs nationwide to spread her message about the importance of treating others with kindness. Lucky for us, Gabriella was able to include today’s meeting in her busy schedule.
Using the portable microphone, Gabriella moved among members, adroitly using PowerPoint to augment her ideas on kindness. Some highlights: we live in a technological society where persons are on their cell phones to the extent that it diminishes  pportunities that were once used for direct conversation. “Nobody looks up anymore!” Children in their bedrooms text parents to ask, “What’s for dinner?” Experts in the field of communication suggest that 55% of what we communicate is done with body language.
Silence is also a form of communication and it may signal a sense of disapproval. Gabriella asked, “What words ‘trigger’ you into feelings of anger?” and “How do you handle that?” She cited a personal example of a time during the Christmas season when she was “triggered” by someone who, perhaps unknowingly, cited the advantage of being in the United States as compared to her being in Pakistan, her native land. Gabriella shared how she thwarted the temptation to be angry by using very personal strategies, including the need to be less judgmental. Everyone wants to be noticed, to be wanted and to be loved. She sensed the atmosphere of our Club 25 meeting to be that everyone is welcome here. She encouraged her listeners to keep the spirit of this Rotary meeting and to use the good feelings generated here as we move about in our daily lives. Being kind means that we should look for opportunities to be less judgmental, to smile, to compliment and, perhaps, just to offer a pleasant nod.
The applause as the presentation ended was a clear indication that Gabriella had “hit a homer.” Members thanked her with many smiles in gratitude for her outstanding presentation. Gabriella autographed the book “Smiles” that will be given to the Piedmont Elementary School library in her honor.
Lastly, Dick Pelinka won the 50/50 drawing and, as usual, the meeting ended on a happy note.
Chair of the Day Earl Rogers with Gabriella van Rij and President Steve
Membership in the Rotary Club of Duluth
Club 25 members: did you know that everyone who is a member of Club 25 is now also an automatic member of the Membership Committee? With the goal of increasing Club 25 membership, a new membership application
has been approved by the Board of Directors and is available on the ClubRunner homepage or by clicking here.
Rotary - the Original Social Network - will help you get connected, give back, advance Duluth, and discover you!
At the Rotary Club of Duluth, you will find ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

We pay it forward, create opportunities for youth, and enhance the connections of members. All in the spirit of friendship, fellowship and fun!
When leaders work together, incredible things happen!
This Week's Meeting
Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 12 noon
Kitchi Gammi Club
831 East. Superior St.
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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