Volume 105 #44
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Nate LaCoursiere
Thawing the Resistance: Identifying Origins of Young Adult Resistance to Community Engagement
Nate will share the lessons he learned while working with his students - primarily Millenials (Generation Y) and Gen Z - to identify their reluctance to service-learning projects and civic engagement, in the hope that lessons learned from this research may aid Rotary as it looks to engage a new generation of community leaders, organizers and volunteers. 
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Rob Hoffmann
Before our weekly ZOOM meeting of Club #25 Rotarians began, President Michelle Buria asked: “What projects have you been working on?”  The projects varied from the “garden variety” to inter-galactic. Astrophysicist Marc Seigar is working on a new textbook on galaxies while President-Elect Dean Casperson attempts to eradicate invasive bamboo from his property. Newly revealed Club #25 ornithologist Tom Wheeler reporting from Tucson, AZ, discovered a hummingbird nest with three tiny eggs, as well as a Gambel’s Quail nest with a cluster of ten eggs on his property. For those who may fear winter is just around the corner - fear not as Master Quilter Barb Perrella has us covered by her nonstop quilting.
    Gambel’s Quail (not a duck)          
   Mallard Duck (a drake)
  What - the Duck Pluck?
Dan Maki, ably substituting for Jeff Iisakka, provided the day’s Rotary Reflection. The word DUCK comes from Old English “dūce” meaning diver for its feeding habit. Males are drakes, females are hens, and youth are ducklings. A group of ducks can be called a flock, brace, raft, team or paddling. Mallard ducks are able to fly 50 mph. When they sleep, ducks keep one eye open for predators while resting one side of their brains.
Fellowship announcements were abundant and astonishing!  President Jeff Fifield will celebrate 40 years of marriage with wife Marilyn on May 31st, President Michelle Buria celebrates 16 years with husband Dave – Congratulations to both! Past President Holly Sampson shared the exciting news that in response to the economic hurt due to COVID-19 more than $1.1 million dollars has been granted to 60 area nonprofits through the collaborative efforts of many of Duluth’s larger public and private philanthropic foundations. President Michelle Buria announced a $4,000 grant to Life House. Life House executive director Jordan Johnson thanked our Club for helping young people of our community get back on their feet with training and support services made possible by these funds.
Chair of the Day Zack Walters introduced our speaker Craig Samborski.  Craig Samborski became a papa duck in 2014 while he was preparing for a Los Angeles tall ship event. Craig said the city planners wanted something BIG, “… go bigger or go home!’ to make their event the largest attended waterfront festival in the city’s history.  Craig complied by creating a 61’ tall x 79’ wide inflatable yellow duck that floats on a large pontoon base. What Craig thought “would be either very stupid or very smart” has ended up as a fulltime job with worldwide events, festivals, and even last year’s Rotary Duck Pluck. Mama Duck is a fan favorite and has been seen by 4.5 million people.  Many take selfies, and even one brave man proposed to his sweetheart from Mama Duck.  There is a 10’ baby duck too named Timmy who is used as part of pre-event promotions. Craig said that merchandise sales of all things yellow duck has been strong – including a COVID-19 Mama Duck face mask.
Mama Duck at Tall Ships Duluth
CHILD Campaign Matching Funds DOUBLED
President Elect Dean Casperson received a phone call on Saturday where a Rotarian and spouse announced a $2,000 match for donations to the Campaign received in June.  Our campaign ends on June 11.  Also there remains $4,000 in Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation match. That’s right… now, for every new donation it will be tripled.  $10 becomes $30, $25 become $75, $100 becomes $300.  These matching grants are very generous, and multiple grants are rare in fundraising circles. 
Let’s finish our effort to fund the Boy’s & Girl’ Club Mental Health Access Program.  
Send in your contribution by Thursday, June 11 either by the link below, by mail, or drop off your donation.
Send your check made payable to:
Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation
207 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
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