The Gimlet
Volume 108 #36

This Week at Rotary
Thursday March 9, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
(Link Sent Thursday Morning)
Holiday Inn Downtown
St. Louis County Sheriff
Public Safety in St. Louis County
What may we expect from our newly elected St. Louis Sheriff in the coming years? Sheriff Ramsay will present on current trends in public safety in St. Louis County and his priorities as the new Sheriff
Chair of the day - Sheryl Homan
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
After calling the meeting to order, President Barb Perrella led the Club members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test of the things we think, say, and do.
Dave Fulda shares an uplifting message
Dave Fulda offered the day’s reflection which was a wonderful reminder of being able to adapt to change or “the curve balls that life can throw at you”. His statement “don’t be a prisoner of your past. It’s the past, not a life sentence” resonated with everyone present.
President Barb Perrella introduced the day’s guests, including Pro Resources employees, Christina Perez and Chris Burns who are opening a new Pro Resources office in Duluth. Chris Burns is a proud member of the Fargo FM/PM Club. Superior Rotary member Clark Gartwaite was also in attendance, as well as prospective Club 25 member Kallie Hoff, from F.I. Salter.
Dan Maki hit the Golden Can during the self-report sharing that he skied in his sixth Birkebeiner race. While six races are an achievement, Dan Maki stated he has a long way to go to match Allen Anway’s 44 races!
Dan Maki celebrates his sixth Birkebeiner!
President Barb Perrella with a reminder of upcoming Fellowship and Fun!
President Barb Perrella encouraged all Rotarians to sign up for the March 10 breakfast at the Kitchi Gammi Club, as well as the March 16 Club meeting, which will be held off-site at Bethany Crisis Center. Box lunches will be served. Sign-up for the May 4th Rotary Dinner and Auction will be on the tables at upcoming Thursday meetings, so please sign up for the Club’s largest and most lucrative special event! Once again we will gather at Marshall School!
Since Chair of the Day, Renee Mattson, was unexpectedly called out of town, Dave Fulda graciously stepped in and introduced the day’s speaker, Daniel Fanning. Dan is the Duluth Chamber of Commerce’s new Vice-President of Strategy and Policy and Executive Director of the Chamber Foundation. In his new role at the Chamber, Dan is focused on moving policy and political efforts forward that will benefit Duluth’s business community.
Dan has a 20+ year history of working in and supporting the Duluth community—most recently as the Executive Director of the Lake Superior College Foundation. Dan has served as a member and chairperson of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He lives in Lakeside with his wife and three children.
The Duluth Chamber of Commerce is always seeking to improve the business climate in Duluth. All of the Chamber’s initiatives fall under three priority areas, or pillars, that include business conditions, economic development, and community progress. One example, the Chamber has a notable role in the Downtown Task Force, is instrumental in the efforts to increase available housing in our area, and providing community members the opportunity to hear political candidates who have a direct impact on the business community.
Moving forward, the Chamber will increase its involvement with the Minnesota legislature to ensure Duluth has the resources to ensure successful business development and growth in the area. There are many good things happening in the Duluth business community, with a lot more to be done. The Chamber is committed to advocating for and serving the businesses that make Duluth prosperous and desirable.
Daniel Fanning, Vice-President of Strategy and Policy and Executive Director of the Chamber Foundation shares the legislative priorities. 
Before adjourning the meeting, President Barb Perrella introduced March’s Junior Rotarians and had Daniel Fanning pull the winning 50/50 ticket—which was held by visiting Rotarian Chris Burns.
Tom Young introduces March Junior Rotarians
Dave Fulda with speaker Daniel Fanning
    A Guest and Junior Rotarian visit with (L to R) Stacy Oltmanns, Elizabeth Simonson and Tom Young
Guests sit with (L to R) Jeff Fifield, Gimlet Reporter Traci Marciniak, and Holly Mirau
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Venue Map
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