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This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
March 18, 2021
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Tim Eaton, Branch Manager, Viant Crane
Not sweating the BIG stuff.
Last week we learned about hawks and eagles. This week we will soar among cranes
A Viant Crane always adds interest to most projects.
We’ll take a look at some of the BIG projects that have been of interest to our community.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
With the ringing of the Rotary bell, President Dean Casperson extended a warm welcome to all.  With today's topic in mind, President-Elect Chana Stocke reflected on how in a former life she may have been a bird. That thought comes to her as she watches birds in flight or as they are drying their wings on the dock. Maybe it is because they soar so high enjoying the freedom of the limitless sky that she imagines herself enjoying that same freedom.
Rotarians imagining Chana Stocke as a bird
Guests today included Colin Zimmerman (via Zoom) who serves on the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve board and visiting Harbortown Rotarian Dave Nolle and his son Oliver (a Rotarian-in-training). Jerry Pelofske updated us on the High School Science Fair that was held on February 27. There were 37 presenters who shared their projects via Zoom from many different locations including one 9th grader presenting on a picnic table in an Oregon state park. There were 60 judges including Jerry and Allen Anway going from “room to room” asking questions and interacting with the presenters. Club #25 awarded $25 gift certificates to four students who Jerry and Allen judged as having the best environmental presentations.
Harbortown Rotarian Dave Nolle with son Oliver Nolle
Today's speaker, Janelle Long was introduced by Darlene Anderson. Janelle has served as the Executive Director of Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory since 2007. Janelle says the best part of her job is to witness the beauty and wonder of the birds seen from Hawk Ridge. Located on East Skyline Drive off Glenwood Street overlooking the Lakeside neighborhood and Lake Superior, Hawk Ridge welcomes thousands of seasonal “birders” every year. In the fall birds by the hundreds and thousands migrate along the northern shoreline of Lake Superior as they do not like to fly long distances over water. Years ago hunters would gather in the fall for target practice as the hawks migrated. In the 1940's bird protection laws were enacted but unfortunately not within the city limits of Duluth. Alarmed at the number of birds killed, Dr. Pershing “Jack” Hofslund from UMD began erecting signs “Don't shoot hawks”. He then began bringing some of his college students with him to deter the hunters and encourage the protection of the migratory birds. It wasn't until 1972 that Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve was established and the group was able to purchase 365 acres along the ridge. The group's members also began a formalized program of counting, record keeping and banding the birds. That has resulted in a store of data that is available for various studies.
Dr. Jack Hofslund at Hawk Ridge
How Lake Superior impacts flight patterns
From this data store researchers learned that prior to 1991 only 100 bald eagles were seen migrating in the fall. Today, over 5,000 bald eagle are observed annually with a record number of 6,177 bald eagles counted in 2019. Data also shows there are 14 raptor species included in the 200,000 to 300,000 birds counted each year. Along with the counting and banding of birds, Hawk Ridge provides educational programs for university students studying Ornithology, elementary students who are developing a love and knowledge of birds, and the general public. To learn more about the birds and programs of Hawk Ridge, visit their website
Speaker Janelle Long and President Dean Casperson
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