Volume 105 #22
This Week at Rotary
By Phil Strom – Chair of the Day
We meet at noon
Thursday, December 12, 2019 at
The Great Lakes Ballroom
Bernie Strack
Inbound Exchange Student 2009-2010
My Rotary Youth Exchange Experience
What Has Happened Since
Our Rotary Youth Exchange student from ten years ago is returning to update us on his life journey.  The Exchange Program has been a hallmark of Rotary International since 1958.  Come and you will hear how we make a difference in the world.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Dick Carlson
One has to go back a long way to find a weather-related cancellation of a Club 25 meeting.  But that was the case last week when we were slated to join Duluth Kiwanians for our annual Thanksgiving get-together.   After a 21-inch snowfall, Duluth’s dedicated snow-removal crew was hard-pressed to open the main roads and residential areas.  But they did it and, because of their good work, a significant number of Duluth Rotarians were able to make it to the Holiday Inn for today’s important gathering.  The gathering was important for two reasons.  It was our Annual Meeting when leaders for the 2020 - 2021 Rotary year were elected (see related article in this Gimlet for complete details). And it was training for club members on Youth Protection.  President Michelle Buria began the meeting with what has become the Club’s standard of recitation of the Four-Way Test.  We then heard an inspirational Rotary Reflection by Jeff Iisakka in which he shared a number of quotes about caring for children from well-known individuals including Nelson Mandela, Frederick Douglass, John F. Kennedy and Fred Rogers.  
Members with announcements included Jerry Pelofske who invited Rotarians to sign up to ring for the Salvation Army next Wednesday.  Jim Schwartz reminded interested members to be at the Food Bank for the food-packing project.   President Michelle Buria then invited members to self-report.  Past President Dave McLean contributed to the Golden Can in honor of Bruce Anderson who, together with his employer, Minors, Inc., once again tripled our contributions to the Annual Food Drive.  Past President Bill Gravelle introduced his guest who also was his granddaughter, Angelique Davis.  Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom reported his encounter with a mom who expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the bicycle her son received from Bob’s Bikes – a program our Club supports.  Past President John Baumgarten summed up the Club’s Annual Food Drive by stating we exceeded the original goal. 
President-Elect Dean Casperson was next as Chairperson of the Day.  He introduced Tracie Clanaugh, Executive Director of the First Witness Child Advocacy Center.  First Witness is the program in Duluth whose mission is to work with the families of children in our community who encounter situations where a child has been physically or sexually abused.  The goal of First Witness is to provide a safe, neutral setting for a one-time, private opportunity where a child can tell his or her story – what happened to them – to a person trained in the skill of interviewing children.  The setting allows others to witness the story without all being physically in the room.  Ms. Clanaugh explained that Duluth’s program, begun in the late 90’s, is viewed nationally as a leader.  Staff members are often invited to tell the First Witness story to child advocacy professionals in other parts of our country.  As Duluthians, we can be proud of the record that First Witness has made over the years.  Ms. Clanaugh stated that in the current year, First Witness has fulfilled its purpose in 225 cases so far.  These are traumatic events in the lives of the children who experience these abuses.  First Witness also plays a part in the recovery programs that caregivers – both family and professional – can use to begin the healing process. She complimented the Duluth Public Schools as being expressly helpful when their elementary staff members become aware that “something is not right” with a child. Questions that followed from the audience testified to the interest and concern that Club 25 members have.  The appreciation of members for the First Witness program came through clearly.
President Michelle Buria concluded the meeting by expressing Club 25’s appreciation to Ms Clanaugh.  Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen won the 50/50 drawing for the 17th time.  If he wins three more times, he will break the winning record (19) held by former member Don Melander.  (FYI: Al increases his odds by spending $5 each week on 50/50 tickets.) President Michelle Buria said adieu with her customary motivational moment: “Great leaders don’t tell you what to do.  They show you.”
Salvation Army Bell Ringers
Thanks to all those that are helping with the Salvation Army ringing of the bells!
President-Elect 2020-2021: Chana Stocke
Secretary-Elect 2020-2021: Tim Mowbray
Directors 2020-2022: Traci Marciniak, Natalie Zeleznikar, Elizabeth Simonson
Officers already elected for 2020-2021:
President: Dean Casperson
Secretary: Eric Dott
Treasurer 2019-2021: Dave Nolle
Immediate Past President: Michelle Buria
Directors 2019-2021: Karol Sowers, Catherine Carter Huber, Paul Helstrom
Directors concluding their terms on June 30, 2020: Robin Pestalozzi, Dan Dock, Jena Evans
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn:Great Lakes Ballroom
200 W 1st st
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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Dec 12, 2019
My International Rotary Student Experience...How it enhanced my life
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