Volume 105 #17
We will meet at noon
Thursday, November 7, 2019 in the
The Great Lakes Ballroom 
Denny Falk
Climate Change:  A Global Challenge
Scientists have agreed for decades that the climate is changing.  Recent incidents indicate climate change has become a crisis.  This program will explore the recent and projected impacts of climate change and the actions that we can take to limit those impacts.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
Some Rotarians celebrated Halloween in creative costumes. Dressed in Tiffany fashion President Michelle Buria rang the Rotary bell calling the meeting to order and asking all to stand and recite from memory the Rotary Four-Way Test. Darlene Anderson asked members to reflect on how even in a changing world there are certain values that should remain constant such as the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”. With proceeds from the Duck Pluck event, our members demonstrated their commitment with a $25,000 check presented on Wednesday to the Boys and Girls Club for their new Mental Health Access Program. And now we prepare to serve Thanksgiving dinners at the Life House and at the Center for Changing Lives. Truly, Service Above Self being practiced.
Fellowship Reporter Dave Holappa welcomed the newest member to Rotary Club 25 Jeramy Mercil. Dave then kicked the Golden Can as he had attended the Duluth Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and was recognized as a former Chamber chair. On a recent Sunday at the Coppertop Church the United Methodist Women presented the “Woman of the Year Award” to Allen Anway's late wife Dorothy. Allen noted there was not a dry eye in the congregation that day. Jenny Peterson once again rowed to victory at the Philadelphia Regatta. With over 8,500 rowers competing, she won First Place in the pairs and another First Place in the mixed quad race. Dropping a $56 check in the can, Steve Hadley announced he and his wife Linda celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and the birth of their sixth grandchild. Renee Mattson is a new member of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce Board. Natalie Zeleznikar had a challenging time approaching the podium with her “Jelly Belly” costume, but wanted to share that it was five years ago that son Jake broke his femur ending his hockey dreams, but he is now preparing to take the CPA exam. Paul Helstrom paid a work zone fine as Minnesota Power has a new promo for businesses that install vehicle charging stations on their premises. Geiger Yount had been to visit Dave Rutford who is not well. He has received a terminal diagnosis of leukemia. He is not able to be out in public, but welcomes phone calls and cards. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave.
The ultimate Rose Sale man John Foucault updated the club on the 34th Annual Rose Sale results. The net amount raised exceeded $66,000. That wraps up #34.  The 35th Annual Rose Sale kicks off now. Thank you, John and the Rose Sale Committee for all your hard work.
It is the Rose Sale efforts that make it possible for checks to be presented to organizations doing good work in our community.
Jenny Peterson presented a $2,500 check to Katherine Mueller from the Duluth Community School Collaborative to be used in the Myers-Wilkins after school enrichment program for health and wellness.
Past President Dave McLean presented a $5,000 check to Bob Rogers and Russ Francisco for Bob's Bikes. This year they spent $23,000 purchasing 400 bikes which will be given away at Christmas time to kids who otherwise would not have a bike to ride.
Chair of the Day Dan Maki introduced Corey Salmela who was a National Team Coach for the U.S. Ski Biathion Team. Now he heads up an executive recruiting firm, Salmela Talent. Corey inquired how many Rotarians had hired new employees in the past six to twelve months and several hands were raised. He then asked how many had found it easy. Hands were not raised. Corey noted that 2019 has been the hardest year of his career as it is hard to find good talent and the challenge of dealing with compensation packages. In the next decade finding talent will be more difficult than capital funding. Many factors play into this scenario including the low unemployment rate, young people entering the workforce at an older age and the competition for workers moving to a global market. Today there are many options for middle skill workers and many employees are able to work remotely for companies located around the world. All these factors make it very important to be known as a good company to work for and to develop an ongoing promotional plan so prospective employees know about your company.
Dan Maki, Cory Salmela, 
President Michelle Buria
Rotary Duck Pluck Makes a Difference
By Michelle Buria
The Rotary Club of Duluth has served this community for over 100 years. In 2019 the Club decided we could do more and sought out a project we could support on a long-term basis. The Boys & Girls Club of the Northland had a vision to start a Mental Health Access Program.  Health Experts agree that catching needs early is critical.  To help fund the program, the Duluth Rotary Duck Pluck was initiated. On August 15th we celebrated a sold-out fundraiser with the celebratory dumping of the ducks in the Bayfront slip and the selection of the winners. This week, the Rotary Club of Duluth was proud to present a check in the amount of $25,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of the Northland to start their Mental Health Access Program.  A true Service Above Self moment.
"When you see kids in here every day in our clubs, and you can see they're struggling, this kind of help can give them the tools that they need to rise above their situation," said Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northland Resource Development Director, Tammy Sundbom.
"Integrating mental health into the Boys & Girls Club is a perfect place to be able to support what already happens here, and to catch some mental health symptoms when things are small," said Boys and Girls Clubs of the Northland Clinical Supervisor, Leslie Chaplin.  
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn: Great Lakes Ballroom
200 W 1st st
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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