Jan 31, 2019
A Deposit Here is an Investment There
A Deposit Here is an Investment There
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This Week's Meeting
We meet at noon on Thursday, January 31, 2019
12noon meeting in the
Great Lakes Ballroom - Holiday Inn
Steve Burgess
A Deposit Here is an Investment There
Notes from the Meeting
by Darlene Anderson
A sunny brisk day in Duluth and a change of venue did not hinder Rotarians and guests who met at the Kitchi Gammi Club. President Steve Yorde rang the bell calling the meeting to order and invited all to join him with Past President John Baumgarten at the piano singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” As Past President Dan Bergeland came to the podium, he noted that what in the past we have called the “Invocation” is now named “Reflection.” He noted that at our meetings it is a good idea to spend time in reflection asking “Do I reflect kindness? Am I there when others need me? Do I truly listen?” Reflection – a good idea for every day.
Filling in as Fellowship Reporter was Dave Holappa who confessed he had left his notes at his office. However, he had made some quick notations so that the Golden Can would not be left empty. Always a good place to start is with Steve Yorde as once again Adele was in the news, this time for her retirement party from the Duluth Port Authority. Steve also confessed to having his phone ring during last week's meeting and paid for both items with an IOU (his wallet was still at home). Hockey Day in Minnesota last Saturday was held in Bemidji complete with sub-zero temps. This brought to mind all the times spent as a youth on the local rinks each winter. Dave kicked the Golden Can and invited other skaters to do so as well, such as Skeeter Moore, Bill Abalan, Natalie Zeleznikar, Barb Perrella, Todd Fedora, Dave McLean and Brett Kinney. Not to be left out, John Baumgarten stated that he had been a president of the Glen Avon rink. This past Monday was MLK Day and any who participated in the march were asked to come forward. Jeff Bradt came forward stating that he had not been there but should have been! Stepping forward to add $40 to the Can was Past President Phil Strom who is celebrating 40 years of sobriety. Congratulations, Phil!
Nominations are now being received for this year's “Service Above Self” award. The nominee can be a Rotarian, non-Rotarian or business that exemplifies the necessary qualities. Past President Tricia Bunten is championing this award, with the window for nominations open until February 15. Decisions will be made by the Past Presidents’ Advisory Council. Presenting Perfect Attendance pins, Barb Perrella reminded us we can have perfect attendance by attending meetings at our club, an on-line meeting or at another Rotary club. Those receiving their pins today were John Moir (25 years), Dave Pollard (19), Karol Sowers (5), Allen Anway (35), Gary Melander (21), Dan Dock (19), Jeff Fifield (34) and Charlie House (41).
President Steve introduced today's speaker, Dennis Edwards, who has served with the Duluth Fire Department for 28 years. In 2016 he was promoted to Chief of the DFD. When he became Chief Edwards, he studied the Fire Department’s long mission statement and one word stood out: adapt. As leader of this important department, he felt that he must concentrate on adapting to changing times and needs. That is what has led to having the first state-funded Drone Team as well as the new “All Hazard Response Vessel” which will be delivered this spring. While raising the $150,000 in matching funds needed in order to secure the $600,000 federal grant requirements, Chief Edwards met Sandy Hoff and Adele and Steve Yorde, who assisted in the fundraising effort. The boat was constructed by Superior’s Lake Assault Boats last fall, but had to await delivery of the motors. The boat will be a huge improvement from the 14-foot inflatable boat that has been used in the past for water rescues. It will be kept at Pier B, ready to be deployed as needed.
Now the Fire Department is introducing a new rescue device called the ARM-LOC. Developed by Duluthian Ron Lanthier, the device is easy to use and can save victims and keep rescuers from harm in dangerous water or ice rescues. To demonstrate how the device is used, Chief Edwards called for a volunteer – Skeeter Moore. Placing the device on Skeeter's forearm, he then pulled a yellow lanyard which inflated the device (Skeeter could not remove it no matter how hard he tried). In a real rescue situation, the person could be pulled to safety by a rope attached to the device.
The ARM-LOC may be utilized in a variety of water and ice rescue situations, and does not rely on a victim’s ability to grasp onto the device. It slides onto the victim’s forearm and either the rescue responder or victim pulls a cord to deploy and lock the device in place. It may help float a victim when the victim pulls the device close to his/her chest; and may be used in floods, as well as ice and rapid water rescues, snowmobile and boating accidents.
The fire department believes the device can also be deployed using one of its drones. Their desire is to have an ARM-LOC in each of their fire/rescue vehicles as well as in each police squad car. The device can be used multiple times, as only the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced after deployment. At a cost of $400 each, it is a truly valuable life-saving tool.
The winner of this week’s 50/50 drawing was Kevin Cosgrove, guest of Tim Mowbray, who graciously donated his winnings to the Duluth Fire Department’s ARM-LOC program.
Volunteer Skeeter Moore demonstrating deployment of the ARM-LOC device with Speaker of the Day Fire Chief Dennis Edwards
Service Above Self
The Rotary Club of Duluth’s “Service Above Self” award is presented annually to acknowledge and honor volunteerism that best exemplifies the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self.”
Rules of Eligibility are as follows:
* The person must be nominated by a current Rotary Club of Duluth member in good standing.
* Service must have been performed unselfishly for the betterment of the greater Duluth area
or on an international scale through a Rotary project.
* Service must have been performed within the last three (3) years.
* The person cannot have received pay for the service or activity they are being nominated for.
Applications will be accepted through February 15.
67th Annual Northeastern Minnesota Regional Science Fair
The 2019 Northeastern Minnesota Regional Science Fair / 7th Annual American Indian Science and Engineering Fair held at the UMD Kirby Ballroom on Sat., February 9, is a fun day where you talk with 6-12th graders about their research! Judges are needed in the Griggs Center between 8-8:15am. Contact Jerry Pelofski if you are interested in helping! Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
MANY THANKS to these Rotarians who generously donated the following items to our office in 2018: Greg Hansen, a much-needed laptop; Jena Evans, our vacuum; and Jim Landwehr for our mini fridge!
Rotary Welcomes Family Members, Co-workers and Friends!
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This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn
207 West Superior St
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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