Apr 11, 2019
Nuclear Energy
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This Week's Meeting
We meet at noon on Thursday, April 11, 2019
Great Lakes Ballroom, Holiday Inn

Nuclear Energy
Notes from the Meeting
by Darlene Anderson
As Rotarians and their guests gathered for their weekly meeting, they knew there would be a different order to the meeting. Emails had been sent prior to the meeting asking members to bring fabric scissors. When President Steve Yorde came to the podium to call the meeting to order, he explained that today was a non-traditional meeting. Since we were requested to bring scissors, he held up two pair of very large scissors. One pair had been brought by Gary Melander. The other pair bearing a St. Luke's logo was brought by Catherine Carter Huber. There was no singing of the National Anthem or an Invocation, and all were asked to remain seated as the Rotary bell was rung calling the meeting to order. Truly, a non-traditional meeting. Our guests were introduced and welcomed with a round of applause.
Our newest Rotary Club #25 member was introduced by Robin Pestalozzi. Robin met Christine Empanger when Christine interviewed for the position of Development Associate with LSS. She was so calm and collected and displayed a unique set of skills and talents. While studying at UMD she was a volunteer at the Steve O'Neill Apartments; she knows about the childhood adversity in our Central Hillside. Welcome, Christine.
There was no Fellowship Reporter this week as members were asked to self-report. Past President Dave McLean dropped $5 in the Golden Can as he gave his “End of the Season Hockey Report” and welcomed Christine to Club #25. Past President Bill Zimbinski has been looking for his Rotary badge for the past month and Chana Stocke found it. He felt he should kick the Golden Can with a five dollar bill for the weeks he had attended without his badge.
President-elect Michelle Buria introduced our project for the meeting. Once we had finished our meal we were invited to move to the room next door where we would find fleece materials laid out on the tables. The scissors brought to the meeting would be used to cut the fringes on the edges of the material and then we would be shown how to tie the fringes making a warm fleece blanket. The blankets will be donated to Life House. The pictures tell the rest of the story, and much fellowship was enjoyed as the blankets were made. Thank you, McKenzie, for recommending such a wonderful project.
President-elect Michelle Buria and McKenzie MacFarlane with a few of the 16 fleece blankets cut and hand-tied at the Rotary meeting. The blankets were delivered that afternoon to Life House!!
Fleece Blankets 101: Rotarians learned the fine art of fleece blanket tieing, as evidenced by the following:
Zach Walters, Jon and Paul Helstrom
Judy Rogers and Jon Ohman
Newest Rotarian Christine Empanger, Robin Pestalozzi and Mary
Paul Helstrom, Dean Casperson and Jeff Bradt
And MISSING IN ACTION: One pair of Gingher Scissors!
If you accidently walked off with a silver pair of Gingher scissors (the brand is engraved on the blade), please return them to the office so that owner and shears can be reunited!

Member Spotlight
Christine Empanger
Member Since 2019
I grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, and came to Duluth to attend UMD. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work graduate program at Augsburg University. In my free time I enjoy reading books, being outside or adventuring with family and friends.
Fun Fact: I will be running my first ever half marathon in June!
I enjoy how involved Rotary is within the community. Rotarians are always looking to be a part of a project to support a solution to a problem that may arise in the community.
Don’t forget the April 30 Deadline for Camp RYLA,  July 14-20, Crookston, MN
For more information and to submit your application:
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn
207 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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