The Gimlet
Volume 108 #41

This Week at Rotary
Thursday April 13, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Sandwiches from Great Harvest
RSVP to President Barb Perrella
TODAY 4/10/23 or text at 218-390-6797
Tour of West Theatre
319 N. Central Ave Duluth, MN 55807
With host
Bob Boone, owner
West Theatre
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
The room grew silent as a new face approached the podium.  It was our very own President Elect Gary Melander.  There were many new faces in the room being the annual Easter joint meeting with Kiwanis.
President-Elect Gary Melander (Mr. Lucky) taking a swing at the bell
The shy and retiring Rob Hofmann, not used to being on center stage, started his remarks with a gracious invitation to the Kiwanis Key Club students from Denfeld to get signed up for Camp RYLA.   He then invited all of us to be the hero in our own story.  Stories guide our actions.  Be in the moment.  If you are not the hero in your own story, tear out the page and start again.  There are chapters yet to be written.
Rob Hofmann reflecting upon what it takes to write a new chapter
Next week, April 13, we will be at the WEST THEATRE, 319 North Central Avenue for lunch at 11:30 AM (Sandwiches from Great Harvest) followed by a tour of this historic renovation.  If you plan to attend, please respond to the email from President Barb Perrella.  We need a head count for the food order. 
The Rotary Dinner and Auction is Thursday, May 4 at 5:30 PM at the Marshall School.  Make reservations now for you, your family, and friends.  You can use the sign-up sheets on the tables, email the office, or register for the event on the Website.  Tom Young will be sending out an email to purchase discounted raffle tickets.  At 120 tickets for $100, this is the best price in town.  You can charge your account and the tickets will be at the registration table when you check in the night of the Dinner and Auction.
Rotarians and their extended families are movers and shakers.  The daughter of Dean Casperson, Dr. Kelly Casperson, recently wrote a book entitled “You Are Not Broken” and has become a respected presenter on TED Talks.  She is working on a new book which will be published soon.  The exact title is a work in process.
Past President Dean Casperson announcing the publication of another book
Jon Ohman recently returned from visiting his son in Arkansas where an outbreak of tornados resulted in a long night sheltered in place.  He was grateful that the death and destruction passed them by.
Jon Ohman is grateful to be back safe and sound in Duluth
Renee Mattson, now Renee Burns, announced her marriage to Bill Burns in December just in advance of her introduction of our speaker Stacy Crawford.
Renee Burns combined announcement and introduction into one trip to the podium
Our speaker Stacy Crawford of Klear Water Coaching & Wellness described to us the benefit of mindfulness and of being in the moment.  Even with having suffered a series of family tragedies she was able to take those adversities and see life through a new lens.  She took the opportunity to reset priorities, be thankful, and live in the moment.  Between an outside stimulus and an inner response, there is a gap.  This is a time to reflect, be mindful, and be rational.  During this time you can influence how you feel, and you can control how you respond.
Our speaker, Stacy Crawford, from Klear Water Coaching & Wellness
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 11:30 AM
West Theatre
319 N Central Ave
Duluth, MN 55807
United States of America
Lunch from Great Harvest Bread, followed by a tour of the restored West Theatre!
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