The Gimlet
Volume 108 #4
This Week at Rotary
We Meet Thursday
July 28, 2022
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
A Garden Party
Rotary Fellowship
Chair of the Day Betty George
RSVP: Renee Mattson or call: 218-310-2627
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
As Rotarians gathered at the Holiday Inn on a beautiful sunny warm Duluth day many conversations were overheard about summer adventures or planned adventures. In fact, the fellowship time was so engaging President Barb Perrella had to be prompted by club master Brian Fulda that it was time to ring the Rotary bell. Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen's Reflection asked how many have ridden the DTA – recently. Not when they were a student. Many hands were raised. Transportation is key to economic development so people can move freely for work or play. And next time you ride the bus, please be mindful of the needs of others.
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen's
Today's guests were welcomed by President Barb Perrella: Past District 5610 Governor Steve Sikorski who is a member of the Downtown Sioux Falls Rotary Club and brother-in-law of Bill Sozansky; Past District Governor Earl Roger's lovely wife Judy and Past-President Sandy Hoff's daughter Callie and niece Bailey who is visiting from Pennsylvania.
As today's program was about the DTA, Allen Anway kicked the Golden Can in memory of his late wife Dorothy who was the longest serving member of the DTA Board (15 years) and also served as Board President. Paul Helstrom thanked all those who had attended the fundraiser at his home that featured entertainment by Charlie Parr. Over 150 people enjoyed the music, fellowship and contributed more than $7000 to Loaves and Fishes.
We all know summer has arrived when Past District Governor Earl Roger reminds us of the Skyline Rotary Club’s Peach Sale. When asked by Past President Chana Stocke if he had tickets, everyone chuckled. Of course he did. A lug of peaches is $40 and half a lug is $20. The peaches can be picked up on August 26 and 27 at Sam's Club. (Note the change in date. It is a week later than previously announced.)
Past District Governor Earl Rogers, Past President Bob Bennett and Judy Rogers
Past President Chana Stocke is hosting the sign-up board for Rotarians, family and guests to assist with the Tall Ships Festival on August 4-7 in Two Harbors. Volunteers are needed from 7:00-1:00 each day to help with parking. Transportation to and from Two Harbors is being arranged. If you can serve, please contact Past President Chana Stocke or Jack Seiler.
NOTICE: Next week's meeting will be our Rotary Garden Party at Betty George’s home on Park Point at 726 Minnesota Avenue. This fellowship time will be in place of our noon meeting and will be from 5:00-7:00 pm.
Chair of the Day Jena Evans introduced today's speakers from the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA). Dave Clark has been the Director of Marketing for the past three years. He is a graduate of UMD and has spent time in the advertising world working with local agencies and clients. At the DTA he has focused on branding and public information preparing the public for the many changes coming to the DTA. Chris Belden is a graduate of St Cloud State and has been the DTA's Director of Planning and Grants for 4 years. The past two years he has been designing and planning a massive overhaul of the DTA bus system which has been a collaborative, data-driven and community-focused effort.
In 2018, seven electric Proterra buses were introduced into the fleet. The DTA is the first transit agency in Minnesota to operate electric fixed-route buses.
Dave and Chris asked who in the room rode on one of Duluth's streetcars. Of course, those were before our time, but remember that Duluth has had a public transit system since 1890 when the first electric streetcars were introduced, replacing the donkeys and old gray mares. Now after 100+ years the DTA network still travels in the same places as in years gone by which is still important. But the region has been experiencing change with the additional housing and employment areas. To address these changes, the Better DTA Movement began. This comprehensive planning project evaluated the current system and now aims to redesign the DTA bus network to create a better transit experience for Twin Ports' residents and meet the evolving needs.
Some of the changes have already been realized such as the new Transportation Center in downtown Duluth. And more changes will be coming as high-use bus stops shelters are replaced with larger shelters. This summer you will see the enhanced signage at bus stops that stands out and provides clearer information. The number of routes has been simplified from 33 routes to 14 routes. And two high-frequency lines have been added called the GoLines. The Blue Line travels from Spirit Valley to the Duluth Transportation Center in downtown Duluth to UMD. The Green Line goes from the Duluth Transportation Center to Miller Hill Mall.
Today riders are finding that the network is easier to navigate, offers a more consistent service with faster travel times and improved access between major destinations. President Barb thanked Dave and Chris for their leadership at the DTA and said it may be time for each of us to ride the bus.
(L to R) Dave Clark, Chris Belden with President Barb Perrella
The 50/50 drawing winners for $50 were our guests, Callie and Bailey Hoff.

This Week's Meeting
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There will be no noon meeting this week. Instead we will have a "Garden Party" at the home of Betty George.
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