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Thursday, August 20, 2020
Holiday Inn and Suites - Downtown Duluth
David Benson
Birding in the Northland
Duluth is internationally significant for birds.  Birders come to Duluth from around the world to enjoy what we have in our back yard.  Learn from this published author the secrets of birding!
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Marc Seigar
On a sunny August day, Rotarians gathered in the Holiday Center and over Zoom for another meeting of fellowship and fun. President Dean Casperson called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance and the four-way test. The reflection was given by Jeff Iisakka, who serves on the Glensheen Advisory Board and recalled the impact the Congdon family had on Duluth.
President Dean Casperson introduced visiting Rotarian, Mark Labowitz from the Minneapolis City of Lakes Club.  Visiting guest, Therese Spehar was also introduced.  Self-reports included Jerry Pelofske who welcomed his twelfth grandchild into the world this week. Also, Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday, August 19th.  Finally, Marc Seigar has accepted Program Director position at the National Science Foundation in Alexandria, VA.
Barb Perella gave an update on the Rose Sale which kicks off on September 3.  Rotary Rose Day will be Friday, October 16th.  Second Quarter Program Chair Al Makynen reminded everyone that the best programs are those suggested by members and asked for nominations.  The Program Committee is a “committee of the whole” with all members encouraged to participate by Zoom at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 2.
Chair of the Day, Allen Anway, introduced the speaker of the day, Dan Hartman.  Dan received all of his education at UMD, had an internship at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and has held various positions with the Duluth City Council and at the St Louis County Historical Society.  He has been the Director of Glensheen since 2013.
          Glensheen Director Dan Hartman
Dan loves marketing and that is the biggest change he has made since becoming Director.  Glensheen was an amazing gift from the Congdon family to the University of Minnesota.  It is a huge asset for the University and employs a lot of UMD students.  Almost all tourists who visit Duluth and the Northland come by Glensheen, even on boat rides.  Since coming to Glensheen, Dan has worked on restoring the grounds.  The last 7 years have seen a lot of changes.  Before 2013, annual attendance was decreasing, which is typical for all house museums in the nation.  Since 2013, attendance at Glensheen has increased.  Revenues from Glensheen tours have increased from $600,000 in 2013 to $1.8 million in 2018.  In the same timeframe, the number of visitors has increased from 60,000 to 140,000 per year, making Glensheen the most visited house museum in the Upper Midwest.  Furthermore, in 2019 Glensheen won the Traveler’s Choice Award from TripAdvisor.
Glensheen is now seen as a big sense of pride for the Duluth community.  Locals enjoy the grounds, the beach and the water.  This is helped by events such as Concerts on the Pier, Chef in the Garden, and the Haunted House.  Also, the winter light display, started last year, complements Bentleyville.  The Wooden Shark on the beach is a new attraction, with “Sharktails” (served by Bellisios) and an ice cream bar (from Love Creamery).  Wednesday evenings are free, although with COVID-19 a maximum of 250 people are allowed.
Overall, Glensheen occupies a 12-acre estate on a great location on Lake Superior.  If you haven’t been to visit, just to tour the grounds, it is a visit you need to make.
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