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This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon
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Thursday, February 4, 2021
(On-Line Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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April Ranger
Community Relations Representative C-SPAN
C-SPAN 101
Getting to Know C-SPAN
Learn how C-SPAN provides a unique window into the workings of Washington, D.C.  With a nonpartisan mission and direct access to public officials they provide TV, On-Line, and Radio coverage of the political process to keep you informed. 
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
Club members met via ZOOM on a cold and sunny day. Darlene Anderson stated a group of deer were sunning themselves in her yard and Bill Gravelle countered saying he had alligators in his yard! While nothing is better than getting together in-person, meeting using technology has its positives too. We are lucky to live in a time that we can gather club members from Minnesota and Florida (and who knows where else) in one ZOOM room.
President Dean Casperson rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Club members recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary Four-Way Test.
Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom, a known history buff, shared the reflection for the day. He correctly stated that every person has those days when something so earthshattering happens you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. Events such as the Kennedy assassination and the terror attacks on the World Trade Center are forever etched in people’s memories. It was 35 years ago to the day of our meeting, that the space shuttle Challenger took off from Cape Canaveral and blew up 73 seconds later killing all on board.
Phil Strom introduced Dr. Samantha Hellman, a guest of Allen Anway and President Dean Casperson, and a prospective member! Visiting Rotarian Karl Everett from the Harbortown Club joined the meeting as well.  Allen Anway reported that Past President Steve Yorde had a letter to the Editor printed in the most recent Rotary Magazine. Phil Strom self-reported that this past Sunday was his 42-year anniversary of sobriety. Phil Strom also reported for Past President Michelle Buria that she will celebrate her 50th Birthday on Sunday. Doug Erickson reported that he has brought on a new partner, Dr. Roxanna Esguerra, DDS, MS.
President Dean Casperson made an announcement that the Club’s Salvation Army bell ringers raised $3,790 this year at the Super-One locations—almost four times the amount raised last year. The Miner’s have agreed to match the amount raised!  And stay tuned for in-person club meetings to return – but, not yet.
Chair of the Day Rob Hofmann introduced speaker Dr. Anja Chavez, director of the Tweed Museum since January 13, 2020. Dr. Chavez holds an MA and PhD from the University of Bonn, Germany and has over two decades of international experience in museums, academia, and strategic and long-range planning.  Rob Hofmann further stated “Museums are repositories of our history—good and bad.” The Tweed Museum offers a collection of the best art representing our region and culture that is meant to be shared and appreciated.
Our Speaker, Dr. Anja Chavez on Zoom
Shortly after Dr. Chavez’s began her role at the Tweed, the global pandemic hit resulting in lockdowns and the inability of people to visit the museum. Dr. Chavez grappled with the question of how the Tweed could continuing fulfilling its mission of impacting the audience through its collections when people are unable to gather. As such, Dr. Chavez became part of a group of representatives from 85 cultural organizations in Minnesota to brainstorm and create ways to engage audiences during this unprecedented time.
The Tweed will be rolling out their first virtual programming this week, with other virtual programs in the queue. UMD faculty and members of the community have been creating a new collection for the Tweed to show how the pandemic has impacted people throughout the community.  Minor renovations are currently underway. A new community space will be available to house workshops, small exhibitions, and group gatherings.
Dr. Chavez’s hope is that the museum will be able to reopen soon so visitors can enjoy the collections, programs, and events that the Tweed has been known for. The future is bright with plans to create new educational opportunities for community members and students, bring in resident artists, and create more culturally diverse programming. Recognizing that virtual programming offers additional opportunities not hampered by physical location, partnering with other museums globally will open doors for people to learn and participate in ways never experienced at the Tweed previously.
Art from the Tweed Museum (With an added Zoom element.) 
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