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This Week's Meeting
We meet at noon on Thursday, February 7, 2019
12 noon meeting in the
Great Lakes Ballroom - Holiday Inn
Don Ness
Shaping Duluth's Bright Future
Notes from the Meeting
by Al Makynen
It was beyond crisp in Duluth. Many of us woke up to minus 30 degrees below zero for a second day.
However, being the hardy souls that we are, just as
President Steve Yorde struck the bell, he acknowledged the respectable crowd. Cold could not lessen the warmth of Rotary fellowship. And after quick work by Dick Pelinka to restore power to the keyboard, Past President John Baumgarten was able to lead us in the Star Spangled Banner.
Not everyone was able to overcome the cold. Darlene
Anderson, originally assigned to give the Rotary
Reflection, was at home feeding the fireplace as she awaited the arrival of a furnace repair team. But our President was ready to step in on this last day of the month and reflect upon the trials and tribulations of
January. Life can be amazing, then awful, with a lot of ordinary in between. His admonition was to breathe in the amazing, to hold on through the awful, and to relax during the ordinary. That is living. And it is breathtakingly beautiful.
John Baumgarten took it from there to seek out and fine all present for active living this past week. However, it would seem that members have been living a quiet life, and nothing rose to the level of media attention. But ordinary living turned into a floodgate of contributions to the Golden Can as members came forward. Katherine LaFleur was up first, thankful that her furnace needed only repairs and not replacement! Michelle Buria
celebrated her birthday. Jerry Pelofske was a proud
first-time great-grandfather with the birth of Octavia on January 30. Dick Pelinka paid for NOT having his 50-50 ticket selected, after both the speaker, Steve Burgess, and the President, Steve Yorde, each had their tickets drawn and then declined to be declared the winner. Earl Rogers paid in recognition of having received a call from Publisher’s Clearing House winning a runner-up prize. He was more than a little skeptical, verification is pending. Gary Melander deposited a few dollars from the past profits earned when working on projects designed by architect and Past District Governor John Damberg.
Dick Swenson paid as a result of his grandson, Leland Johnson, appearing in a photo published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on the occasion of Leland winning a State High School Cross Country race. Natalie Zeleznikar was grateful for having submitted, after 18-plus months of work, the manuscript for the publication of her first book, due out in the spring. Jeff Fifield was caught up in the excitement and paid for the opportunity to demonstrate how to use a microphone either at the podium or when hand-held. Paul Helstrom paid a work zone fine to solicit assistance in the development of low income solar
gardens, and to remind us that solar panels love cold, clear weather. Jon Helstrom was thankful to be enjoying ordinary time after crashing and totaling his car on
Monday. Both he and son, Paul, walked away unhurt. Catherine Carter-Huber was pleased her car started. There was no mention if she drove it anywhere. Tom Bell regretted having returned from Florida and then having to send a check to Geiger Yount. Of course Geiger was then obligated to come up and explain and pay a fine herself as she announced the Fisher Merritt Food Farm was selling shares for the season.
Visiting Rotarians are always welcome and make any meeting that much more interesting. It was our good fortune to have Past District Governor Earl Rogers (1988-89) bring a special guest, Past District Governor John Damberg (1987-88). For those not aware, both have a legacy of service to Rotary. Combined these two men have 107 years of Rotary Service!
And not to be outdone in service, the International Service Committee, led by Jerry Pelofske, presented a $2,500 check to the Fargo-Moorhead Rotary Foundation for their work on a school in Guatemala. Our very own Chana Stocke and McKenzie MacFarlane will be traveling to Guatemala to provide boots on the ground, hands-on service, as they work to build three additional rooms and a kitchen to the existing school.
Service is a theme in Rotary, and our meeting was no exception. Next up was Chair of the Day, Dick Pelinka, to introduce fellow member Steve Burgess, President of National Bank of
Commerce, for a vocational talk on his banking journey. When you have a member give the
program, the Golden Can sometimes is back in play. For his part, Steve was compelled to pay for his return from Cancun, Mexico, and the 110 degree temperature drop. Then he called up Dan Markham to be fined for his work to facilitate Steve’s relocation to Duluth. And further, he called on Mark Peterson to pay as Mark is a bank employee. The Golden Can was stuffed and overflowing, an example of a community banker making more possible. 
Steve has over 40 years of experience with a focus on commercial, agricultural and consumer lending. He leads community banks located in Superior, Duluth, Solon Springs, Poplar and
Hermantown. His passion is community banking with local boards having a local charter to better serve the interests of the employees, community and the customers. His vision is to lead a world class bank with one billion dollars in assets, and to have the bank be a part of the fabric of the
community. To become part of the fabric, the bank must enrich the community, create more
opportunities, and help customers achieve
individual dreams. One key element to make that all happen is deposits. Deposits are the lifeblood of any bank and of the community served. We
all need to celebrate new and expanding
businesses. From them come the opportunity to enhance the quality of life, fulfill dreams, and make more possible.
President Steve Yorde, Speaker Steve Burgess, and Chair of the Day Dick Pelinka
67th Annual Northeastern Minnesota Regional Science Fair
The 2019 Northeastern Minnesota Regional Science Fair / 7th Annual American Indian Science and Engineering Fair held at the UMD Kirby Ballroom on Sat., February 9, is a fun day where you talk with 6-12th graders about their research! Judges are needed in the Griggs Center between 8-8:15am. Contact Jerry Pelofski if you are interested in helping! Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Jerry Pelofske
Member Since 1991
I grew up in Cloquet and graduated from Cloquet High School in 1966.  After attending UMD,
graduating in 1970 with a BA in
Accounting, Business Administration and a minor in Economics, I worked in Chicago for the GAO but returned to Duluth to be with my future wife, Chris. I worked in business systems for Burroughs Corporation and then was Controller for Krenzen Cadillac-Pontiac-Honda-Nissan for 19 years.  I then moved to the Duluth Steam Cooperative as manager in 1990. 
We enjoy road trips around the States.  Hobbies are reading, fishing and making models of aircraft and ships. 
Chris is retired, and we make at least two road trips a year to see our
daughter Liz (who is in the Air Force stationed in New Mexico) and her family, plus other trips to museums and points of interest around the
country.  Our favorite is the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn,
My life-long dream is own a Bactrian camel. Chris and I also like
travel to England to see historic places and visit friends on the
Isle of Bute in Scotland.  We also did a Viking River cruise on the Danube (which we highly recommend) and visited Rotary’s
House of Protection in Merida, Yucatan. 
We have four children, ten grandchildren and our first great
grandchild was born just this month. 
I joined Rotary to meet people and enjoy the volunteer activities.
A selfie of Chris and Jerry in front of Parliment’s Victoria Tower
Jerry with his grandson (Mustafa), his son (Mike), and Herman (the camel)
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn
207 West Superior St
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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