Volume 105 #10
We will meet at noon
Thursday, September 19, 2019 at
Holiday Inn: Great Lakes Ballroom
How the USA was involved in the 1917 Russian Revolution
Chris Thomalla
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Dick Carlson
ROTARY AT ITS BEST!   This reporter’s assessment of Club 25’s meeting last Thursday.   To members who were unable to be among us:  You missed another “goodie”.  The standing ovation at the end of Zach Walter’s presentation confirmed the audience’s appraisal of the meeting.  An observation:  Every effort is made by our leadership to ensure that our meetings will be worth the effort to be present – and, today, again, that effort paid off.
President Michelle Buria began the meeting promptly with an opening smile and a cheerful welcome.  Jeff Iisakka made his way to the podium where he delivered an inspirational “Rotary Reflection” about our speaker’s time at The Hills and about it being a remarkable organization that catches young men and women that have lost their way and then transforms their lives.  The reflection stirred our hearts and contributed to making the meeting special.
Traci Marciniak began her Fellowship report by welcoming guests.  In the self-report section, we learned that Past President Tricia Bunten and her husband are now empty-nesters. Members will remember that, in celebration of 65 years of marriage to Alice, Tom McCabe offered to match up to $650 in contributions to the Rotary Club of Duluth Foundation.  Vice President Dean Casperson reported $710 was received and Tom matched the entire amount.  Earl Rogers announced that he and Judy have been married for 54 years.  Neal Roth was next at the podium to proclaim that he and Pam have celebrated 52 years of married bliss.  Each contributed to the Golden Can. Jeff Iisakka made it known that his oldest grandchild has just entered kindergarten.
President Michelle took some time to speak directly to the membership about a statement she had made at a previous meeting.  It was a heart-felt apology to those who might have been offended by the words she chose in commenting about the recent changes that are now in place at Club meetings.  Again, this reporter’s impression:  It took courage for Michelle to express her regrets – it was an impressive moment. 
Geiger Yount filled in for John Foucault to promote the Rose Sale now in progress.  Geiger introduced Maude Dornfield who, on behalf of Lifehouse, expressed appreciation for the help and support they have received from Club 25.  President Michelle read a letter of appreciation from The St. Louis River Quest for our grant to their program that serves 1,600 young students each year.
Chairperson of the Day, Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom, introduced member Zach Walters and today’s program, The Hills:  A Personal Story.  …and what a story it was!  Zach reviewed how he was born in Madagascar of missionary parents. His early childhood – twelve years – was spent in that island country.  The time came for his family to move back to the United States, arriving in St. Paul in the dead of winter.  Life for his family then consisted of many moves to various communities, including California and then back to Minnesota.  Zach experienced mostly negative encounters with his peers and seemed unable to shake the influence of their gang-like behaviors.  He floundered in school, broke some laws, ran away and was homeless for three months and he was eventually apprehended.  The decision was made by the legal authorities to send Zach to Woodland Hills for residential confinement – and that’s where life began to change.  Along the way, Zach took up boxing and he became known to many of us then as “Jungle Boy”, a boxing phenom.  His success in boxing – his awards and championships – all became a part of his behavioral transformation.  Eventually Zach found his way to UMD where he earned a degree and entered the business world.  His life was transformed.  He has become a successful executive with Great Lakes Insurance Agency.  He is an entrepreneur, having founded Jungle Boy Boxing Gym.  Zach is married to his lovely wife, Shannon, and they have two children.  To add to this story, Zach is now on the Board of Directors at The Hills where, as Vice President, he will eventually become Chair the Board.  As his wife has proclaimed, “Zach, you will go from Resident to President!”  What a story!
Few programs receive a standing ovation but that scarcity was shattered as members arose to applaud this inspirational message.
Why We Sell Roses
A story from Maude Dornfeld, Executive Director – Life House
Life House helps at-risk youth reach their full potential by addressing their basic needs of safety and stability, emotional well-being, and financial self-sufficiency. Of the more than 800 young people who visited Life House last year, nearly half had experienced an out-of-home placement. As a result of inconsistent guidance many youth arrive lacking basic life skills.
“I was never taught the most basic things like how to do laundry and clean and cook.”
Life House’s “Life Hacks” program offers developmentally-appropriate independent living skills classes, peer support groups, and educational activities Monday-Friday.  The topics are geared to the needs of young adults (Example: Baby & Me Parenting Skills). Participants earn points for each Life Hacks class attended which can be banked and used for items such as bus passes. Thanks to funding from the Rotary Club of Duluth, our program will offer more than 200 groups, classes and activities this year, helping disadvantaged youth to navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood.
“I need more adult guidance for real adult circumstances that I don’t know how to handle. I only have Life House to help with these things.”
About Rotary
Rotary is an international service club composed of a global network of leaders who volunteer to provide Service Above Self. The Rotary Club of Duluth became the 25th club when it was founded in 1911. Rotary now has more than 35,000 clubs worldwide. For more than a century, Duluth’s Club 25 has been a destination for networking, community involvement, friendship, continuing education and local, national and international citizenship. We meet at noon Thursdays at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth.
Our annual Rose Sale is our largest fundraiser, providing resources for:
  • Grants to local organizations that help children and less-fortunate individuals by providing food, shelter and clothing
  • Community improvements, including the construction of parks and funds that helped light Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge and Enger Tower
  • Activities for local children, including an annual fishing trip on the St. Louis River
Each dozen comes with a free coupon book full of outstanding savings from local retailers.
Harvest Festival
Marc Seigar, Geiger Yount, Tom Wheeler, Dick Swenson, Bob Reichert, Jeff Fifield
Rotarians hard at work in support of the Harvest Festival at Bay Front Park.
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn (Great Lakes Ballroom)
207 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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Sep 19, 2019 12:00 PM
How the USA was involoved in the 1917 Russian Revolution

Held in GLB

Sep 26, 2019 12:00 PM
A Boxing Story: It Happened in Duluth
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