The Gimlet
Volume 108 #40

This Week at Rotary
Thursday April 4, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
(Link Sent Thursday Morning)
Holiday Inn Downtown
Klear Water Coaching & Wellness
Be. Here. Now.
 The last few years remind us of the hope and resilience that exists within each of us. Adversity is woven into the fabric of our lives. Join Stacy Crawford of Klear Water Coaching & Wellness as she shares how her son’s tragic accident reframed her focus on present-moment awareness. We will practice the self-care tool of mindfulness and explore how it can bring more space and connection to our lives.
Chair of the day – Renee Mattson
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
With the ringing of the Rotary bell, President Barb Perrella warmly welcomed Rotarians and guests and invited them to join her in singing “America the Beautiful”. Reflecting on the theme for today's meeting on climate change, Rob Hofmann noted that Rotary is uniquely placed around the world to help reverse global warming. For instance, one Rotary International President was able to inspire Rotarians to plant millions of trees, imagine what other opportunities await us.
President Barb Perrella welcoming Rotarians and guests
Self-Reports: Past-President Michelle Buria came forward to proudly announce that she has a new title: Mother of the Bride. She welcomes any hints, tricks, or advice on how to successfully fulfill this new role. Dan Maki kicked the Golden Can for the team at Ascential Wealth Advisors and was recognized by Forbes as one of the best wealth advisors in Minnesota.
Past-President Michelle Buria looking for tips for the Mother of the Bride
Dan Maki recognizes Past-President Michelle Buria for helping to launch his career
District Governor Kay Biga invited all to attend the 2023 Rotary Tri-District Conference on Saturday, April 29 from 10:00-4:00 at Madden's Resort in Brainerd. Registration is now open. For additional details or to register go to Kay also noted that she has now visited all 62 clubs in our district. This was a little more challenging than she had imagined as each time she was to meet with the Staples Rotary Club there was a snowstorm.
District Governor Kay Biga invites ALL Rotarians to join her for the 2023 Rotary Tri-District Conference at Maddens Resort, Brainerd, MN
Chair of the Day Allen Anway proudly introduced his daughter, Dr. Carol Anway who joined us from Bozeman, Montana via Zoom. Like her father, Carol is a physicist. She earned her PhD in elementary particle physics in 1995 from UCLA and then spent her career working for Boeing. She has received national recognition for her research work and now that she is retired has turned her attention to the field of climate change communication. Also a few days ago, Carol joined the Bozeman Rotary Club.
(L to R) Proud Papa, Dr. Allen Anway introduces his daughter Dr. Carol Anway
Dr. Carol Anway
Carol shared that Climate Change or Global Warming started with the Industrial Revolution and affects our world including the Duluth/Superior area. As scientists study the subject it becomes harder to predict what will happen after 2050. But what changes will we see in the next 15 to 25 years? Winter storms become more frequent with greater accumulations.  And our winter season will be 30 days shorter. Spring will bring 25% more rain and more flooding. Summers become drier and hotter with more days in the 90s.
What are some things we in the Northland can do to be prepared? Continue developing alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. Planning and preparing for extreme weather events – snow storms, heavy rains and hot days. Continue experimenting with tree varieties that thrive in changing conditions so we can maintain our forests.
Another change that we may experience is more people from the east and west coasts moving to our area. How are we as Rotarians preparing to welcome them?
(L to R) Greg Hanson, Gimlet Reporter Darlene Anderson, Junior Rotarian Daria Devko, and Rob Hofmann
Past Club 25 member and club historian Rachael Martin with Allen Anway
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