Volume 105 #12
We will meet at noon
Thursday, September 26, 2019 at
Holiday Inn: Great Lakes Ballroom
Better Angels: A New Rotary International Project
  Mary Adams
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
Katherine LeFleur
Happy Monday from me to all of you irresistible folks in our Club #25 community! Last week’s meeting began with President Elect Dean Casperson delivering a similar welcome as a subtle reminder of our club’s goal to be the most irresistible in town - a feat I think we’re very close to achieving!
Darlene Anderson followed opening remarks with a fantastic reflection on the Four-Way Test, taking special interest in discussing the fourth test: Will it be beneficial to all concerned? As Darlene noted, we often have to make tough decisions when we start thinking about the health of the whole instead of only ourselves. For me personally, the reflection was a fantastic reminder of the utility of the Four-Way Test and of how important it can be to remain open to compromise when making decisions that affect more than just oneself.
Fellowship followed, with Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom recognizing guests, including Bernie Strack, a past international student and guest of Past District Governor Earl Rogers. Other guests included Dave Schaefer with the Chester Bowl Improvement Club, guest of John Foucault; Joey Keppers with Zach Walters; and visiting staff and residents from The Hills, some of whom spoke to the power of Woodland Hills’ programs for youth from their personal experience. At this point, before opening up self reporting, Phil called on Jena Evans to kick the can for being the “most qualified person to not make the list” for Duluth’s 20 Under 40.
Self reporting kicked off with Past President Bill Zimbinski kicking the can to remind folks that his son is in a Prior Lake rotary club with stellar attendance, followed by Scott Francovich noting that his wife was in the Duluth News Tribune’s article highlighting the new food menu available at the DECC, as well as recapping the Catalyst Content Festival event that happened Wednesday evening at the Boat Club (sidebar: if you have not yet familiarized yourself with this event, I highly recommend clicking through their website/phoning a friend to find out more! This festival will kick off October 9th, and promises to be an exciting new industry debut in Duluth.) Rob Hoffman kicked the can to remind folks that Junior Rotarians will be coming and we ought to give our best Rotary Welcome; Natalie Zeleznikar noted that her son had turned 25, and that she hoped one of our Hills guests would go on to play professional football as he desired; Tracy Marciniak kicked the can for being a past 20 Under 40 list-maker, as well as for Zach Walter’s funky socks, and Dave Nolle mentioned he was also a 20 Under 40 and reminded us that election day is fast approaching. I myself also self-reported, as I’m proud to note that even though we didn’t win, The Caddy Shack was featured in the News Tribune’s article on the 28th Annual United Way Chili Cook-off - our first such appearance. John Foucault and Past President Dave McLean both kicked the can to talk about the Rose Sale, reminding us all that we oughta sell enough to get to the party and that Tom McCabe is in the lead for rose sales as he works his way through his 14th rose booklet.
The last few self reporters helped create an easy transition for guest Dave Schaeffer with the Chester Bowl Improvement Club who was attending to speak to the power of the Rose Sale funds as they are reinvested into our community through our Rotary club grants. Dave’s thoughts are included here in the Gimlet for your consideration, and of course to help you dig deep and find that motivation to sell a few more dozen.
Today’s surprise guest speaker was Vinod Gupta, financial advisor for Ameriprise and success advisor for our club. Chair of the Day Zach Walters noted that he first met Gupta through the Board of Directors at The Hills and that prior to working at Ameriprise, Gupta worked at Sappi for 25 years. Having previously spoken to our club on the need for happiness in order to live a full life, Gupta returned to reflect on a new finding that we actually need to be happy and successful to achieve full lives worth living. His reported keys to success included intelligence/talent, hard work, passion, perseverance, a learned habit of doing your best, and some luck. Additionally, Gupta brought up that people who do not have priorities are always short on time, an idea that I found quite poignant - especially as winter quickly approaches and all of our last minute home projects are put on the chopping block. Most importantly, though, Gupta highlighted the need to always celebrate successes, take time to recharge, and open doors for others as you achieve your success; a message most germane for us Rotarians.
About Rotary
Rotary is an international service club composed of a global network of leaders who volunteer to provide Service Above Self. The Rotary Club of Duluth became the 25th club when it was founded in 1911. Rotary now has more than 35,000 clubs worldwide. For more than a century, Duluth’s Club 25 has been a destination for networking, community involvement, friendship, continuing education and local, national and international citizenship. We meet at noon Thursdays at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth.
Our annual Rose Sale is our largest fundraiser, providing resources for:
  • Grants to local organizations that help children and less-fortunate individuals by providing food, shelter and clothing
  • Community improvements, including the construction of parks and funds that helped light Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge and Enger Tower
  • Activities for local children, including an annual fishing trip on the St. Louis River
Each dozen comes with a free coupon book full of outstanding savings from local retailers.
Why We Sell Roses
A Story by Dave Schaefer - Chester Bowl Improvement Club
At Chester Bowl, we believe every child should be able to go to summer camp, play outdoors with friends, and have positive adult role models. Building forts, playing in the creek, climbing trees, playing capture the flag - that’s what childhood is about. We also know that child care, including summer camps, can be prohibitively expensive for low income families.  As a result some children are without adequate supervision or stuck inside on a beautiful summer day.  The $29 per camper per day is sometimes out of the reach of families. That is why we offer scholarships to our day camp program. Thanks to the generosity of the Duluth Rotary Club children were able to attend camp, regardless of income. The $2,000 Rotary Club grant provided 69 individual days of camp to kids from low income families. Rotary allows us to deliver on our promise to parents to return their child at the end of the day tired, dirty, and happy.
This Week's Meeting
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn (GLB)
207 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN  55802
United States of America
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Oct 03, 2019
Better Angels: A New Rotary International Project
Oct 10, 2019
Duluth Federal Prison Camp
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