The Gimlet
Volume 107 #24
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
The Boat Club Restaurant at Fitger’s Inn
December 15, 2021
Club 25 Holiday Happy Hour
Events chair Mary Neimeyer said there is room for a few more if you RSVP TODAY. 
Tickets are just $30 - RSVP NOW to 
or call 703-999-8160.
This event will replace our regular Thursday meeting
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Steve Yorde
President Chana Stocke opened the meeting, leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test, and then introduced Assistant Governor Tricia Bunten for today’s Rotary Reflection.  Tricia spoke of her friendship with today’s speaker Natalie Zeleznikar.  “We all know people who amaze with their quiet strength, positive attitude and radiant energy.  Natalie is one of those people for me.”
“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…” 
Assistant Governor Tricia Bunten
Self-reports began with Past President Bill Gravelle noting his 56th anniversary in Rotary.  Dan Maki helped host last week’s XC ski meet at Spirit Mountain for world-class skiers from 14 states and three countries.  Jim Schwartz called for one more “Red Kettle Volunteer,” and Jack Seiler stepped up immediately to volunteer.  Mary Niemeyer invited everyone to Wednesday’s Holiday Happy Hour at the Boat Club in Fitger’s.  President Chana Stocke reminded us to donate dollars to the food drive to earn Super One’s triple (3:1) match.
Past President Bill Gravelle
Renee Mattson introduced her friend and today’s speaker Natalie Zeleznikar.  Most in the audience know her as a former Club 25er and nursing home administrator for 30 years.  Today’s presentation dealt with her healing from breast cancer.  This experience inspired her to write a book The Scars You Can’t See in which she tells of finding wholeness while living with near-death trauma over the past five years.
Natalie began writing the book thinking it would be about her cancer.  “After my first surgery, I thought I had beaten it because it was stage one.  Little did I know that sepsis was coming for me.”   Statistics record that one in three sepsis patients do not survive.
The book reveals her outlook today.  “I now pay attention to how I spend my time and how I use my talents.”  Her life-affirming approach to others keeps her grounded.  “I learned that life is given and it’s taken away…but living requires the acceptance of both.”  She said she could not have survived without the support of her parents, friends, her husband and both sons who “learned to administer my heparin shots at the hockey rink!”
While her body was ravaged by cancer and double mastectomies, her mind was not.  “The only thing I can control is my mind.  I learned to be less focused on myself, and more focused on others.  I also learned that I was not in complete control of my situation…God was.  I learned how to rest, how to be still, and how to be quiet at the right time.  Strength doesn’t come when you’re in a good place, it comes when you are at a low point, when you are vulnerable and you need the help of others.”
Natalie spoke fondly of fellow Rotarian and a past president Jack Soetebier who eventually passed away in her nursing home.  Jack always told me (in German) “immer geradeaus,” meaning no complaints, just keep moving... “always straight ahead.”  Rotarians responded with a rousing ovation in recognition of her comments, all spoken in love from Natalie’s heart. 
Our Program Speaker Natalie Zeleznikar
President Chana Stocke concluded the meeting by drawing Jerry Thoreson’s winning number in the 50-50 drawing.  Our next in-person meeting will be on December 23 at the Holiday Inn.
This Week's Meeting
Wednesdays at 5:00 PM
The Boat Club at Fitger's
600 E. Superior St
Duluth, MN
United States of America
This week's meeting will be our Holiday party at The Boat Club Restaurant at Fitger’s. There will be NO THURSDAY MEETING. We will have our regular meeting next Thursday, December 23. There will be NO CLUB MEETING on December 30.
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