The Gimlet
Volume 109 #04

This Week at Rotary
Thursday August 10, 2023
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Betty Sola's Garden Party
Park Point
Club #25 member Betty Sola has created a stunning escape that includes a 200-foot bayside garden as well as gardens that surround her house. Architectural garden artifacts include Terra Cotta Fleur de Lis from the old Duluth Holland Hotel, Redstone blocks from a turn-of the-century brewery and an iron leading-edge from an old sailing ship
Heavy hors d'oeuvres, wine, beer, cold drinks and the event's signature drink - gin and tonic - will be provided.
Feel free to bring a guest. 
RSVP to mailto: that we will know how many to plan for. 
You will not want to miss this event!!
Cost is $25 per person
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Traci Marciniak
On a very warm and sunny day, Rotary Club 25 members beat the heat by meeting in the Lyric Conference Room at the Holiday Inn. President Gary Melander rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Rotarians recited the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the Rotary Four-Way Test.
Greg Hanson gave the day’s reflection which focused on how important historical preservation and appreciation is for all of us and that as Rotarian’s we are blessed to know that much of the work we do helps preserve history as well.
Greg Hanson reflects on the importance of historical preservation
President Gary introduced the days guests, including Dr. Carol Anway, daughter of Allen Anway, as well as Allen Anway’s granddaughter. Former members Tim Mowbray and Dan Berglund were also in attendance and were guests of Past District Governor Al Makynen and Past President Dean Casperson, respectively. Mike Donahue, spouse of the day’s speaker, Carol, joined the Club for lunch as well.
Bob Reichert self-reported that he was recently on a far-away cruise and happened to run into Ruth Westra in the ship’s elevator. Both Bob and Ruth paid a fine for it being such a small world! Dave Fulda shared that today’s speaker Carol Donahue, played at Dave and Terri’s wedding 43 years ago. Past President Michelle Buria, as chairperson of the Essentia Health Foundation, paid a “work-zone fine recognizing the opening of the new Essentia Hospice, and reminded Rotarians and guests that she can be seen on “The Lift” every other Wednesday talking about all things finance related.
World Traveler Bob Reichert shares a “would you believe it?” story
Past President Barb Perrella reminded everyone of the upcoming Rose Sale and said more information will be coming soon.
Allen Anway introduced the day’s speaker, Carol Donahue, organist, former educator, and Chairperson of the Denfeld Historic Organ Restoration and Preservation Alliance (DHORPA).
Chair of the Day: Allen Anway
Our speaker, Carol Donahue of the Denfeld Historic Organ Restoration and Preservation Alliance
In 1927, the Duluth Denfeld community and Denfeld School students purchased The George Kilgin & Sons pipe organ from the Capital Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota for $25,000. The organ was one of two pipe organs in Minnesota that were purchased with the intent of being used in the school and in the community. Designed for a concert hall, the organ’s pipes are hidden behind closed doors with only the console showing in the theatre.
Over the years, the organ was played by or accompanied a number of famous musicians including, E. Power Biggs, Virgil Fox, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, and more.
Unfortunately, time, wear, and water leaks have led to significant disrepair of the once great organ and the theatre it resides in. In 2007, a significant remodel was done to the auditorium and shortly after, a group of local citizens formed a new 501(c)3, DHORPA, to raise awareness of the organ, its history, and all it has to offer to students, musicians, and the community in the future. DHORPA’s goal is to raise $1.45 million dollars to repair the organ and an additional $1 million-dollar legacy fund to ensure the organ remains in good repair and can make beautiful music long into the future.
President Gary returned to the podium to share that there will be no lunch meeting next Thursday. Rotarians are encouraged to attend the beloved Garden Party at Betty Sola’s home next Thursday evening.
(L to R)  President Gary Melander, Chair of the Day Allen Anway and Carol Donahue
Our speaker pulled Bob Reichert’s ticket to win the 50/50 drawing. (Since this is the first time this author has written the Gimlet since Gary Melander has become Club President, I just need to ask…as President, is Gary able to win the 50/50?)
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