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Volume 107 #29
This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
January 20, 2022
For Those Attending in Person
Plated Meal
 (Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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Rotary of Duluth #25 Annual Meeting
Election of slate of Officers and Director for FY23
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
President Chana Stocke changed things up a bit by calling on Past President John Baumgarten to play America the Beautiful.  Assistant Governor Tricia Bunten gave us the Rotary Reflection via Zoom.  January is Rotary Vocational Service Month.  All were reminded of the dignity of any useful work and that we should share with each other our professional background.  In particular, we should assist the young in their vocational journey (think Junior Rotarians).
Junior Rotarians from all seven area high schools attend our meetings.  A number of outgoing and incoming Junior Rotarians were introduced this week and last week.  Make a point of seeking out these young people.  Make them welcome.  Seek out their vocational journey and if you can help make a connection.
Junior Rotarians (not all shown) introduced by Noah Holland and Jena Evans
President Chana Stocke announced next week will be our Annual Meeting with the main event being the election of officers and directors.  In the absence of the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Past President Dean Casperson, the following slate of nominations was announced: for President-Elect Gary Melander; for Secretary-Elect Traci Marciniak; for directors to serve two-year terms Jay Ott, Greg Hansen, and Rob Hofmann.  To make a nomination, contact President Chana Stocke to put forward your name.  Otherwise, your best course of action is to congratulate all five for stepping forward to serve your club.
The milestones within the lives of our members are always a meeting highlight. A new tradition has emerged in Rotary Club #25.  For 107+ years it was the custom that if someone saw, read, or heard something about a member it was reported to the Rotary Office for inclusion in the official written FELLOWSHIP REPORT.  As a result - many things that were never known!  Thankfully those days are gone!  Now we are encouraged to “Self-Report” and share.  Jerry Thoreson is the proud grandfather of the first child born in 2022 in Duluth, Roberta Margaret Paananen.  He also is the Managing Director of Destination Duluth which with the help of over 200 volunteer photographers is now ranked THIRD in the Nation for engagement on social media in the tourism category according to In 2021 their social media had over 52 MILLION impressions on Facebook and Instagram.   Allen Anway contributed in honor of the donation to the Railroad Museum of a model of the Yellowstone Mallet steam engine. The model took over 28 years to complete and weighs over 2,000 lbs.  Past Assistant Governor, Phil Strom, announced he has become a great-grandfather for a second time!
A proud Jerry Thoreson making his two self-reports.  One personal.  One professional.
As Chair of the Day and as Chair of the Program Committee, Renee Mattson made quick work of introducing her latest find.  Mary Tennis came to her position as Executive Director of the Depot Heritage Arts & Culture Center in June of 2019.  St. Louis County had recently created this position and her first assignment was to write her own job description and then create a new vision for an old building (constructed in 1892) (subsequently designated an Arts and Cultural Center in 1970).  Collaboration between the four primary tenants (Duluth Playhouse, Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Minnesota Ballet, and the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center) resulted in “Vision 2025” with the clear objective of engagement with the community through programs, exhibits, and events.  Come and see the revitalized Depot.  The Great Hall has been renovated and the front doors are again open!
Our speaker, Mary Tennis, Executive Director of the Depot
A new vision and expanded engagement for the Great Hall – with the front doors open!
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Center Great Lakes Ballroom
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