The Gimlet
Volume 109 #04

This Week at Rotary
Thursday August 3, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
(Link Sent Thursday Morning)
Holiday Inn Downtown
Carol Donahue
 Organist, Educator, Chair
“The King of Instruments”
Join us as we learn about the past history and current restoration efforts for “Duluth’s Municipal Pipe Organ”. The Denfeld Historic Organ Restoration and Preservation Alliance, DHORPA, was created to raise funds to complete the repairs to the Denfeld Historic Organ. In 1927, a George Kilgen & Sons pipe organ was moved from Saint Paul, MN then installed in the new Denfeld High School Auditorium. The restoration of this organ will be a fitting complement to the newly restored (2007) Denfeld High School Auditorium.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
Another lively crowd strolled into the Great Hall of the Kitchi Gammi Club.  President Gary Melander, sans bell, somehow managed to subdue the crowd long enough to start the meeting. Rob Hofmann regaled us with an extended reflection, without permission to be seated, quoting liberally from three world leaders on the transformative power of peace and justice.  From the first black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela we heard: “Peace is not just the absence of conflict.”  From the Baptist Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.:  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere.”  And from Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu:  “If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends.  You talk to your enemies.”
Rob Hofmann fighting to locate his reading glasses to read a Rotary Reflection on peace.
Even though we were without a Golden Can there were an impressive number of self-reports.  Fortunately for us, our Past President, Treasurer, and District Governor Elect, Elaine Hansen was present at her first Rotary meeting following major surgery.  She was seen sitting at a table with a clipboard and notepad, paying close attention, and rumor has it those going up to the podium will have fines appear on their next monthly billing!
Allen Anway recently had an article published in Trains Magazine about his ride upon a Yellowstone steam engine (the largest ever built) in 1959.  While District Governor Elect Elaine Hansen was marking down his fine, Allen Anway presented to President Gary Melander his (and the only) certificate of completion from last week’s program “So You Want to be a Quantum Mechanic.  His ability to understand the entanglement of particles may explain Mr. Lucky’s extended winning streak at the 50/50 drawing.
Allen Anway presenting to President Gary Melander the only know certificate of completion.
Past President Barb Perrella announced that she had the good fortune to return recently from the Oshkosh Air Show by riding in the co-pilot seat of a Cirrus jet.  She then advised us that the Holiday Parking Ramp repairs have been extended.  The ramp will be open but you may have to circle a bit to find a spot.  Tied into this work zone fine was commentary about the Rotary Apartment Building in Virginia, Minnesota. A grand idea for Rotary to make a difference in the world by providing housing.  We all trust she was NOT suggesting there would be the need for housing while circling the ramp to find parking.
To avoid a long walk to the back table, Past President Barb Perrella, as chair of the Rose Committee, continued with details about our fall fundraiser.  The Rotary Rose Sale Kick-Off will be Thursday, September 7.  Distribution will be Friday October 13 with limited distribution on Saturday, October 14.  Mark your calendar now for this great fellowship opportunity. Past Assistant Governor, Phil Strom announced he plans to be the number one seller of Rotary Roses again this year even though he is out of the country (Singapore, site of the 2024 Rotary International Convention) for the sale.  The rest of us here in country had better step up our game!
Past Prez Barb Perrella announcing the important dates of our Rotary Rose Sale
Past President Chana Stocke announced her retirement from North Shore Bank after 30 years of service (40 years in the banking business).  For those who need a mortgage, get your paperwork (and Rotary Coupon) to her before December 31 to help fund her retirement!
Past Prez Chana Stocke announcing she is done making mortgage loans to her Rotary buddies
As the Chair of the Day, Holly Mirau introduced our speaker Tim Lorek Director of the Alworth Center for the Study of Peace and Justice at the College of St. Scholastica (CSS).  The Alworth Center was established thirty years ago as a sibling program to the Alworth Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD).  The Institute at UMD established an academic lecture series.  The Center at CSS established a public lecture series. 
For the year 2023-24 the CSS Advisory Board (comprised of Student, Faculty, and Community members) selected the topic: “Water - Sustaining Life”.  The evening events are held on the CSS Campus in the Mitchell Auditorium in September, October, February, and April.  Why was water selected?  With over two billion people without access to clean drinking water this has become a global health crisis that will lead to resource conflict.  Duluth is uniquely situated as an inland port on the shores of the largest freshwater lake with competing interests of mining and indigenous rights. Specifically at CSS during a recent polling of students, 90% shared a concern for environmental issues.  The public lecture series is an extension of a focus of study at CSS (creating one of its majors) designed to bring together an understanding of the environment, public health, peace and justice, and sustainability to prepare students to create a better world.
Chair of the Day Holly Mirau, introducing the program
Tim Lorek, Director of the Alworth Institute at the College of St. Scholastica
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn Great Lakes Ballroom
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Venue Map
Aug 03, 2023
DHORPA - Denfeld Historic Organ Restoration and Preservation Alliance
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