A Story by Dave Schaefer - Chester Bowl Improvement Club
At Chester Bowl, we believe every child should be able to go to summer camp, play outdoors with friends, and have positive adult role models. Building forts, playing in the creek, climbing trees, playing capture the flag - that’s what childhood is about. We also know that child care, including summer camps, can be prohibitively expensive for low income families.  As a result some children are without adequate supervision or stuck inside on a beautiful summer day.  The $29 per camper per day is sometimes out of the reach of families. That is why we offer scholarships to our day camp program. Thanks to the generosity of the Duluth Rotary Club children were able to attend camp, regardless of income. The $2,000 Rotary Club grant provided 69 individual days of camp to kids from low income families. Rotary allows us to deliver on our promise to parents to return their child at the end of the day tired, dirty, and happy.