Volume 105 #24
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Phil Strom
The room was jumping from start to finish as Rotarians gathered for our annual Holiday Party.  The Rotary Singers provided enthusiastic caroling for the sounds of the season.  There also were guest singers skillfully accompanied by piano maestro Bob Kase. Each member received a lottery ticket upon registration with gifts upon every table for the lucky winners. And everyone participated both in lyrics and charades in performing the Twelve Days of Christmas.  What the all–inclusive activity lacked in dignity it certainly made up in joviality.  Cindy Lou Who would have enjoyed the rare roast beef.  The Mitten Tree was full – evidently there were no Grinches at this party.  The pictures below capture just some of the fun!
Life House & Center for Changing Lives Holiday Party
Life House & Center for Changing Lives Holiday Party
By Dan Dock
There was a record crowd of 150 at the Life House having a Holiday Dinner and seeing Santa. The folks including staff, young adults, and children expressed their thanks for our efforts.
A big thank you to Rotary Club 25, Skyline Rotary, and Family who helped make this event happen:  Bill Zimbinski, Jim Schwartz, Michael Orman, Anne Orman, Jenna Bergee, Dan Maki,  Dan Dock, Karen Dock, Jenny Peterson, Tim Mowbray, Sue Mowbray, Mark Leutgeb –Skyline Rotary, Geiger Yount, Paul Helstrom, Barb Perrella, Darlene Anderson, Renee Mattson, Deb Almirall—Skyline Rotary, Star of the North Maternity Home (Pat Pfahl), Jon Ohman
And a special thank you to Gary Schneider of the famous G. B. Schneider Restaurant and all of Gary’s vendors.
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