This Week at Rotary
January 25, 2024
For Those Attending in Person
Lunch Buffet
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
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New Venue for our Weekly Meetings
831 E. Superior St, Duluth MN
Dennis Lamkin, an architectural historian, has designed, supervised and executed the renovation of at least 30 of Duluth's most historic or noteworthy homes as a hobby (without charge). Dennis will share the history of Kitchi Gammi Club, going back to Chester Congdon’s business partner Guilford Hartley who hired famed east coast architect Bertram G. Goodhue to design the Kitchi Gammi Club.
The Kitchi Gammi Club was formed on October 1, 1883. At its first meeting were sixteen original incorporators who have been described as “individualistic men of prominence, respect and leadership in the community.” Throughout the years the Club has grown in both membership and vitality as a force in the community.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
It was a perfect Duluth summer day with warm sunshine and a light breeze for the Annual Rotary Picnic at Enger Tower Rotary Peace Plaza. Lunches from Great Harvest Bread Company were distributed to Club 25 Rotarians as well as Harbortown Rotarians Nathan Seger, Jamie Jago and Scott Soderberg.
All were welcomed by our new President Elizabeth Simonson, encouraging all to linger awhile after lunch to enjoy the beautiful gardens and the views from Enger Tower and the pavilion.
President Elizabeth Simonson keeping it cool!
She also asked Past-Assistance Governor Phil Strom to share a brief history of the Rotary Peace Plaza. Phil noted that it was in honor of our club's 100th anniversary that the club funded the lighting of Enger Tower. Also, at that time Mayor Don Ness asked the city to provide gardeners to develop the gardens we see today. As part of that project, the Rotary Peace Plaza was designed featuring the Rotary wheel. All of this activity was in preparation for the 2012 visit from King Harald of Norway who came to rededicate the tower on its 75th anniversary. Today we and many others continue to enjoy the beauty of Enger Park.
A more beautiful day than anyone could have wished for.
Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen with wife Liz
A spiffy-looking Jon Ohman
(L to R) Tim Mowbray, Jim Schwartz, Past-President Gary Melander
Allison Hanig-Landrus with guest Rotarian from Harbortown Rotary
(L to R) Jerry Pelofske, Past-Presidents Branden Robinson, Dean Casperson with Patra Sevastiades, and Past-President Chana Stocke
A wonderful time shared with wonderful Rotarians and friends!
Early Sunday morning of this week, RYLA Co-Chair Tom Young and Rotary Chaperones Past-President Dean Casperson and Patra Sevastiades sent the 2024 Camp RYLA youth on the first leg of their journey of self-discovery.  Club #25 is grateful for the assistance Chaperones Past-President Dean Casperson and Patra Sevastiades are providing to assure safe passage to and from Crookston, MN.  We are happy to report that all went well as these pictures share a part of the story:
Welcome to Camp RYLA!
The first steps on an incredible adventure
RYLA counselors leading the way
Golden Nuggets of Club 25 History
By Rachel Martin and Jerry Thoreson
Happy 113th Birthday Rotary Club of Duluth! - Chartered July 17, 1911
In her inaugural speech, President Elizabeth Simonson stated “I want to make sure we celebrate our history. I feel this club is "the best of the best" and we have a long-standing tradition of being a strong and powerful club that has changed the lives of so many." While paginating this week's Gimlet, Jerry Thoreson noticed in Club Runner that Wednesday is the 113th anniversary of when Rotary Club of Duluth was chartered. HAPPY 113th CLUB 25!
Edward W. Russell, Rotary Club of Duluth's First President - 1911-1912
In 1910, when he was 34 years old, Edward J. Filiatrault, Christian E. Tweed, and Arthur A Michaud launched an effort to organize Duluth's first Rotary Club.
The first meeting was in February 11, 1911, as recorded by Christian E. Tweed who served as the temporary secretary, later to become one of the 16 charter members.
According to ClubRunner, Rotary Club of Duluth was chartered on July 17, 1911.
CHARTER MEMBERS OF ROTARY CLUB OF DULUTH – [Click on name for biographies, compiled by Rachel Martin] Charter members included: Arthur A. Michaud – First Secretary, August Fitger, Cameron R. Rust, Christian E. Tweed, Clyde Wetmore Kelly, Edward F. Burg, Edward F. Spinkl, Edward J. Filiatrault, Edward W. Russell – First President, Frank Randall, George Harry Bate, George VanBurgess, Malcolm A. Thomson, Walter W. Bowe, Warren Mendenhall, and William Morrison Burgess
For more Club 25 history, go to