February 22 2024
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Holiday Inn Downtown
This Week at Rotary
Northern Expressions Art Collective
Strengthening Families through Artistic Play
Patrick Weber
Strong families make strong communities.  Our programs are designed to strengthen the family through visual arts, culinary arts, and expressive arts.  Each of our events are unique, fun and open to all.
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
Past President John Baumgarten was in fine form as he played what he described as his favorite song, “America the Beautiful”.  Vinod Gupta provided the Rotary Reflection on the benefits of learning about another culture through travel.  Dan Maki along with Allen Anway kicked the Golden Can in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the American Birkebeiner.  Paul Helstrom announced the Celebration of Life for his father Jon Helstrom will be at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth, 325 West College Street, at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 25th. There will be refreshments from Valentini’s and a Jazz Trio.
Vinod Gupta reflecting on the value of foreign travel
President Elect Elizabeth Simonson was the Chair of the Day and introduced our speaker, Briana Hansen Johnson from the American Heart Association.  The goal of the association is to help people live longer lives.  2024 is their 100th anniversary.  Today is vastly different than 100 years ago in the understanding and treatment of heart disease.  The procedures, drugs, and medical devices available today are extraordinary.  Imagine what might be available one hundred years from now.  Currently, more women die of heart disease than of all cancers combined.  To bring that into focus, the Association sponsors the annual “Go Red for Women Gala.”  Two other annual events emphasize the need for education, intervention, and research:  The Health Walk and the Kids Heart Challenge.
Our speaker gave us the tools to have a better life.  There are Life’s Essential Eight!  A total of eight factors and behaviors can give you years of life.  More time to spend with family or to travel the world.  The factors to monitor and bring into or near the normal range are blood pressure, cholesterol (lipids), weight (BMI), and blood sugar (A1c).  Behaviors to pay attention to are sleep (adequate), smoking (stop), diet (all things in moderation), and daily activity (30 minutes).  Your body needs to move.  Activity does not exclusively mean intense cardio gym exercise; it means movement.  It can be broken down into five-minute segments six times a day.  The best all-around habit to extend your life is to walk.  If you need motivation to address these eight essential elements, seek out and listen to the testimonials of those who have survived an incident of heart disease.
And for those who want to make a difference, our speaker demonstrated the latest technique in CPR.  The latest recommendation is for compression-only CPR.  This simpler approach eliminates the complexity of artificial breathing and makes it more likely that strangers will initiate CPR.  Direct compression of the heart to circulate blood until emergency personnel arrive can and does save a life.   It was explained that if there is a pulse, CPR is not appropriate.  Depending upon the size of the victim, the amount of pressure varies.  Only for infants is the pressure very light.  Some expressed concern that too much pressure may fracture a rib.  It was mentioned that there are “Good Samaritan Laws” to protect you when performing CPR.  And her more direct response:  “a broken rib can heal, death is permanent”.
President Gary Melander with Speaker Briana Hansen Johnson