This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
June 23, 2022
For Those Attending in Person
Buffet Lunch
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Holiday Inn Downtown
Shelly Pierson-Evans
Some 16 years ago in Rotary, Phil Strom and the North Shore Community School Director presented the Program entitled "A COMMUNITY SAVES ITS SCHOOL" featuring this unique rural environmental learning Elementary charter school.  Several Rotarians have asked for a progress review.  This program provides an update, featuring its' very capable Director, Shelly Pierson-Evans.
Chair of the Day - Phil Strom
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Darlene Anderson
Duluthians know the summer season is here when the news and buzz around town is all about the running of Grandma's Marathon. Thus, it was very timely for today's Rotary meeting to be focused on tourism in Duluth.
Gary Melander
Extending a warm Rotary welcome to all, President Chana Stocke led us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Rotary 4-Way Test. Filling in for Past Assistant Governor Phil Strom with the Reflection for the Day was Gary Melander.  
In the 70's Duluth had become a sad example of the “Rust Belt” with weathered remnants of the Zenith City past glories haunting citizens and visitors alike. Very bleak days back then… Today, the city's fortunes, with the guidance and encouragement of effective leaders, have brought sunnier days as Duluth has become a favored tourist destination. Rotary Club #25 has been influential in Duluth’s success story as many of the club projects now enhance the city's appeal. Projects such as lighting the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge and Enger Park Tower and development of the International Peace Plaza at Enger Park. And by providing funds to assist organizations such as the new Bethany Crisis Center in Morgan Park. May we as Rotarians continue to help lift up our “City on the Hill”.
Jerry Pelofske
And speaking of ways to help, Jerry Pelofske requested two members step forward to fill two vacancies on the Foundation Board. Following the meeting, Bob Bennett and Darlene Anderson offered to do so.
With summer upon us, we are looking forward to our Annual Rotary Club Picnic at Enger Park on July 7 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM. President Elect Barb Perrella asked that we sign up online or next week at club as box lunches must be ordered. Family members and guests are invited to join us for a great time of fresh air and fellowship. Contact Renee Mattson for more information.
Club #25’s newest member Holly Mirau
President Elect Barb Perrella then went on to introduce our newest member, Holly Mirau from College of St Scholastica. Holly grew up in Rochester and her husband is from Duluth. 14 years ago they decided to move to Duluth. Holly has been employed at CSS for 7 months and previously she worked at Marshall School in communications. She and her husband plan on staying in Duluth and are building a new home. Welcome, Holly!
"Chair of the Day Renee Mattson 
The Lawrence & Schiller Team with Renee Mattson and Tricia Hobbs
Chair of the Day Renee Mattson introduced the four guests who made up the panel for today's presentation: “Duluth Tourism Marketing Update”. They are Laura Mitchell, VP of Marketing for Lawrence & Schiller; Tricia Hobbs, Senior Economic Developer for the City of Duluth; Sara Grasmon, Account Supervisor for Bellmont Partners; and Megan Anderson, Account Director for Bellmont Partners. Together they serve on the Duluth Tourism Advisory Board along with representation from Visit Duluth.
 “Love It Like We Do” branding message… 
Helps to raise toursim tax revenue
Tourism has become a very important part of Duluth's economy with 2019 being a banner year. The goal now is to beat that year both in revenue and the number of visitors. So far this year the reports show higher revenues and that trend looks to continue. Some of the reasons for this may be attributed to the various types of media advertising. Just this week a Washington Post article entitled “10 Great Cities in the United States for Outdoor Adventures” listed Duluth as one of the ten and “a Mountain biking paradise”. Another social media outlet that has many followers is “Destination Duluth” headed by our own Jerry Thoreson. As the media group has worked with the tourism and hospitality industry providers, they have a new marketing theme that you will see in many places including billboards: “Love It Like We Do”. Using social media and other media relationships, they can pivot quickly and adjust their marketing messages. For instance, with today's economy they can highlight “One Tank Trips”, or with warmer temperatures, they can share the “Cooler Duluth”. During the peak tourism season (late May to August) they are running advertising campaigns within a 400-mile radius from Duluth. We look forward to the future with many people visiting, exploring and loving our wonderful city just like we do.
Our guest Tourism panelists