This Week at Rotary
By Dean Casperson
We Meet Electronically at Noon
Thursday, April 2, 2020
We will be holding our first Rotary Club Zoom meeting this Thursday.  On Tuesday you will be sent a link to access this meeting. Look for an email from Dean Casperson. This will be a "get together" to familiarize ourselves with how Zoom works as an on line meeting space.  Your participation is encouraged to help work out the kinks before we go live with this new tool on April 9th.  This is NOT a boring conference call.  This is an interactive VIDEO and AUDIO platform. For those of you working at home and using this platform (or similar) you know how it works.  For the rest of us be alert to the fact (if you select it) that your smiling face – and background can be seen by others.  Consider this a fun new adventure. 
April Meetings
The Board of Directors had a special meeting last Thursday.  With restaurants expected to remain closed and with the Governor’s Executive Order to “Stay at Home”, the Club will not conduct physical meetings for the month of April.  Instead we will have virtual meetings. Thank you to Rotary District 5580 for paying for our Club’s access to Zoom’s online meeting space. Look for your email from Dean Casperson for more details.
By Board Action, no member is to be charged for meals for April. For those who may have prepaid their meal charges for April they will receive a credit on their next billing – no action is required of the member.
Rotary Office Closed
Felicia is working from home.  The Holiday Center Rotary Office is closed. Felicia has a laptop and the ability to do all of her work on-line. Elaine Hanson will check incoming mail and continue posting financial activity. 
Caring Committee
Members of the Caring Committee continue checking in and making sure everyone is doing okay. We know that during this challenging and unparalleled time, a few of our members may need assistance.  Committee Chair Elizabeth Simonson, states “don't be surprised if you hear from our committee as we will be making check in calls to all of our members.”